PODCAST, Requested: Women in Opposition

What an intriguing reading! So, I have to say it, there’s an overwhelming feeling that this reading is telling us the story of the wife and the mistress, two totally different sides with the spectrum of emotions and consequences being overwhelming. At the beginning of this reading, it felt like Spirit was pulling the story out of me like pulling teeth, and I think you can hear that in my voice when the reading starts. 

As a said, to the person requesting this reading, I have no idea what perspective in this story is yours, but I do hope that this helps you to see your way clearly and that you’ve made a good tarot connection, which will allow you to make a good Life Decision. The best of luck to you. 

This was so fascinating in that, the connecting factor between these two women and the joint major life transition that they will share is powerful, yet I feel that one of these women really doesn’t have a clue, while the other is in a panic at the decision she must make. And in the middle of it all?… there’s a man. Of course.