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Banishing Spells

1. Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences
Day: Tuesday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: Mars
Moon Phase: waning/dark
Color: red, orange, black
Herbs: dragon’s blood, yarrow (arrowroot), cloves,
St. John’s Wort
Oils/Potions/Powder: Banishing Powder, Mars Astrological Oil
Incense: patchouli
Number: 9
Letters: I, R
Symbols: Mars, an image of the person/thing you wish to banish

Whether it’s an individual or a set of circumstances that you wish to banish from your life, you can use the correspondences above to dress a spell candle and craft your magic. If it’s a person you wish to be rid of, use their image, signature or a name paper to burn in your spell candle. If it’s a set of circumstances you wish to banish, write out on a sheet of paper exactly what it is you want gone, and burn this paper in the flame of your dressed candle.

When this spell is complete, you will want to be rid of the remnants as soon as possible, and you will want them deposited as far from you and your home as is practical. The idea is that you are sending something ‘away’, and so highlight this fact through the energy of your magic and the last action of this spell.

2. Ditch It Quick Spell
There’s someone/something you want to be rid of– fast. You don’t have time for long drawn out rituals, you don’t have time to wait for the moon or the energy of any particular planets. It may seem impulsive, but something tells you to it’s necessary for your own safety, well-being, or sanity.

Let’s do it.

Add a large spoonful of Banishing Powder to a jar of Four Thieves Vinegar. To this bottle you will also add a slip of paper with your target’s name upon it, a photo, or a name paper. If it’s a situation that you wish to banish, add a small slip of paper explaining what the situation is.

Shake up the bottle. Put it in a black cloth bag, and tie the bag up with a black cord, tying three knots in the cord. Hide this bag somewhere safe for three days, then remove it from its hiding place and bury it off your property.


19 thoughts on “Banishing Spells

  1. Has any one heard on a binding spell put on infant that is seen on skin

  2. Lady Amythyst,
    Have you personally performed the Ditch It Quick Spell? I am in need of some quick banishing and needing this to work quickly.

    • No, I have not, but I’ve heard from someone who has used this spell, and it works like a charm (no pun intended). Just make sure that what you want gone isn’t something you might change your mind about later. And I see that this message may have been Time Sensitive!! If it’s not too late— do it!

    • Hello, Tammy! …I’m trying to catch up on comments, and I’m not sure if I just found yours, or if I already answered it (I’m at the editing section of wordpress right now, not on my blog pages). The Ditch-it-Quick spell, that sounds familiar, though I can’t see it right now. And actually, the majority of spells that I’ve posted at Magickal Connections come from my books, and the greater share of them, I’ve personally used. As I stated to someone recently, just be sure what you want gone isn’t something you’ll change your mind about later. It seems easier to send something away than to draw it to you, at least for me this is how it works.

  3. I need to banish an abusive girlfriend. I dont have much time to work a spell on when shes at from 8 to 5 after that shes hot on my heals cant do much of anything without her knowing my every move.. So night spell casting is out of the question. Do you have any other suggestions. I need her gone quick befor i lose it.

    • Since you said spell casting is out of the question when she’s not at work, particularly at night, I assume you are living together.
      If she’s living in your house– throw her out.
      If you’re living in her house– move out.
      Tell her– “Our relationship is over.”
      No spell required.

  4. I have recently made a banishing powder to send my abusive boyfriend away without hurting me or my kids or damaging my stuff….it worked so powerfully I’m in shock….also it worked so good I didn’t even get to fight with him, I’m heartbroken and the cords are cut. I’ve found myself trying to hook back into him without any luck. So be sure you really are ready for the person to be gone cause here I am super sad…which is normal for a breakup; also it was for my highest good and safety but this banishing powder was so powerful and abrupt it has been a bit of a shock to my emotional self. I’ll never forget this experience of my newly found magical power. ( I put banishing powder in a box of his shoes as I packed up his stuff and put it outside after I found out he cheated for sure and lied..a lot of “get away” energy went into the spell)

    • Chelsea…Banishing Powder, like most other magickal potions and spells, does indeed work. I’m sure your own personal energy added with it intensified the power, it usually does. You can mourn the loss of a relationship and embrace all the emotions and feelings that go with it– but if you “know” that this is the best thing for you and your children, accept the fact that you did the right thing, and drum it into your mind that you will move on, you will be stronger, you will find a more appropriate mate…Don’t look back.

  5. I am currently working on a spell to banish negativity and bad habits within mine life and my hubbie as well. Just waiting for the right time and evening – I will let you know how things turn out !!

  6. Does this spells work because i did 2 so far?

    • I’ve done my share of banishing spells over the years, and they have proven to be quite successful, sometimes surprising, and once in a while unnerving…If your spells were unsuccessful, you might want to practice focusing, centering & grounding, moving energy in magickal exercises to strengthen your concentration, etc. And we all have to realize that once in a while, the Universe has other ideas. There is something bigger than us out there.

  7. So where might I get some banishing powder, or how to make it?

    • You can try a metaphysical shop, or you can make it yourself. Google Banishing Powder; I’m betting that there are a host of pagan blogs & sites out there with a recipe (I would give you my recipe, but it’s included in the manuscript for my next book!)

  8. Thank you, Minion!…I love your recipe!– Readers, feel free to leave your own recipes or spells on any of these pages. The more info, the better. 🙂

  9. How to make four thieves vinegar , can u help me plzz??

    • It might not be the exact traditional way, but here’s how I made mine:

      I used a Red Wine Vinegar as the base, and consecrated it.

      Equal parts:
      Crushed Garlic (fresh is best)
      Black Pepper Corn
      Cayenne Pepper
      Rosemary or: Sage, Rue, Yarrow, Cloves
      (tie together into a steeping bag, or some coffee filters if you’re hard up for money at the time)
      This will stink up your house, so make sure no one else is home, and open the windows.
      bring vinegar to a simmer in a sauce pan, then add in the herbs.
      I like to let it steep for about 30min-an hour, while burning a black and white candle on either side, adding any further incantations that you feel necessary.
      let it cool to touch
      then, using a funnel over the sink, drain into a glass bottle.
      Bury the bag of herbs along with some honey and milk. (I always like to return what I use)

      I like to do this four days before the Dark moon, so that I can consecrate the new vinegar on that night. Keep it in a dark place until then.

      Then you have four thieve vinegar </;)

  10. why do you have to explain the situation for why i want to banish some one

    • Excuse me? I don’t know what you mean. I think you might have misinterpreted what you’ve read. Any explanations above are simply explanations about the banishing spells, and that’s all.

    • Oh, okay– I see the paragraph you’re referring to. Here’s why…

      Writing out an explanation of your intentions does a couple things 1) it imprints your magickal intention and the desired outcome into your spell 2) it makes very clear to the Universe exactly– *Exactly*– what the desired outcome will be.

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