Book Release Date

   With "The Gray Witch's Grimoire" you can empower yourself through ancient mysteries, secret rites, and magickal spells that leave the world of the mundane behind and nurture the wise-woman in us all. Book Release! May 25, 2012 US $19.95/UK £11.99 Moon Books John Hunt Publishing  (Links & purchasing information will be posted as soon … Continue reading Book Release Date

What is a Real Witch Like?…watch and learn

I Love, Love, Love this Lady! She is a bundle of earthy magickal energy, and she is the epitome of the Hedgewytch, the Cottage Witch, the Kitchen Witch...the ancient archetype of the village wise-woman.

Magickal Connections: Spell Bag Instructions

At my online shop, found at my website, I offer a variety of spell bags-- bags filled with the items that you need to cast specific spells. The ones I offer include: Make Him Love Me; Money Flow; Make Him Go; Shut Your Mouth. I've had several people order these spell bags and then email … Continue reading Magickal Connections: Spell Bag Instructions

Author’s Corner: Questions & Answers

Where are you from?  I was born in Gardena California on September 24, 1957. My parents went back to Mitchell, South Dakota, three months after I was born, for my grandfather’s funeral. They stayed, and this is where I was raised. I’ve spent the last twenty-two years here in Fremont, Nebraska, about forty miles northwest … Continue reading Author’s Corner: Questions & Answers

The Cottage Witch/Kitchen Wytch/Hedge Wytch

The cottage witch/kitchen wytch/hedge wytch-- she's one and the same, and for me, this is the epitome of what I have always viewed witches as being ever since I was a child. It is that unobtrusive and eccentric woman who grows herbs in her gardens and about her house, who has developed a unique and … Continue reading The Cottage Witch/Kitchen Wytch/Hedge Wytch

Schedule for Book Signings/Readings

I'll be at Next Millennium, in Omaha, Nebraska, on the following dates for book signings; and I'll also be giving readings. Saturday, April 23, noon-4pm Saturday, May 7, noon-4pm Saturday, **June 11** , noon-4pm *schedule change* I'll post a reminder at Facebook & Twitter a few days before each date. You can purchase a copy … Continue reading Schedule for Book Signings/Readings