Breaking the Spell

1. Bind Me Not
If you suspect that you are the victim of a binding, don’t panic. There are ways around someone else’s magic– sometimes. You are going to gather the necessary ingredients, gird your loins for a seven day ordeal, and free yourself from the ties that bind.

Items needed:
1. Command & Compel Oil
2. Seven small squares of paper & a pen
3. A white pillar candle
4. Herbs: sage, rosemary, hyssop
5. Sandalwood incense

First, you will set up an altar space that you can leave sit for the duration of a seven day period. You might want this in an unobtrusive part of the house, out of the way and out of sight.

The spell:
You are going to anoint the white pillar candle with the commanding oil, and place it in the center of your altar. This altar will be laden with dried or fresh bunches of herbs rich with cleansing energy– sage, rosemary, and hyssop. Every evening, while casting this spell, you might want to set to burn a dried pinch of these herbs in a small cauldron on a charcoal disk; and along with this, you will light sandalwood incense.

Every evening, for seven evenings, you will take a square of paper and write upon it the following words, anoint it with the Commanding Oil, and burn it in the flame of the white pillar candle. Every evening, for seven evenings, you will then gather these ashes and place them in a small bowl.

The words:
“Tit for tat,
This for that;
I undo the ties that bind.
Unwind, unwind, unwind;
Three times three,
Set me free.
Tit for tat,
This for that.”

On the seventh evening, after you have burned the last piece of paper, you will gather together all of the remnants from this spell– the ashes from the spell paper, the ashes from the herbs you’ve been burning, the ash from your incense, whatever’s left of the pillar candle, and anything else on your altar that would be considered the remains of this spell…and you will dispose of these items as quickly as possible, as far away from your property as is reasonable.

When you return home from this venture, take a cleansing bath and sleep peacefully upon this night, in the knowledge that you are free.

2. Reverse the Curse
One of the most common and well-known ways to break your own spell is to re-gather all the ingredients that you used when you first cast it– and do the entire thing in reverse.

For some spells, this may work; and for other spells, it will not.

Did you do something that you regret, perhaps perform a spit of black magic in a fit of anger? Although there is no guarantee of reversing your spell, if you feel bad or desperate enough– give it a shot. Then hold your breath with the universe and see what happens.

This is a reminder: think twice before casting negative magic, or any magic at all; don’t act rashly in anger– this never works, even on a mundane level; consider the consequences and realize that once the energy has been turned loose, the deed is done.

To anyone who needs this spell, I wish you success in your endeavor.

3. Breaking Another Witch’s Spell
This spell is going to incorporate the use of knot magic. After preparing the ribbon for this spell and tying the necessary knots, you’re going to ‘cut to the heart of the matter’.

Items needed:
1. A black ribbon, approximately 2 feet long
2. A scissors– your bolline knife would be better

Cast your circle widdershins for this spell. We’re going to be working magic in reverse, and we’re going to be tampering with another witch’s magic– she may or may not feel this interference with her energy.

Bolster the perimeter of your sacred space with white candles and a protective incense, patchouli, or something else that‘s ‘earthy’. Call the quarters to stand guard, to protect you from any backlash of incoming negative energy. I would heap the altar with black candles and a plethora of protective herbs– either large dried or fresh bunches, or small bowls of ground herbs or their seeds– herbs such as anise, bay, bloodroot, fennel, garlic, mugwort, or hyssop. Put a small bunch of these herbs in a cauldron to burn.

When all is ready, seat yourself in the center of this circle, amidst the flickering candle flames and smoldering incense. Take up the black ribbon. Hold it in the smoke of the herbs, slowly, languidly, allowing your mind to wrap itself around the spell that you are going to break and the witch who cast it.

At one end of this ribbon, tie the first knot to represent the spell and the witch who cast it, saying:

“I tie to this, thy ribbon of magic, a knot of one;
That ye’ may know what I have done.”

At the other end of this black ribbon, tie a knot to represent yourself, saying:

“I tie to this, thy ribbon of magic, a knot of two;
That all you’ve done will come back on you.”

Take your time– hold the ribbon, chant, sway, float, dance, caress the ribbon, close your eyes, lose yourself…and feel the energy raise. When it is at fever pitch, take up the scissors or knife and cut the ribbon in the center, severing the pathway of energy between yourself, the other witch, and the spell she cast.

Bury this ribbon in the earth, in some godforsaken place, burying the energy and power of this witch right along with the ribbon.


NOTE:  After years of being inundated with blog comments and emails from people requesting spell casting, or wanting me to choose a spell for them, this has been added to the bottom of these spell pages. I hope this is helpful when it comes to knowing what to expect, and what you will receive. These FREE spells were placed here for anyone wishing to find a spell they can use on their own, instructions included.  These spells can all be found in my books (which are not free), and these pages and these spells can be removed at any time.

  1.  I do not cast spells for people.
  2.  I do not choose a spell for you.
  3.  My Candle Altar Services are not free.  They are also not expensive ($21.00 for a single candle vigil, and $61.99 for a triple candle vigil).

         The cost for this service covers the supplies I need to do it (candles, herbs, essential oils, cloth bag, shipping materials, and postage).  The cost for this service also covers my time (dressing the candles, burning the candles– for as long as it takes, creating the mojo bag, and a trip to the post office to mail it off)  My time is important to me.  My prices may change at any time, and I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone if I’m not comfortable with the vigil intention or the individual.

Here’s a link to my Candle Altar Service:



8 thoughts on “Breaking the Spell

  1. My dear husband dh loved me for 15 yrs from school days and convinced me n my parents for marriage after which he says lost his interest in me right from our engagement.he had sexual interest upto engagement. Later I came to know even my dh’s younger brother too lost interest in girls at about same time and is no more interested in mom in law has a mother sister and her two daughters. Her two brothers died under unhappy circumstances about 20 yrs back within 6 months both died.I feel no girl married into their family is happy.but their daughters cuckhold their husbands with many other guys but are treated like Queens and my mil and her sis husbands are Sexually behind them even at 60 yrs old-they praise their beauty in front of all relatives.I feel mil has done some foul play with her sons Sexuality. She even has evil eye-all my new dresses burn or get torn as she sees them .even my evil eye charms break under her eye. I feel hers is a witches family.After 5 yrs of marriage I finally conceived -had to beg my husband to participate in sex for that.she tried to give all foods that are abortifacient-so I left to my moms house and delivered there after lot of pregnancy health issues-I never had a health issue before marriage that is meeting her.I was considered one of the most beautiful people close to me say I lost sparkle or life in my eyes.when ever I take my baby boy to her house-he has accidents and injuries or fevers and doesn’t eat.she once saw me breast feeding my baby and my breasts just dried away from then not even 5 ml of milk. I am a doctor and was considered one of bright students and have to procure a seat for speciality.right from my marriage i am unable to pursue my career also.even my dh business is not so very fruitfu from our marriage.please tell me what I can do -1. to protect from my son and my career from her evil eye. get Sexuality back in my dh and his brother 3.if she has cursed my career also please tell me how to continue

  2. I bound a friend that has been playing in realms and energy they are woefully unequipped to interact with. The only reason I am bind gbthem is because I, not knowing, became attached to their activities.

    Distillation of the binding (I know this is not much info):


    Smudged an object of theirs with holy wood and sage. Wrapped object in Rosemary , and rise peddles…cheese cloth, then tied with red string. Smudged again.

    Question is:

    I want to give them the object back as part of severance from them…is that a good idea?

    If, when they break the bind, I understand I run the risk of it coming back to me…I am doing this with the intentions above, with no negativity, will there still be negative repercussions?

    • No! By giving the object back to them you are doing the exact opposite of what you wish to do. By giving the object back to them you are creating a bridge between you and them, an open pathway. To sever ties with them, to break your bond with them, it would be better for you to dispose of this object OFF your property, as far off your property as is reasonable for you to accomplish. After reading your last paragraph, I have to ask…Do you really, deep within your heart, wish to cut ties with them; because it sounds to me like you actually, maybe subconsciously, wish to remain connected to them in some way.

  3. Hey there, I was in love last year, and fell victim to an abusive relationship. Not physically but mentally. I ended it back in August. He is very much into dark magic and even talked of trying to summon evil entities. I moved away in August. He threatened to end his life if I didn’t stay with him, he also said if I met anyone else he would try finding them.

    Since September, I’ve noticed a change in my behaviors. Slowly realizing something has changed quite drastically. Although I am happier in this new place. I find myself having similar behaviors as he did; like getting overly upset about silly things, thinking people are out to get me (paranoid), and being impatient with close loved ones and causing slight grief to their lives because I can’t seem to have control over these thoughts and emotions. I’ve never gone through this sorta thing before. I’ve always been calm and patient. I don’t want to be this way, I want to be able to empathize again and not be as selfish as I’ve been. It’s been so hard to change though.

    I’m wondering is it possible he put a spell on me? Maybe to think more like him or walk in his shoes? Cause there’s no logical reason for my behaviors. It’s hard to fix what I can’t seem to understand. Need help 😦

    • There IS a logical reason for your behavior — You were a victim of domestic abuse. What this man did to you was bullying, manipulative, inexcusable, abusive behavior. It is absolutely despicable that he tried to black-mail you into staying with him by threatening to hurt himself. What you are experiencing is probably something very close to post traumatic stress disorder. You need gentle spells for healing, but you also need some professional counseling. Never make the mistake of doing magick without supplementing it with necessary conventional medical or psychiatric care. They BOTH work, and they work together in very magickal positive ways. Good luck!

  4. Look on June 22 2015 Casey inquired about Asunder your love will go down under she is the mother of a girl I love with all my heart she left a control freak who hit her and became close to me he has money I have heart and family roots that grow deep she used your spell to tear us apart slowly and painfully now she’s back with him and he’s controlling her again she can’t even text me anymore their has to be a way to reverse this or at least help me place an equally powerful spell on her mother so I can claim eye for an eye me and her are best friends we had love at first sight I’m looked down upon because my mother is crazy my father not much better I was raised by my grandfather I know I’m her happy and she’s mine I love her so much I set her free to be with control freak because if that makes her happy then I’m happy but now I see what her mother did to spite me so please help me she’s the world to me and all because of your spell working we had nothing but pain while trying to be happy still we managed to be happy but now she can’t with me because her parents fight since her mother doesn’t like me and I love her with all my heart so what can I do?

    • First, you sound like someone who’s stamping their foot because something didn’t go your way. You are also contradicting yourself, in one sentence wishing a girl happiness because she’s with the man she chose, and in the next breath wanting to cast a spell to get her back. You actually sound very confused. And lets get one thing straight ~ none of this mess is “because of my spell”. I was generous enough to post these spells, which are all included and are actually part of my BOOKS, that I could make people PURCHASE in order to get this information at all; and it is entirely each individual’s personal choice whether to use any of them. And, as I’ve said only a gazillion times, I don’t cast spells for people. Spell casting is a personal thing, it’s your own energy you’re working with. Also, how do you know you even have the right individual, as in the “Casey” you think it is (this blog is coming up on a quarter of a million visitors).

      I actually don’t remember the original message, but I really doubt that a girl’s mother would cast a spell just to “spite” you, but would rather cast a spell to bring about what she felt was best for her daughter. And as I said, I don’t remember the original message, and believe it or not, I WORK at a real job with real hours, and I don’t have the time or energy to sift through this convoluted twisted mess. And I am NOT into the “eye for an eye” crap. You sound bitter.

      Since I don’t know you personally, or anyone else connected to these messages, or this scenario, I would say that at this point, I think therapy would be more beneficial than casting spells.

      And by the way, just an after-thought…OF COURSE this woman can’t text you! I can understand why, and you should be able to as well. Not many husbands or boyfriends would appreciate their beloved texting an old flame. And there’s no wife or girlfriend who has any respect for the man she’s with who would want to. My suggestion, hard as it may be, mourn the loss of this relationship, then move on. You’re wasting a lot of time and energy grinding your teeth. Sometimes love sucks.

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