The Witch’s Desk: An explanation for this ~ Doppelganger? Astral Projection?

An Explanation for this ~ Doppelganger? Astral Projection?

Yesterday morning my husband and I had a very unusual paranormal experience, and when we were in the midst of it, we weren’t even aware of it!  We get up early at our house Monday-Thursday, because Joe works 1st shift, and he has a short commute to the next quaint Nebraska village-down-the-road.  So this all occurred sometime between 3:15am and 3:45am; he left the house around 3:30ish.

He’s up first and heads out into the kitchen.  Laura (our 19-year-old daughter) is sleeping on the couch, as is usual for her.  She has her back to the living-room, her wild blonde hair in a pony that’s all flouncy on the pillow.  I follow Joe out to the kitchen and glance at her too, thinking we have to be quiet so we don’t wake her up.

Joe exits the front door, I go back to the bedroom to get some flip-flops so that I can go out and crack the big garage door for our outdoor cats– a thunderstorm was coming, complete with fantastic lightening, and the wind was picking up.  I tip-toe back up the stairs when I enter the house (it’s a split foyer), and I glance once more at Laura sleeping on the couch, quietly making my way down the hall so I wouldn’t wake her, and even watching the news in the bedroom with the volume real low so that she wouldn’t be disturbed.

At 7am, Joe calls on break.

First thing he said was, “So, who did Laura lend her car to?”  I was totally stupefied: “What do you mean?”  He said, “Her car was gone when I left this morning.”  I said, “No, it couldn’t have been, she’s asleep on the couch, she wouldn’t lend her car to anyone.”  I had been so intent on the storm and the lightening when I made my fast jog to the garage and back, that I hadn’t even noticed whether her car was in the driveway.

I said, “Just a minute.”

Phone in hand, I walked down the hallway to the living-room.  The couch was empty.  I looked out the window and saw that her car was not in the driveway.

How could this be?  Joe and I BOTH saw Laura sleeping on the living-room couch.

Now I was worried. This was so extraordinarily odd, and one of the first things I thought of was a doppelganger, in the old definition, someone who’s passed making themselves briefly visible in a mundane setting.  I texted Laura; I called her phone; I left a message for her on Facebook giving a very short version of the above occurrence.  Eventually, I got a text back from her– she agreed this was weird, because she’d been gone all night, she was never home!

She wasn’t home at all when Joe and I thought we saw her sleeping on the couch.

I’ve talked about this with Laura’s sister Anne, and we recall that this type of thing has occurred off and on throughout the years, with the figure always resembling Laura:  Laura’s youngest sister Emma had seen her enter her bedroom during the night, but it couldn’t have been Laura, because when Emma called to me and I checked Laura, she was sound asleep in her bed; my ex-husband was upset one evening because he saw Laura down the hallway, moving from one doorway to the next, when she was suppose to be asleep, but when I checked her, she actually was asleep in her room, it hadn’t been Laura he was watching.  There have been several other incidences like this when one or more family members thought they saw her when it could not have been possible.

The only other explanation I have, and I’ve talked with Laura about this, is that she has the ability to astral project, but she only does it sub-consciously in her sleep.

We’re all shaking our heads over this last incident though.  It went way above and beyond the realm of weird.

Anyone have any ideas?

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18 thoughts on “The Witch’s Desk: An explanation for this ~ Doppelganger? Astral Projection?

  1. My youngest daughter tends to do that too. She´s 17 now, but I remember it started about 6 years ago. I´ve seen her as well as her brother and sister. It´s a bit creepy because we kind of know when it´s not her in the flesh so to speak. As you mention, we don´t really see her face. It´s quick, at night, when she´s supposed to be asleep, in bed. She tends to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, or to the kitchen. So, now her brother and sister call her “doply”, as a nickname. Weird things happen in our family, so, even though it´s creepy, we have learned to live with it. I do think it´s inherited. My mom used to see ghosts, talks to the dead, have premonitory dreams and was even telekinetic. My son also has premonitory dreams and my other daughter can “feel” places, like myself. We are not very good with crowds and tend to take on other people´s feelings.

  2. Totaly Astral projection!, i Astral alot,and One time Woke up to catch myself walking across the wall to get into m’y body! Weird stuf That!,

    • That’s what I was thinking too, and it would explain all of those years of family members seeing her wandering around the house when she actually wasn’t. We had a good chuckle over this when we figured out what we had experienced; but it was a real shock at 7am when I saw the empty couch and realized that she was gone. We’ve got to discuss astral projection– I want to learn how to do it consciously.

  3. Sounds like astral projection. I think people can astral project with no memory of it, just like not remembering dreams. I think my 3 year old son astral projects too. Do you think the approaching thunderstorm could set up the right conditions for all of that to take place too? I think the facebook lady is on to something. I feel that quantum physics is like peering into the mind of the Divine, and is something that I have been interested in as well…

    Amythyst, check out these books on quantum theory:
    ~The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain. By Ervin Laszlo

    ~The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos. By Brian Greene

    ~Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness. By Bruce Rosenblum

    Many Blessings to you and your family….

    • Yay!– new books to explore! Thank you, Ann. You know, I never thought of the thunderstorm, more of an electrical storm actually. I’ve never seen lightening like that, the bolts so huge, all the way to the ground, and the fact that they held for 3-4 seconds. It was an unusual storm, as other people we’ve talked to in the community noticed. That’s food for thought.

  4. Another lady at facebook had an interesting theory involving multiple realities, quantum theories, and the idea of a second version of reality/time existing with the one we’re consciously aware of. She’s actually brought up topics that I’d like to delve into deeper.

  5. Oh, have you ever approaching this figure any time things seem out of place? You might be able to get a closer look then. You might want to keep track of what she does at all times to be able to notice a discrepancy at once.

    • That’s a very good idea! And you know, I was just thinking, she was “sleeping” on the couch with her back to us, so we couldn’t see her face. I’ll ask the other girls about their experiences, and see if they got a close enough look to recognize the face. It was so odd– I got up this morning (as usual), and there she was on the couch, just as we thought we saw her yesterday, so eerily similar. But this time I took a closer look! 🙂

  6. Sounds strange, though you might want to check for any similarities in these incidents, like any particular emotions she experienced during these times. Maybe it indicates or is foreboding something. Do take care

    • I had the same thoughts and a “panicky” feeling as soon as I realized what happened. The cards that came up in a personal tarot reading the day before didn’t help any. I had the idea, not of a “premonition”, something more ominous than this, but the word escapes me right now. (Darn menopause!)

    • I don’t think she does. Isn’t that odd. So we were wondering if someone can actually astral project sub-consciously with no memory of it; or is there something else in the house that coincidentally looks like Laura. This has been one of the strangest– and most fascinating– experiences that we’ve had.

      • Yes it is totally possible to astral project when sleeping and have no memory of it. We had some strangeness in this way when my stepdad was “visiting” and it was when he was asleep and/or drunk. In his case, he also had telekinetic abilities, so rather than seeing his form (like how you did with Laura), we saw things moving so it took us awhile to figure out what was happening. Keep in mind my stepdad was an atheist and least metaphysical person on the planet! I guess Laura can learn skills of attempting to remember, but it is clear she is very comfortable in your home 😉

        • I think the fact that your step-dad was able to do these things, subconsciously and with no spiritual connection to anything, sort of goes to bolster the fact that this is all a matter of manipulating energy. It’s all about the energy and it’s movement, regardless of what you do or don’t believe– I actually find this concept fascinating.

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