Magickal Correspondences

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Timing can be imperative when crafting spells.  At the link below, you’ll find all the information you need to prepare and cast spells with the optimum amount of energy and magickal connections, including the following:

Moon Phases
Days of the Week
Planetary Hours

Months of the Year
Numerological Correspondences

The Elements

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  1. gillyfras says:

    What can I do to get my boyfriend to leave this girl alone whenever I ask him about her he keeps on liein about her plus why can’t I keep my money whenever I get it it just gone

    1. I don’t cast spells for people, but you may find what you’re looking for at this page of love spells:
      And about the lying, that’s a terrific character flaw, one you might find a magical solution to on this page:
      About your money… first look at it mundanely– do you budget? Do you stick to a budget? Do you have someone else influencing how you spend it? Think about mundane everyday things you can do to manage your money more efficiently, and while you’re doing that, you can look for an appropriate money spell on this page:

  2. So I’m not a professional witch. However, I began noticing a pattern of correlations, good and bad, in my late teens. More recently I have begun directing these energies purposefully, being careful to not pay too heavily for my efforts. I dabble in I Ching and am interested in tarot, as well as astrology. I am very interested in herbalism. All this said I do not follow recipes for spells- I go with what I have and let the chips fall where they may, and mostly to mark important events. At 50 I want to learn more but am not super unsure, as this is not a pure science (in my opinion). Does this seem legit to you? I would consider any criticism or opinion you care to offer. -Many thanks

    1. I’ll be posting the link to purchase this book within the next few days. Be sure to watch for the blog post!

    2. It seems perfectly understandable. I have created my own path. I’m a very eclectic pagan. I follow a variety of spiritualities, but I do my own thing when my instinct tells me what the best way for me is. I create my own spells, and I have used spells others have created; however, I have never been afraid to modify a spell to suit the way I work. I named my spiritual path “Gray Magerium”…

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