Gotta’ Love Those Landing Pages! ~ A Study in Self-Promotion

Do you have an online business? Are you trying to promote yourself online? This is such a tricky thing to do these days, so much has changed since the early internet days.  Being a witchy pagan person trying to promote The Witch’s Corner, my tarot readings, and later on my books, I use to join every Ning network connected with paganism and tarot.  Those were back in the days when Ning networks could be set up for free, and there was a plethora of sites to join with active people in those sites.  All that has changed.  So many of the pagan/tarot networks that are available out there now are really touchy about self-promotion, and they usually have all kinds of rules to read through before you join.  In all honesty, what do they think a lot of pagans are joining those sites for, if not for a platform to promote themselves, their website, their services, and their merchandise?  And unfortunately, I’ve recently ran into a number of social sites for pagans that were dead in the water with no activity at all.

My plan for shameless internet promotion, without spending any money mind you, is to set up as many pages about me, my websites, my books, and my tarot readings as I can through hosting companies that allow limited sized sites for FREE.  (If you really like a web-host and would like to expand your site, you can always upgrade later).   The following are links to “Landing Pages” that I’ve set up with the following companies, totally free:




Website Builder

About Me

EDIT:  As I find new web-hosts and create new Landing Pages, I’m going to post them here.


I have to say, even though I created two landing pages with SimpleSite, it is my least favorite to work with.  The tools are clumsy, and I don’t think I’d want to set up a full-blown website with this company.


I’m sure there must be more companies out there, but these are some that I’ve found and used to establish Landing Pages.  If anyone reading this knows of other sites, please let us know and leave a link in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “Gotta’ Love Those Landing Pages! ~ A Study in Self-Promotion

  1. Interestingly, I have found that none of these landing pages really work as good as Google, and by that I mean YouTube (which you are there), Blogger (already there), and for you because you are local, I would nurture your Google for Business page, big time! See if you are allowed to use Next Millenium’s physical address, and then the benefit for them is possibly more business. That’s what I did with my office space (I pay an hourly fee when I use it, but most of my clients are not in-person, but it gives a better footing on Google and she ranks up in the search engines better). People who have found me found me on Google and Yelp! Honestly! So make those your primary efforts, and since you are already on YouTube and Blogger, your Google for Business page will really help you, especially for those who are local to find you! And because you already have a WordPress website too (I think!), look up how to do “free sales funnels” so you can start doing that for your book sales!! I think you could easily make a summary PDF freebie “lead magnet” and set it up with your Mailchimp account to build your email list and possibly sell a few more books! You have already filmed book trailers, and you can just embed them – you just need to do some killer copywriting to really capture their attention, with super-simple bullet points of the BENEFITS of the book they will receive when they read it, think before and after 🙂 You have a gorgeous signature look, so go for it Amythyst!! ❤

    • Thank you, Lisa!!! You are a plethora of positive business inducing advice! I actually read through this 3 times so I wouldn’t miss anything. I’m looking into the “free sales funnels”. I realize that if I’m going to publish independently with Amazon, I have to become my own publicist (Gawds, I love my publicist at John Hunt! I can’t tell you how great she’s been.)

      • Well, you read it three times because of my typo, when I typed “the” instead of “they” (snap)! 🙂 Yeah, I guess I will be entering that published book world and knowing how that actually feels, since most of my traditionally published stuff this far is articles. I just saw this, recommended by awesome author David Gaughran – see as this is utterly incredible!

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