Online Tarot Lesson #4

 Greetings, and welcome to tarot classes based on my book:
The Ultimate Tarot Guide: for Your Personal Tarot Journey

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You will need a notebook or three-ring binder and a pen. I recommend the notebook or binder, as opposed to typing your answers/reflections into the computer. A couple reasons for this…handwriting anything puts you closer to the topic and the energy you’re working with. This is why the emailed tarot readings I do are all written out in long-hand first, as I turn the cards, and only then typed into the computer. The second reason is that, at the end of your journey, you will have a keepsake of your adventure, in your own handwriting, to review at your leisure, to use for reflection and meditation.

You will also need a tarot deck to work with. This should be a deck that resonates with you, a deck that you’re comfortable with; but I do suggest that the deck be a standard deck, in that the major arcana, the court cards, and the suits be traditional. I recommend good old Rider/Waite. It’s a traditional set of cards that you may find yourself returning to again and again during a lifetime of tarot study and reading.

The first thing I want to tell you is that the journey you are embarking on right now will be an incredibly personal journey.

These tarot classes are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in any form, nor may they be displayed to the public through blogs, social websites, personal websites, emails, etc.

© Amythyst Raine, 2020


  • Lesson 4: Court Cards: Familiar Personalities

Each court card represents an archetype and a personality. The personality associated to each court card is unique to that card. I’ve found that these distinctive personalities are easily recognizable in the people around me, whether it be those I know well, family and friends, or acquaintances. I’ve found that most often a person will exhibit the characteristics from one particular card most strongly; and I think of this as their ‘signature card’. I know that human beings are extremely complicated and it’s thought that they may often mirror personality traits from more than one court card. This may be true; however, I’ve never noticed this. I suppose it could be because the ‘signature card’ and it’s characteristics are dominant, extraordinarily powerful, and so easily identifiable.

You’re going to become acquainted with the court cards in a very simple way, and a way that will make it very easy for you to remember the characters associated with the cards. In fact, once you look at it this way, you will find yourself easily, almost sub-consciously, associating new friends and acquaintances with a court card.

1. In your notebook, make a list of the court cards; including the four kings, four queens, four knights, and the four pages. Read the personality type for each card, and behind the name of the card in your notebook, write down the name of an individual who matches this description. (court cards, page 225)

As an example, the Kings are very stark and identifiable to me as male individuals in my life. If I were to do this exercise in my own notebook, it would look like this:

King/Pentacles: my father-in-law

King/Swords: my step-father

King/Wands: my ex-husband

King/Cups: my husband

Not only will this exercise help you to understand the psyche of the court cards, making them stand out individually for you and more easy to identify; but this exercise will also bring these characters to life. As you watch these individuals and study the cards, their personalities and the small innuendos of each will build. You will begin applying what you’ve learned about the court cards to your readings. These personalities will show up both as a querent, or as someone in your querent’s life, and the insights you’ve gleaned by having an up-close and personal look at the various personalities and psychological profiles will give you stark insight into the reading and the circumstances surrounding these people.

2. What court card are you?

Set aside at least one page in your notebook for this question. First, after reading the personality descriptions in the textbook, decide which card and description represents you. Write it down.

Refer back to this page and jot down new revelations, ideas, or changes about yourself when this occurs to you. You might find that you should set aside several pages for this part of the exercise, as you are a unique being who is in a perpetual state of growth and discovery.


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