Minor Arcana: Discs

Motherpeace Tarot Journey


Earth/North/Receptive Energy

Ace: This card is all about discovery, and it’s about discovery of the most personal intimate aspects of ourselves– through mind, body, and spirit. It reaches to the depth of our most secret selves, and it involves the process of learning to share this aspect of our persona with those we love. The Ace of disks demands that we strip down, literally and figuratively, and learn about ourselves at very basic levels. This card encompasses self-love and approval; fertility; and an integration of the masculine into our lives in uplifting and positive ways– embracing the energy and strength we find there. This card is about bonding with and accepting our wild side, that irrepressible nature that means survival and success.

Two: Woman is the epitome of balance. In modern times she most often inhabits both worlds: that of the outside, involving work and community; and that of the inside, the world of the hearth and home. We look to Woman for stability and reassurance. As the wheels turn and life progresses from one stage and phase to another, so she moves with it, balancing creativity (and sometimes children) on one hip, while she holds responsibility on the other. It is from this balance which she creates that those around her are able to live and work, love and play on an even keel, with feet planted firmly on solid ground.

Three: Climb the ladder to success, this card tells us.  “Be all that you can be.” The three of discs is traditionally all about work, your employment, your job, your career.  But this deck, as usual, takes it so much farther.  The Motherpeace three of discs is giving womanhood a thumbs up; it’s telling us that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to; it’s telling us to dream big; set high goals; set high standards– we can do it– we can accomplish it, we can meet it, we are smart and strong enough to take our place at the front of life’s class.

Four: Sometimes we have to set boundaries, and this is not only okay, but necessary. Sometimes we have to protect those things we find precious, those things that belong to us; whether this be material items, relationships, ideas, or personal freedoms. The four of discs tells us that it’s okay to say ‘no’; it’s okay to keep what belongs to us, even if the rest of society is telling us we must share, telling us we must give and give and give. This card warns us not to give so much that we deplete our own resources. This card tells woman to protect that which belongs to her, that which she has worked to create, that which she holds precious, that which gives her strength.

Five: Fortitude and ingenuity, it’s these traits that will get you through a difficult time, and it’s these traits that will strengthen your resolve to be successful. Having the self-confidence and self-esteem to know that you can accomplish what you start out to do, to know that you are capable of taking care of yourself- even under adverse conditions, to know that you will come through a trial stronger than you were when you began the journey is a lesson in personal empowerment. This card teaches us independence, as it enables us to depend upon ourselves.

Six: Woman’s ability and responsibility to care for others is highlighted in this card, but so is her exquisite gift to accomplish this.  The image is that of a caretaker, bending to place her healing hands on the body of someone in need, someone in need of magick, someone in need of Woman’s gift.  As the six discs surrounding this image vibrate with energy, appearing to spin and weave with the universal web, we can feel The Gift.  We can feel the healing energy, we can feel woman’s destiny and all that she contributes to the world and the individuals around her.  Caretaker, Mother, Goddess, Healer, Witch, Wise-Woman…they are all us.

Seven: The pregnant female figure, languidly resting amongst a vine of plump ripe watermelons, says it all.  Reap the harvest, enjoy your bounty.  You are rich and fertile; you are ripe and luscious– physically fertile, as in the material world and all that you have gained; emotionally and mentally fertile, as in alive with ideas, plans, and creative projects.  The universe is yours, the seven of discs says.  This card also tells us to relax and enjoy:    Stop and take the time to assess your success.

Eight: Laboring, whether the solitary woman laboring to give birth, or a community of women laboring for a single cause…they will accomplish a miracle. Within this deck, the eight of discs is a card highlighting effort, cooperation, single-mindedness, determination, and divine inspiration. It emphasizes woman’s life work, it spot-lights her creativity, talent, and ingenuity. It emphasizes both our personal apprenticeship to life, as well as our community responsibility.

Nine: Contentment, wisdom, experience, a coming-of-age is the theme for the nine of discs.  The beautiful figure in the center of this card, crowned with abundant gray hair drawn gracefully back, is surrounded by magickal objects and tools.  She’s practicing her Craft, working her magick, conjuring the spirits, moving energy through the universe.  She is calm, self-assured, self-reliant, self-contained.  She is who she is…”I Am Who I Am”.  At this point in life, she is not seeking answers, but instead finds other women coming to her for advise, knowledge, and instruction.  The Crone has arrived, says the nine of discs.

Ten: On this card you see a circle of women, a wide variety of women, from many cultures and ethnicities. In the center of this circle is a naked woman giving birth, the child just emerging from her body. On both sides, she is supported by a woman, held up in their arms. The traditional meaning for the ten of pentacles in a standard deck is wealth, usually familial wealth. The idea of wealth still holds with the ten of discs in the Motherpeace deck, but it’s a different kind of wealth. This card tells us to embrace the wealth of our sisters in the form of their knowledge, compassion, wisdom, and connection to the sacred feminine. This card magnifies the unity of the women of the world and the power and strength generated by this familial connection.

Daughter: The female warrior, the strength of youth and feminine vitality are highlighted by the Daughter of discs.  In the Motherpeace deck, this is a card of affirmation, it’s telling us to remember that we are a fountain of strength and possibilities.  The image of this card is that of a young and naked warrior priestess within a sacred circle.  She’s holding aloft a staff which is emanating power and magickal energy.  She is the one directing this energy, she is the one in charge of herself and the situation.  Remember this, the Daughter of discs tells us:  You are in control!

Son:  The warrior is also highlighted as the Son of discs, but in a different way than the Daughter; there is a different nuance here.  The energy of this card suggests self-sufficiency, the idea of providing for your material needs, the idea of perfection in all that we do which comes through practice, determination, and our own unique talents.  This card is telling us to fine-tune our craft, whatever that may be for each of us, hone your skills.  The Son of discs tells us:  “When you think you’ve done something to the best of your ability, you’ll find out that you can do even more.”

Priestess: This Priestess is rooted to the earth and the Earth, both the physical body and the element. She represents reproduction, creativity, and fertility of womanhood in all aspects of her life and her being. She is life come full circle, completion, accomplishment, and will-power. This Priestess is calm in the face of adversity. This Priestess is the foundation of the family. She speaks to us in the language of the old fertility goddesses, embellishing the story of creation from the feminine aspect. All who are lost, discouraged, weary, or sad can find encouragement and new energy with the Priestess of Discs.

Shaman: The shaman on this card is seated on his steed, slowly making his way between desert rock formations. At his back is a sunrise or a sunset. To his right is an eagle, and in his left hand he holds a shield. This card carries about it an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. The shaman is making this solitary journey with no fear or trepidation, open to all that he will experience and willing to learn from it. As he journeys through the beautiful but barren landscape, we are reminded that this is how we should journey through life. Whether the sun at his back is rising or setting, he’ll meet it at the next horizon.

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