6 Misconceptions About Witches

1.  Witches always wear black.

Granted, black is a staple color in my closet, but not for any witchly reason.  I like basic black because it goes with everything, it feels right when I wear it, my jewelry looks good against it, and it’s a good basic “color” for me.  I know plenty of witches who virtually never wear black, but prance about the world in pretty pastels of pink and lavender, blues and greens, and other very unwitchly colors.

2.  Witches sacrifice human infants.

Really?…Really.  Pleeeeze– I birthed seven babies in my lifetime, and I have yet to sacrifice nary a one.  I’ve grounded a few, preached at a couple, pulled my hair out over another, and puzzled over them all.  But sacrifice them?  Not yet (she says mischievously).

It should also be noted, under this “sacrificial” theme, that witches do not sacrifice animals.  On the contrary, some of the most enthusiastic animal rights activists will be found in the pagan community.  We tend to honor the animal kingdom, to consider animals our brethren, creatures that we have the pleasure of sharing the Earth with.  We embrace their energy, learn from their inherent goddess given wisdom and instincts, and feel humbled when they allow us into their circle of trust.

3.  Witches cast spells.

Not necessarily. Some do, and others don’t.  It depends upon what road you take within this widely divergent spiritual path.  My “thing” is divination, clairvoyance, psychism; at it’s very basic– the tarot.  I have cast spells, lots in the beginning, but fewer and fewer as I was shown by the Goddess my true path on this journey, my unique gift.  And besides, as magickal practitioners will tell you, casting spells– casting them correctly– is time consuming and a heck of a lot of work.  You have to put some effort into it, as in anything, to get the most out of it.  I have grown lazy in my impending old-age.

4.  Witches are in league with and worship the Devil.

Really…no, this time I mean Reeeaaally!  The Devil (or Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, etc.) did not arrive on the horizon of civilization until Christianity came along and needed a Fall Guy.  It’s rather insulting that that they invent this despicable character, and then they accuse us of playing with him.  They can keep him…the gods and goddesses of the world-wide pantheons are so much more interesting and desirable, awe inspiring, beautiful, and magickal.

5.  Witches curse people.

Well, I’ll give you this one.  Some witches do, or have, or if they haven’t, they still have the ability and the power to do so.  However, most witches– and I know a few– would not even consider doing such a thing, under any circumstances.  And here’s something else to think about, scary and true…Anyone who has ever deliberately wished something bad on someone has thrown a curse, whether they are a witch or not.  The universe hears you, and it’s constantly moving energy according to your wishes and desires.  My grandmother told me once:  “Be careful what you wish on others.”  And she also expanded on this thought by adding, “What you wish on someone else will come back on you.” (She was a woman ahead of her time.)

6.  Witches are ugly old hags?

Well, umm, I hope not.  If this is true, I’m screwed. Witches are *women of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and nationalities.  They live in the world in the same capacity as every other human being.  They inhabit the work force and a normal healthy place in society.  A witch could be any woman that you’ve ever met in the course of your life, under the most ordinary mundane of circumstances, and you never even realized it…think about this.  With all that said, as a woman standing on the threshold of her 60th decade, I’m more than ready to embrace the Crone, or the Hag, in all her glory.  I’m ready to move beyond youthful vanity and revel in the aspect of me that is the most important…what I am, who I am, from the heart

Picture 10

*note:  (this is my blog– written from my personal perspective, my world, my point of view)


Just Saying

Magick & Witchcraft

1.  People get so upset about the fine line between ‘black’ magick and ‘white’ magick.  There really isn’t any line at all.  The intensity and direction of our magick depends upon our boundaries and how deeply we will allow someone to encroach upon our territory, our person, our life…when these boundaries are broached, that’s usually when magick begins to take on shades of gray…and in that case, it winds up being about protection and self-preservation.

2.  What kind of witch am I?…The ‘me’ that I normally am naturally slips into the witch that already exists.  If you are a normally bitchy person, you’re going to be one fine and mighty bitchy witch.  If you are a passive individual, so shall you be a passive witch.  The witch that you are is so wrapped up with the psyche that is ‘you’ that it is one and the same– indistinguishable from the rest of your humanity.


1.  The best writing that I’ve ever done is writing that I get lost in.

2.  Literature Classes…The most idiotic thing– this teacher in a Literature class in high school had us read some prose, and then she had us tell her how we interpreted it.  So I read it, and I told her.  I don’t remember today exactly what it was I read, but I do remember the intensity of feeling it created and the enthralling layers of personalities and possiblities that unfolded.

When I finished telling this teacher my breathless interpretation of this prose, she quietly and unceremoniously told me that I was wrong.

“Now”, she begins, “this is what it really means…”

I was stunned and crestfallen– had everything that I had experienced during my reading been false?


Some people should never teach art or literature…those people who are trapped inside an invisible box they can’t see out; those people who are trapped in small minds and small lives; those people who can only justify their existence by feigned superiority; those people who insist that everyone must view the world through their eyes; those people who color all flowers red and all leaves green; those people who only see the sky as blue.


1.  The older I get, the nearer the past seems.

2.  Life doesn’t slow down as you get older, it winds itself up tighter so that you have to run faster.

~ Amythyst Raine

Amythyst autumn 1

*Note:  This blog post is an excerpt from the last newsletter I published for The Witch’s Corner (December 2011)

The Real Witches of Halloween Blog Tour…Welcome!

autumn 6



When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.

~Author Unknown



October Moon Magick:

Blood Moon

Herbs: ginger, myrrh, allspice, basil, clove

Stones: alexandrite, citrine, lilac kunzite

Scents: pine, patchouli

Colors: dark green, brown, gold

Trees: yew, cypress, maple, oak

Deities: Astarte, Horned God, Lakshmi, Ishtar

Elements: Air/Water

Astrological Influences for October:


ruled by Venus, projective/masculine, cardinal, air


ruled by Mars, receptive/feminine, fixed/water


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Pagan Holiday:


October 31

Samhain (pronounced ‘Sou-wen’) is a celebration that has a more somber side than the revelry of modern Halloween. It is a day of remembrance of your ancestors and for those family members who have passed over.

Pagan families may set an extra place at the supper table on this evening, to honor those loved ones who are no longer with them. The veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest on this eve, and this night is an excellent time to perform divination, or try to connect with those from the other side.

Herbs: patchouli, sage, heather

Altar Flowers/Herbs: acorns, apples, pumpkins/gourds, dittany, autumn leaves

Feast Foods: pumpkin, squash, nut breads, sweet potatoes, milled drinks (cider, wine), roast meat, root vegetables

Animals: bats, cats, crows, ravens, owls

Incense: cinnamon, cloves, myrrh, patchouli, pine, mugwort, nutmeg

Rituals/Spells: making besoms, divination, spirit contact, crone magick, working with dark energy, spells for new beginnings

Crafting Your Magic:

Ancestral magic is cast with the Blood Moon. Do magic now to communicate with family members who have passed, to connect with your ancestors and your heritage. Magic surrounding divination is relevant, it’s the perfect time. Cast spells for justice and balance, and to overthrow anything oppressive which may be blocking your path to success. Ambition is highlighted, use magic to increase the potency of your own, or cast magic to contain ambition that may have run amok. This is also the perfect time to step into the dark shadows and take advantage of the vibrations found there. The gray witch revels in the magic of the Blood Moon and in this season.

Halloween, or Samhain, is the most important holiday at our house and the most fun. We go all out. I make a huge kettle of hot apple cider, my big red kettle full of chili, and I spend the day before baking pies, lots and lots of pies! The older kids invite their friends, and the neighbors know that it’s an open house. My husband moves our firepit to the front driveway and tends the bonfire all night long, with chairs gathered ’round the cheerful flames, while guests roast hotdogs and marshmellows.

My kids look forward to this night all year long.

falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

Lady Amythyst’s Pumpkin Pie:

1 16 oz. can pumpkin

(about 2 cups)

1 13 oz. can evaporated milk

(but sometimes I use sweetened

condensed milk– it makes it more ‘chiffony’…is that a word?)

2 eggs

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 sugar

the spices:

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and a dash of salt. Most recipes call for 1/2 teaspoon each, but I’m much more generous with my spices!

the crust:

I tried for years to learn to make a good pie crust, and I almost gave up out of frustration– then I found this recipe. It’s almost foolproof, no kidding.

2 and 1/2 cups flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup shortening

1 beaten egg

1 tablespoon vinegar

1/4 cup water

Mix the dry ingredients together and cut in the shortening, as usual. Then combine the egg and vinegar, stirring it up a bit, and add this to your dry ingredients. Add the water a dash at a time as you work it in, you’ll be able to tell when you get a good texture.

myworldSamhaintreats.jpg picture by Amythyst1

falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

Hot Apple Cider

I have a *Huge*– did I say huge?– kettle that I use to mix up my cider. This sits and simmers all afternoon on the backburner of my stove, wafting a wonderful aroma throughout the house.


5-7 large jugs of applejuice

8-10 bags of peach tea

a handful of cinnamon sticks

and a large metal tea ball filled

with whole cloves and allspice

You can leave a shaker of nutmeg sit on the counter & anyone who wants to add a dash of this spice to their mug of apple cider can do so.

If you don’t like this cider full force, you can dilute it some with water to suit your own taste.

myworldsamhainpreparations.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Our kitchen isn’t as organized as Rachel Ray’s or Martha Stewart’s, but we get the job done. Above are kettles of cider and homemade chili brewing in preparation for a Samhain evening.

falldivider.gif picture by witch_of_endore

Let’s take a look at the ingredients we just used from a magickal perspective:

Peaches– love

Nutmeg– one of the most popular uses for nutmeg is to assure fidelity. It’s also used for spells centered around luck, money, and health.

Cinnamon– spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love

Allspice– money, luck, healing

Cloves– protection, exorcism, love, money

Apple- love, healing, garden magic, immortality

Samhain2007020.jpg picture by Amythyst1

samhain7.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Samhain Memories

scan0015.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Four of my beautiful little Witchlings–
where does the time go??

Sarabubbles.jpg picture by Amythyst1

My Samhain baby– I was busy giving birth
on a certain Samhain eve 14 years ago.

Samhain2005-1.jpg picture by Amythyst1

My “Isabella”, “Deadrose”, and #1 Son

80sCostumeParty09.jpg picture by Amythyst1

A ‘pre-halloween’ party, the theme was the 1980s.
CopyofEmma-1.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Our “Resident Elf”

(This Resident Elf is only two years away from being
a teen-ager now. Time goes so fast!)

samhain0911.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

“Isabella” and her boyfriend, Joe, at last year’s party.
(October 2010)

Samhain0919.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Preparations are finished– it’s time to enjoy!!


Samhain0924.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

We build a bonfire in the driveway & gather round, or join friends in the livingroom/kitchen for hot chili, or gather on the backporch to play with ouija boards, tarot cards, chinese fortune sticks, oracle cards, and runes, while sipping hot cider at candle-lit tables.


samhain095.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

A perfect day for divination.


Samhain0931.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Spirits ‘rise’ to the occasion. 🙂


samhain094.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Throwing a little light on the situation. I love my black tree!


HarryPotterretouched.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Our very own “Harry Potter”
(#1 Son)

October 2003

This young man has an associates degree in computer science now,
and is working towards his bachelors.

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
I hope you’re enjoying the Halloween blog tour.

On behalf of all the Real Witches out there,
Happy Samhain…

and Blessed Be!



Cats n’ Spells and Other Marvelous Things

The March newsletter from The Witch’s Corner is up and out:

This month the theme is cats, and the content includes cat magicks, cat facts, spells using cat magick, and a slide-show of our own beautiful felines.  You’ll find a tarot special for March on the Twelve Card Spread, and a new item up at Wytchy Wares– Witches’ Bottles…

 Witches’ Bottles are a popular old magick.  They are, in essence, a spell sealed within a glass container.  In order to bring this magick into fruition, you can do several things with the bottles– some may be buried on your property, depending upon what kind of spell is involved; they can be sat in a conspicuous spot inside your house, like by the front door, and given a gentle little ‘shake’ every now and then to keep the energy alive; or they can be hidden in your home, in a secret spot, so only you know that magick is afoot.

There is also a preview of new merchandise coming to Enchanted Jewelry and Creations by Isabella.  The recipe this month involves a fruit connected to the goddess Freya– who is, of course, connected to cats!

You don’t think Witches have a sense of humor?  I found a youtube video that will prove otherwise.  It’s one of our favorites and is a popular video on Witches’ myspace pages and other sites.

To view this newsletter go to the following url…click on "Monthly Newsletters" found in the menu located in the upper right corner.