December’s Full Moon

December Oak Moon Herbs:  cedar wood, juniper, sage, star anise, carnation Stones:  lapis, smoky quartz, lazulite Scents:  violet, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, rose geranium Colors:  red, white, black Trees:  pine, fir, holly Deities:  Hathor, Hecate, Athese Astrological Signs:  Sagittarius, Capricorn Elements:  Fire/Water Crafting Your Magic: Balance carefully the energy of the traditionalist and that of the … Continue reading December’s Full Moon

The Witch’s Desk~ Choosing Your Craft Name

Hi I've been reading through all your wonderful information & soaking it all up like a sponge, there is one thing I'd like to ask.. How does one find their (craft name)? I look forward to your reply! I am ready to be fully witch now! Bless Be )0( ____________________ Your name...I remember when the … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk~ Choosing Your Craft Name

New Video– “The Witch’s Diary: Bristolwicks, The Outer Circle

New video-- "The Witch's Diary: Bristolwicks, The Outer Circle" This is one of the most fun type of videos to film-- it's basically a 'round the kitchen table with a cup of coffee chat...we just happened to also be open on the chat box at my coven site at the same time.

7 Magickal Questions

How did you “discover” Wicca/Witchcraft/Neo-Paganism? I'm  not so sure that I discovered Witchcraft, it's more like Witchcraft discovered me. I'm sure most people who've known me for any length of time have heard the story of the first spell I cast, as a teen-ager, in the basement of my Grandmother's house.  The fact that, somehow-- … Continue reading 7 Magickal Questions

So What Kind of Spell Do You Need?

Putting a spell together takes some thought, some research, some planning, and some foot-work (particularly if you don't have necessary items on hand and have to purchase them, or cultivate them from nature).  So start with a question:  What kind of spell do you need? Okay, I have a volunteer-- "Stacy".  She has asked me … Continue reading So What Kind of Spell Do You Need?

Beauty: Look Absolutely Spellbinding

Beauty...Mundane women of the world grasp at fancifully advertised chemical preparations to keep themselves beautiful, to achieve youthful skin, to stave off the effects of time-- the Witch goes beyond that.  She knows that sometimes to achieve beauty and perfection, you have to get your hands dirty.  This spell is a good place to start: … Continue reading Beauty: Look Absolutely Spellbinding

What do you do?

What do you do?  I'm asked this question all the time, in respect to my spiritual path, in respect to religious practices and routine, in respect to practicing witchcraft.  People think in conventional terms of what they are familiar with-- you have to attend a church service once a week, you have to follow this … Continue reading What do you do?