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Welcome, visitors, to The Witch’s Corner. The reading found here is created specifically for this space and for you. If you have stumbled upon this humble little sidebar and this reading, be assured that it was Spirit’s intent that you find it.

The cards: King/swords; The Empress; 4/cups; 9/wands; Temperance (the deck, Vintage Tarot)


A Time Out ~ How long are you willing to wait?

  • My first impressions of these cards, my “scratchings”, as I call them:

Someone coming to a full stop because they’re stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

Someone who’s getting tired of waiting for them to come around.

They may have been working on this issue for a long time, may also be work related.

A time out, whether wanted, or asked for, or not.

Still stubborn, hanging onto their opinion, not budging

Something has come to a screeching halt, whether this is progress in a personal relationship, or plans for a future goal, work ambitions, travel plans, or something else that you had your heart set on and were excited about.  Everything just stopped.  It feels kind of deflating, actually, like there was this big adrenalin rush — excited and happy energy — and then, boom, like someone pulled the plug.


Because this relationship, or these plans, involve a person who is extremely stubborn, bull-headed, and completely unwilling to compromise.  They don’t seem to want to budge an inch.  They’ve drawn a line in the sand and it looks like they’ll fight to the death for the principle of the thing, for what they think is right — though it feels an awful lot like someone has their priorities all messed up here.  Honestly, idiot, you feel like you just want to smack them (Spirit’s words, not mine).

And you — whom this reading is really for — are getting so tired of waiting for this stubborn person to come around.  You might be waiting for a very long time, even an indefinite period of time, Spirit warns.  You have to ask yourself how long you’re willing to wait for a compromise, and would the wait really be worth it, even if this person eventually comes around to a positive point of view — whenever that might be.

This is an issue that’s been on the table, in the work’s, for a very long time.  And it’s very possible for some of you reading this that this is work related, just to give you a heads up, in case you might want to consider moving on to something new.

There is a definite time-out coming to this situation, whether it’s wanted or not.  There is the feeling that something might be time sensitive here, or that you might just plain run out of energy to deal with it, or the whole idea gets to the point where it just dissipates, like fog when the sun comes out.  And you know what, just like the day changes when the fog lifts and the sun shines, your life might change that way too, get all sunny and promising again, if you let this issue die and move on to something more constructive, more promising.

Think about it.  I don’t see this person letting their guard down long enough to listen to anyone else’s opinion, or to look at this from a new perspective, anytime soon.  They feel pretty set in their ways.  It’s your time too, how long are you willing to wait?