Online Tarot Lesson #3

Greetings, and welcome to tarot classes based on my book:
The Ultimate Tarot Guide: for Your Personal Tarot Journey

You can purchase your copy @ the link above.


You will need a notebook or three-ring binder and a pen. I recommend the notebook or binder, as opposed to typing your answers/reflections into the computer. A couple reasons for this…handwriting anything puts you closer to the topic and the energy you’re working with. This is why the emailed tarot readings I do are all written out in long-hand first, as I turn the cards, and only then typed into the computer. The second reason is that, at the end of your journey, you will have a keepsake of your adventure, in your own handwriting, to review at your leisure, to use for reflection and meditation.

You will also need a tarot deck to work with. This should be a deck that resonates with you, a deck that you’re comfortable with; but I do suggest that the deck be a standard deck, in that the major arcana, the court cards, and the suits be traditional. I recommend good old Rider/Waite. It’s a traditional set of cards that you may find yourself returning to again and again during a lifetime of tarot study and reading.

The first thing I want to tell you is that the journey you are embarking on right now will be an incredibly personal journey.

These tarot classes are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in any form, nor may they be displayed to the public through blogs, social websites, personal websites, emails, etc.

© Amythyst Raine, 2020


  • Lesson 3: Expanding the Tarot Connection

Note: We’re not finished with our tarot reading from Lesson 2. We’re going to be expanding the connections and adding another card to the original group.

1. In my book, read the section on The Numbers. (page269)  Also, read the section on the tarot spread: Triplicates.  (page 335)

2. Find the major arcana card connected to this group of cards by combining the digits from all three cards until you arrive at a single digit. 

So your equations are 11 + 3 + 2= 16; 1+6= 7.

Since your final number is 7, the major arcana connected to this set of cards will be:

The Chariot.

3. Referring back to Lesson 1, record all the necessary information about The Chariot in your tarot journal. Don’t skip this process, or any portions of it. 

4. Re-read the story you wrote for Lesson 2. Now that a new card, and a major arcana card at that, has been added to this reading. Has the story taken on a different light, a new twist, an unexpected direction? Does it allow you to see something in a new light, from a different perspective?

5. Re-write your story, or add to the existing story, incorporating The Chariot and everything this card brings to the reading. Note in your journal whether the addition of this major arcana card dramatically changed the story, only slightly changed the story, or didn’t affect the story at all. If it did make a difference, how did it make a difference? Who did it affect? What area of life was touched?

6. Do another three card reading. Shuffle your deck and draw three more cards for a new reading. Beginning with the steps found in Lesson 2, begin this new reading on your own, recording the information in your journal.


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