Love Spells

1. Lilith’s Lust Spell
This spell invokes Lilith, the notorious and unruly ‘demon wife’ of Adam. Her powerful and dominating sexuality is what caused their rift, and invoking the spirit of Lilith raises tremendous raw lust and sexual energy. A warning however– It isn’t wise to invoke this entity in a home where there are newborn or young infants. Lilith’s unquenchable appetite doesn’t stop at sex.

Day: Friday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise;3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: VenusMoon Phase: waxing/full
Color: red
Herbs: for lust– cardamom; love & lust– ginseng; fidelity– a pinch of nutmeg, just to keep a leash on the energy being released
Oil: a sexuality oil or patchouli
Stone: pink quartz or blood stone
Symbols: the yin/yang symbol to highlight “female/male” energy; I also intertwine the symbols for Mars and Venus– a mingling that radiates the energy of copulation
Deities: Lilith

First, you have to put yourself in the mindset for the type of energy you’re going to receive from this spell. A long luxurious bath, satiny bold colored lingerie, oils, and images…whatever it takes to arouse in you the heat of your own sexuality.

On a red candle carve the symbols and Lilith’s name. Anoint the candle in oil and roll it in the combined herbs; set it up and light it and your incense as well. Music that throbs and gets you swaying and moving without thinking is wonderful for this moment. Begin to slowly move with it, closing your eyes, allowing the rhythm to fill you and sensations to wash over you. Begin calling to Lilith, chanting to her, moving with her, feeling her in the pulsating rhythm of the music and your body. Lose yourself in the moment and in Lilith. When the energy climaxes and the peak is reached, you will know she has arrived. Make use of her energy for this night; she will leave as abruptly as she came.

2. Nutmeg Fidelity Spell
This spell uses nutmeg and its notorious reputation for inspiring fidelity. The use of intimate garments with the nutmeg is a form of sympathetic magic. Think well on this spell before you cast it– remember that it will bind you into a mindset of fidelity just as much as it will bind your partner.

Items needed:
1. Ground nutmeg
2. A red flannel bag that’s large enough to hold two pairs of undergarments
3. A pair of your underpants and a pair of your partner’s
4. A safety pin
5. A piece of parchment paper and a pen

On the parchment paper write your name and the name of your partner over the top of each other– spit on it. Fold this paper into a small square and place it in the red flannel bag. Take the undergarments and pin them together with a large safety pin, also placing them in the red flannel bag. To this bag sprinkle copious amounts of nutmeg; and, depending upon how squeamish you are, you could add a few drops of menstrual blood.

Keep this bag hidden in the bedroom. If your partner has occasion to be away for periods of time, on those occasions, take this bag into your bed and sleep with it.

3. Strawberry Sex Spell
If the passion in your relationship has waned and your partner is now moving on to greener pastures but you’re not quite ready to let go yet, you can lure him back with this spell.

1. Choose a large scrumptious strawberry and sleep with it in your vagina for one night– preferably during a waxing moon.

2. You’re going to have to be on decent terms with your partner in order to invite him for coffee or a meal. And during the course of this event, you will feed him a delectable dessert– perhaps a cupcake. The ingredients for this cake will be made with the minced strawberry that you slept with and, yes– a dash of nutmeg, as well as a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar– Drawing Powder.

The objective of this spell is to raise your partner’s desire for you; to inspire lust, passion, and fidelity between the two of you; to make the idea of sex with someone else repulsive to your partner; and to lure your partner back to you– right where you feel he belongs.

4. Bloody Love Spell
It has long been believed that if a man ingests so much as a drop of a woman’s menstrual blood, he will fall helplessly, hopelessly, eternally in love with her. (If you’re squeamish at all– stop here now.)

This is considered a binding spell, as the gray witch knows, and it’s considered the most potent love spell of all.

A word of warning: this is one spell that is almost impossible to reverse. You want to think long and hard before you cast this spell on your ‘true love’, because at some point in your life you may discover another love that seems even truer, and the monkey on your back will be a partner who is hopelessly caught under your enchantment. Also, be aware that the menstrual blood must be fed to the target with magical intentions!

In order to administer this blood, you must disguise it. Secrecy is what adds success to this spell; it is imperative in order for it to work. Traditionally a glass of red wine is the drink of choice; but it can also be hidden in a strong cup of coffee, a cola, or any other dark drink. The power and strength of this spell lay in the fact that the target will have no idea what hit him.

To add even more magical power, it would be best if the moon phase is waxing– or full, or as near to full as you can get. Friday, linked to the planet and the goddess Venus, will add strength to it as well, or an hour of the day influenced by Venus. Dates connected positively to your relationship are also energy boosters, such as an anniversary date.

5. Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers
This is a spell that will be inscribed on the photograph of a couple or on a name paper for the couple, if a photo is not available to you. It can be added to a mojo bag that you create for this couple to make their coupling miserable, or in a candle magic spell to put things into action. The gray witch knows that to fulfill her wishes, her creativity and imagination will provide endless possibilities.

1. On one side of the photograph (or the name paper) draw a dividing line down through the center of the couple, or between their names, preferably with black ink– or blood. When you do this, do it with purpose, intention, emotion, and power.

2. On the reverse side of the photo/paper, write the following verse:

“This couple
The spirits
Shall divide
With malice.”

6. The Face of Your True Love
It’s believed that if you eat an apple on Samhain Eve and, without looking behind you, gaze into a mirror, you will see the face of your future husband or wife.

This might best be done in a darkened room lit with a single white candle, that shadows may fall, and secrets be revealed.

7. A Midsummer’s Eve Love Spell
Upon the stroke of midnight at Midsummer’s Eve, scatter rose petals about your garden, circling it thrice deosil (clockwise), while chanting or singing softly:

“Roses I strew,
True love to brew.
You‘ll find me,
So mote it be.
I‘ll find you,
Our love be true.”


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    • Yes, you will prepare an individual bag for each one of the people making up the Couple. What do you put in the bag? ~ If you worked a candle spell, the remains of this divided between the two bags. Herbs to make them uncomfortable, which implies sharp and thorny things, itchy things — thorns, burrs, thistles, things known to cause rashes such as poison oak or ivy, etc. Sharp cutting things like shards of glass, coffin nails, tacks and needles…Use your imagination and put your emotions into it. I’ll bet you can think of even more things.

  2. Just read all your replies. So one cannot judge how much time would it take for a spell to work.. but what would be earliest or latest possibility in approximation. Also, you say the blood love spell is very difficult to reverse. But then you’ve also replied that if the universe wants something else the spell wont work.. or it fades away..
    What would make a spell work faster than usual. And that while doing magic what should be the thought process and itd intensity for it to work?
    Thank you.. and I love ur blog

    • Hello, Anoosha!…I can’t tell you how long it takes a spell to work, not even an approximation. I can’t predict that for spells that I cast for myself, and most certainly not for spells that other people are casting. Yes, the blood spell, once fully in place and working, is very hard, if not impossible, to reverse, so this is something that you want to think very carefully about, and I’d guess that the majority of people thinking about casting this spell shouldn’t. If the universe (or Spirit, God, Goddess), aka The Divine, has other plans for you, you will be led that way. I believe there is a higher power, a divine intelligence, and I believe that many times it’s directing our lives even if we’re not aware of it. To make spells work faster, I can only tell you that for such things like candle spells, Ginger gives an extra snap and rush of energy to most spell workings. Your thought process? As with casting any spells, you need to be totally focused on your intention, because magick is all about moving energy, and that energy starts with your thoughts.

    • Hello, Anoosha…I’m using some spare time this month to catch up on messages around my websites and have come upon your reply. No, no one can tell you how long it will take for a spell to work, and I don’t think there’s any way to approximate such a thing.

      The blood spell (which seems to fascinate people for some reason), is a very harsh, fast, and unyielding spell. It is extremely difficult to reverse and can cause more headaches in the end than satisfaction. It’s not something that I would regularly recommend. There are other, more gentle, magickal routes to travel first.

      Yes, I do believe that there is something “bigger”, “divine”, stronger, more powerful, wiser, overseeing the universe and everything in it. Some people refer to this as “Divinity”. And I do believe that once in a while, when an individual is really racing down the wrong path, for whatever reason, this energy (or God, or Goddess) will step in to prevent a tragedy, not always, but sometimes, for reasons I can’t fathom.

      And then there are, quite simply, individuals who have a difficult time casting successful spells. I’m not sure why. I suspect it has to do with a number of things, including energy and the ability to move and manipulate it; focus, which is very hard for some people; lacking the ability to visualize, which can make manifestation very difficult, if not impossible. There are a number of factors that go into this.

      As is so often the case with spiritual discussions, spiritual explanations, there is no one pat answer. There are too many variables.

      Casting spells, working magick, can be a gift, but also something that is learned. Too many people try to skip several of the learning steps because they’re impatient to jump in and start casting spells. You have to learn concentration, visualization, the manipulation and movement of energy…all things that take time and patience and practice.

      Blessing, Amythyst…and PS ~ I’m glad you enjoy my blog! 🙂

  3. Hey I wanna know how much time does it take for the menstrual blood spell to work.. say if I feed it to my bf tomorrow, when will it work?

  4. Ok, now that we know how to drive a guy crazy, someone please tell me what to do to drive a woman just as crazy as the blood spell, and oh, I don’t hate her, I really do love her, I just want her to give me as much love as I give to her.

    • Hello, Eric… What to use to drive a woman crazy? Crazy with love and lust? Males have their very own bodily fluids that can be used in magickal ways. You might pretty much use the same tactics on a woman as you would a man.

  5. This is the first blog i came across that was worth reading. The way u guide people is amazing(no selfish motives at all) and about blood spell- i have done this and have seen the results. It does work. There was a time when i was the one who wanted to maintain the relationship no matter what, i kept dealing with his shit (he took almost everything away from me- my family, my friends by not letting me talk to them) use to hit me, torture me like hell. I did hear about this alot of time but this guy was the one who made me do it. But then i do realise letting him go was better then doing this. Coz as u said, world is too big and might meet someone. I havent yet met someone but i have realised that i deserve better and not a gay like him. So yeah, the spell has droven him crazy, I’m so sure that even if he flirts or tries things without my knowledge? It would just be till there, no matter what he is coming back to me. And thats what happens- he wants me by his side every time. Thats what i was wanting (but it was before) now all i want is him to get off me. But i know that wont happen. Lol. So people who think of trying -yes trying this spell? It really aint a joke. U might regret it coz this binds the man forever. No matter what u do he aint leaving u. I will give u my eg: my guy couldn’t even bare anyone looking at me n today he knows i flirt with many guys , infact have also been with someone else but still he aint leaving me. He keeps calling me names. Only i know what i did. This aint no joke. Takecare. Bless.

  6. mine is a bit complicated issue..i live in india..we both met in 2012 ,supposed to b twin flames/soulmates..both stuck in bad marriages ,live in different cities..we love each other like crazy..we were in a relationship but he backed away cz of issues his end..on and off we are in touch..connected back again last year..i dont want him divorcing his wife or any major stuff..i just want him to accept this love embrace n b happy with what little we can share like phone/chats/meeting when we can…but he refuses to open up,he is scared .i have had many psychic readings and all have said the same..i tried but cant push any more..he is scared of being vulnerable again..scared of hell breaking lose..alot of issues in his head…yet he dsnt let me go i just want a good spell to make him realize drop his fears and come forward to me and enjoy what we have n love we share ..what spell do u think i shud use? with no reverse effects ….what do i do and who do i contact

  7. Hello 🙂

    It’s almost Midsummer’s Eve, and I am searching far and wide for some good spells. Spells for love and healing of relationships. I don’t want any, “how to get your ex back” type of nonsense. What I WOULD like is a spell for simply healing a past relationship gone sour. A spell that might possibly set the winds of change into action.
    I would like for there to be a healing between my ex and myself. I have no desire to force an intimate relationship, but a healing would be nice. I hope I am expressing myself adequately. I absolutely hate the thought that my ex is no longer my friend. I just want to help the old wounds to heal…for us both.
    I’d also really like a good midsummer’s eve general love spell. Something that will bring a new love to me.

    Thank You!!!!!!

  8. Hi. M glad I found this page. I am Deepika . I am looking for a spell cast that will really bring changes in my current relationship phase. Me and my boyfriend had been in an awesome relationship. But since 1 month he s not his original self and my relationship is at stake due to his confused wandering mind. Pls help me with a spell that brings back him to me.

  9. I noticed that most of your love spells are for a woman to use, what about the men? Are there any for a man to bind a woman to him? Also, there is one here about the women’s period, would a man’ semen do the same to a woman providing she doesn’t know that she is drinking it?
    I would like to also see something here for a man to be able to bind a woman to him too. Hop I’m not being to presumptuous by saying this.

    • Hello, Eric! 1) I write from my own perspective, and I’m a woman. All of these spells will work equally well if a man casts them. 2) In theory, the idea of having a target ingest love fluids should work both ways, it’s the mental intention of the spell caster that’s most important. All magick comes from our mind, our energy, it’s here where the power resides.

  10. My partner and I are living in the same house, she broke off the relationship and said that she doesn’t want the relationship any more, she moved out of the master bedroom and is now sleeping in the sofa in the living room for about 2 months, she keeps telling me that she found a place and is moving out but she’s not moving and she’s also not helping me with the bills, I love her dearly and would love to be with her for the rest of my life. Is there a specific spell that will bring her back to me completely and unconditionally in every way? Can you please tell me which spell is suitable for my situation? Oh, at first she wouldn’t even talk to me and when I touched her it was as though I did the dirtiest thing I could have ever done. Now she talks to me, calls me on the phone when she wants something done, she even texts me. Two days ago she asked me for pain killers because she have a bad shoulder that started hurting her (that I used to massage whenever it hurt her in the past), I offered to massage it for her and she jumped at the opportunity, while I was massaging her shoulder, I noticed she closed her eyes and she was really enjoying it like she always did and during the massage she spoke to me ad though we were still together and have been very civil since. I just want to know what spell should I use to get her back in my bed and in my life permanently.


    • Ummm…when you break up a relationship, you generally move out of the house, not out of the master bedroom. I see lots of red flags here, lots of game playing between the two of you, and lots of issues that I think you need a marriage counselor, or a therapist, to figure out. Go the mundane route first. The magick of this whole thing? I think you’re both good at playing bad games with each other.

      • I’m not playing any games with her, I let her know how much I love her all the time, she’s the one that’s playing games with me, she’s living there and haven’t contributed to any of the bills since November, and on top of that I funded a trip for her to the sum of over $4000 for her to go back to her country and visit her family while taking care of her kids (3) while she was gone and her words to me is that my actions says that I don’t love or care for her. While she was away, every time she calls and asked for money I would sacrifice myself and send the money to her because I know what it is like to be away from home without money. I took care of all the bills at home, took care of every and anything that the kids needed while she was gone, she’s been back since 25th Feb 2016 and have contributed a cent towards the bills, still living in the house, her and the kids, but this woman still thinks that I don’t love her. I am at a point of telling her to leave because she is no help to me and we’re not even coexisting as a couple anymore. My only problem is that I’m so much in love with her that I can’t seem to bring myself to telling her to get out, also even though the kids aren’t mine, I love them with all my heart and I don’t want to see them go. I really don’t know what to do anymore.


        On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, Magickal Connections wrote:

        > Amythyst Raine commented: “Ummm…when you break up a relationship, you > generally move out of the house, not out of the master bedroom. I see lots > of red flags here, lots of game playing between the two of you, and lots of > issues that I think you need a marriage counselor, or a th” >

  11. (Apologies for posting twice – i realized i posted my question on another exchange so i am posting again)

    I am new to this and have been reading your page. I am planning to do the Asunder You Shall Go spell. I have read the spell and have a picture, know that i am to draw a line between the couple on the picture in blood or black ink and what to write the verse on the back and that I should use a black candle. I didn’t read when would be the appropriate time (moon, day, etc). Is there an appropriate day/time to cast?

    Also, I saw where you had said you used this spell before and you tore the picture in half and posted them across from each other but you also said you could burn the paper/picture. Which is better? If i tear the picture and post them opposite of each other across the room, how long do i leave the pictures up? If i burn the picture, what exactly should i do with the ashes? While i want it over quickly, i also want it to be felt.

    As i said i am new and still learning so i am not exactly sure of the exact steps and how to do it (light the candle, take the picture, draw the line, write the verse on the back, then tear or burn). I do want to send this out to the universe with as much energy as possible.

    Thank you, in advance, for any assistance/guidance you might be able to give me.

    • No one can say how fast a spell will work; it depends on the circumstances, the energy of the couple, the energy of the magick worker, Spirit, and the universe. Some spells may take a long time, others will work fairly quickly and seemingly out of the blue. Patience is required when doing magick. Does this spell really work? Yes, I can tell you (from personal experience) that this spell worked for me when I cast it, but it was not an immediate Hollywood movie magickal moment; it took a period of time.

          • I am new to this and have been reading your page. I am planning to do the Asunder You Shall Go spell. I have read the spell and have a picture, know that i am to draw a line between the couple on the picture in blood or black ink and what to write the verse on the back and that I should use a black candle. I didn’t read when would be the appropriate time (moon, day, etc). Is there an appropriate day/time to cast?

            Also, I saw where you had said you used this spell before and you tore the picture in half and posted them across from each other but you also said you could burn the paper/picture. Which is better? If i tear the picture and post them opposite of each other across the room, how long do i leave the pictures up? If i burn the picture, what exactly should i do with the ashes? While i want it over quickly, i also want it to be felt.

            As i said i am new and still learning so i am not exactly sure of the exact steps and how to do it (light the candle, take the picture, draw the line, write the verse on the back, then tear or burn). I do want to send this out to the universe with as much energy as possible.

            Thank you, in advance, for any assistance/guidance you might be able to give me.

  12. I used menstrual blood and then I browsed the Internet and now I’m scared because I don’t want to harm him or cause bad things to happen to our future children and families. I really did it with good intentions for our future and to bring our bond closer. I mean we already have a good relationship I just don’t want to harm him or any body else or myself. Have I done that? Some stuff says this causes infertility and we lost our baby before I ever thought about a spell and I don’t want any more miscarriages.

  13. I have a very weird question..and I’m sorry it is a little nasty and embarrassing as well…I recently met a wonderful man and he is going through a divorce so naturally I was a little nervous until this is complete, and I don’t want to do the wrong thing and bring myself bad karma either..So we tried to move slowly, but the attraction is undeniable and very strong I already feel love for this man and he seems to for me. We had sex for the first time about a week ago and I advised him I was on my menstrual cycle and we needed to wait, But It didn’t work out that way. He also performed oral sex on me, I begged him not to but nothing would do him but to do this anyway. However it seems our bond is much stronger after the sex. He told me he loved me last night and we have only known each other 3 months. Do you think I unknowingly done anything to him by letting him perform oral sex while on my cycle?? I also feel a very strong bond with this man.

    • No, you did not unwittingly do any magick to this man under these circumstances. Real magick, the use of natural items to move energy through supernatural means, is not something that’s usually done unintentionally (note: thoughts do produce energy which can manifest change, so this all gets a little tricky sometimes). However, most of the time, you must use the ingredients or items for a spell WITH INTENTION in order for it to produce the magickal manifestation desired. Think about it, if people could go around creating magickal energy without any specific thought put into it, the results would be havoc.

        • First, you have to spend some time thinking about it, Tricia. Do you really want him back? Why did he leave in the first place? What benefits will there be to your life if you did get him back? What would be the negative consequences in having this man back in your life? Do you want a man to come back to you through magickal means, implying that this would not be his choice if left to his own free will, or do you want a man to come back into your life because he has clearly thought the situation through and made a solid decision? Think about it for a while.

      • Yes i thought about it and I want him back he does mean a lot to me and I will do anything to get him back please help meI’m not the same person anymore without you

  14. I absolutely love your page it’s so interesting and very easy to follow!! But I would like to know if you can tell me how to make positions instead of a spell or are they the same thing ?

  15. about a month ago i cast a blood love spell with some intentions that were not truth (the intentions were just to love him, that he love me back and be a couple), on a guy that was just dishonest with me and when i realized i actually fall for him, once he got under my pants he just stop being nice and stop talking to me as he used to. i tried to fixed the spell on the waxing moon by showing the real intentions (show this fuckboy a lesson and make it feel inlove with me, just because you know he played with my feelings), regardless of what i did it this man only seemed to go even far out my reach we no longer talk to each other, but i was wondering what could i do to make him back loyal in love and with a burning desire.

    • I hate to point out the obvious, but we can’t just jump to using magick without looking at the circumstances through a mundane window…The guy is dishonest; once he had sex with you he dumped you– and you want him back, why?

      You don’t want to tie yourself and your energy to this individual. It would be very unwise. Let it go. Doll yourself up and start socializing…also, I don’t know why romance and connecting with someone seems to be the first and foremost thing on so many women’s minds. I don’t know your personal situation, so this piece of advice is for ALL women reading this– concentrate on YOURSELF. Concentrate on being all that you can be…through education, through a career, through working towards your aspirations. Bloom, ladies, allow yourselves to bloom and stop putting so much time, effort, and thought into situations that will take you no where.

  16. Hi. I have an question. I am trying to get back the love of my life. We have been separate for years. He is the father of my child. I have red candles. Male and female. Im not sure what to exacly do with them. I often tell him that I love him just to se what he says. He tells me that he also loves me. Can you guide me through using the candls? I hardly ever see him because he’s in the militay but I have pictures. I also have some come to me oil. Please help. Thanks

    • It sounds like you’re all lined up for a love spell…candles, oil, and all. I can’t personally see people through spells, there are too many people requesting this type of thing and not enough time in my life. You have to trust your own magickal ability at some point, and go for it.

      But, as I said in the post below this one (which I answered first), why you women are so bound and determined to draw men to you who don’t seem interested, I don’t know. I understand that this man is the father of your child, and that does bring with it a special bond that you will have for the rest of your life, but that does not mean that you will have a relationship with this man. Sad, but true. When he responds to your “I love you”, he may mean it in a very general way, which is actually beautiful, in that he respects and loves you as the mother of his child.

      I know it sounds harsh, but it would probably be to your best interest to start over with a healthy relationship, one that is not one-sided.

  17. Hi, I just cast a blood love spell on my boyfriend. I used my menstrual blood, i put a drop in his beef vegetable soup, macaroni & cheese & and even a drop in his ice water. How long will it take to work. I also cut some of my pubic hairs & put it in the brim of his hat. Have I done too much? I dont want to hurt him, I just want him to love and desire me as much as I do him.

    • Hi, Jamie…I can’t tell you how long it will take a spell to work, not even when casting my own spells; but I can assure you that you have not hurt your boyfriend, you’ll just find (either gradually, or in one profound smacking moment) that he will be totally engrossed in you, head over heels filled with desire. I hope, for your sake, that you’re absolutely sure “This Is The One”, because these spells are terrifically hard (if not impossible) to reverse.

  18. For the bloody love spell, you said it’s almost impossible to undo. That implies that there is a way to do it. Is there? And if there is, how would you do it? I’m thinking about attempting this spell on a man that I know loves me, but who gets very depressed. The more depressed he gets, the more doubts he has, and the more he pulls back. Lately he’s gotten it into his head that if he leaves me completely, then I’ll be better off. He thinks he causes more harm than good. It sounds like a cop out, an excuse to leave, but I know him well and I can tell (very easily) when he’s lying. I was thinking doing the bloody love spell might help get him rid of his doubts, and bind us together even stronger than before. Would it work for that? And like I asked before, is there a way to undo it and if so how? I like to cover all my bases before performing magick.

    • Anna, please take my advice (crossing fingers here!)– don’t do a spell to bind yourself to this individual. He has way too many quirks to work out, too many of his own issues. You don’t want to bind yourself (and your energy) to someone who’s own energy appears to be so scattered. Figure this one out the mundane way FIRST, then think about a little love magick to enhance what you’ll already have.

      • Alright, fair enough. That makes a lot of sense and you are the expert 🙂 but just so I know is there a way to undo it? I won’t do it (at least not until he figures himself out and his energies are less scattered, like you said) but I’m very curious haha

  19. my boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago he tell me that he love his ex gf more than me but he still love me how can I make that little space of love bigger than before? you think I need a love spell so I can win him back?
    plsss reply I can’t take it anymore I think I’m dying

    • Do you really want to win him back? And if you really do want him back, are you sure you want to get him back by influencing his free will? Would you rather win him back through an understanding of respect and mutual love? Would you rather win him back because he came to his own conclusion that he really does love you and wants a life with you? If you use magick to get him back (and it’s possible, this can be done), you may discover that the whole atmosphere surrounding your relationship is one of confusion. You may discover that he has within himself a sense of dissatisfaction, though he might not be able to put his finger on why.

      We can make so many changes in our lives, and other people’s lives, with witchcraft. We can move energy in so many ways as to affect the universe in immeasurable infinitesimal ways– but we have to wonder…Do we really want to do this?

      Give yourself some time to HEAL and to THINK before you make any decisions.

  20. my boyfriend broke up with a few days ago he tell me that he love his ex gf more than me but he still love me how can I make that little space of love bigger than before? you think I need a love spell so I can win him back?

  21. Hello Dear,

    Thank you for yr magical spells and comments… I am just concerned about the menstrual blood, vaginal fluids and strawberry spell…

    How ethical, morally correct will it b to use this spell on a person whom I’m crazy about but who considers me just a friend? At present he is unattached, but I do know that he has a crush on another girl… I am ten years older than him, and frankly speaking am v ugly and fat…

    • Hi, Rabs…As far as ethics, every practitioner must decide for themselves where their boundaries lay. If something just doesn’t “feel” right to you, and you’re picking up all kinds of bad vibes, then avoid this thing, whatever it is. As you know if you’ve read my book, “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire” the world is not black and white, but is created in beautiful shades of gray– you have to find out which shade matches your conscience, your spirituality, your practice.

      You also have to stop thinking of yourself as “ugly and fat”…Everyone is beautiful in their own way– and this sounds so clique, but it’s true. This also does not mean that you leave mother nature up in the air with no conscious help and no effort on your part. Find a hairstyle you like, one that’s flattering for you, and keep your hair shampooed and done, so it looks nice. (This isn’t just to impress a guy, this will make you feel good about YOU!) Makeup? This is one of those things that makes being a girl so damn fun. If you don’t wear makeup, ask someone to help you figure out what would enhance your features, light up your face. I don’t know how old/young you are, and quite frankly, this is irrelevant. Women are beautiful at any age, and they should take pride in themselves– every inch of their beautiful selves!

  22. For the Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers. I don’t have a picture of the couple do I write their names in blood too? Does it matter what color the candle is? And what does mature the ash mean? I was reading the comments on this spell. I know I have some powerful magik I’m still figuring out how to control it. So if you know of a good place to start please also let me know. Thank you and Goddess bless

    • It would be really cool if you had a photo (there’s always Facebook, hate to say it, but there it is). If you don’t have a photo, write their names on a large sheet of blank white paper, her name to one side, his to the other. It doesn’t have to be in blood at all, a regular pen will do, though some magickal ink would have been even better. The candle should be black (1st choice), or white (2nd choice). I couldn’t find the spell (I know, it’s my own blog- I should know where it’s at!), so I’m not sure where you’re getting the “mature the ash” from, unless it’s a typo, maybe? I’d have to read the spell. A good place to start?…when you’re ready to cast, you’ll know, and you’ll know where to start. Most of us start casting spells out of necessity to solve an issue. Will they be able to detect the spell?– no, not a clue, they won’t know what hit them. All they’ll know is that there relationship is going to pot. I’ve actually used this spell once, long ago, out of spite. Does it work?– yep, it sure does.

  23. One more thing i should inform you.obviously there is some black magical effect on this case.cause my mother went to 6/7 people who does black n white magic to break our relationship.but she had a stroke n got paralysed but now she realised she did wrong with me n my wife.she told me some of the peoples of them was most powerful he tried to solve our problem for 6 weeks & after that he also denied that he cant help cannot say it was a normal breakup.a girl who was crazy for me.a girl spent her 7 years with me.a girl who ive been with in all positive n negative situations.suddenly turns around & send me a divorce letter without even telling me.she didnt even told me anything.suddenly she stopped picking up my phones.she just sent me a text she dont want to talk with me.2 weeks passed she didnt even replied a single call.than i came back just to ask her why she dnt wnt to talk.but she never even gave me a chance to talk.

    • I’ve been divorced several times– yes, this is a normal break-up. When it’s over, it’s over. This woman is obviously going to great lengths to protect herself from you, and quite frankly, I’m beginning to see why. You appear to be obsessed and unable to accept reality. LET IT GO. The woman is finished with you– what part of this do you not understand.

  24. Im sorry im bothering you a lot.but there must be a way out.the girl who couldn’t even sleep without keeping me on the phone suddenly changed this much.this is unbelievable to me.there must be a way out or there must be a problem. There should be atleast a way left to bring her back.there must be something missing.i dnt knw but if you can tell me any solution i will be gratefull to you.
    Im so happy atleast you are telling me the are not giving me fake hope.thanks

  25. Dear
    Im a male.recently my wife had a forced seperation(divorce) from me.i was living in the uk & moved back to my country just for her & now there is no way of going back.i lost my job i spent all of my money for her at this position ive got not a single penny.i spent so much money on local tantrik but at the end all of them refused that they cant do anything in my case.with my last saved money my cousin bought me a book named element encyclopedia of 1000 spells.but even there i couldnt find a strong spell to bring her back(most of them are to bring a man back).all i tried verbally to convince her even my parents tried to convince her.but more we tried to convince her more she made a mess.she even complained to the police that i threatened to kidnap her which i didnt.she told the same thing to her at this point i got no contacts with her.she stopped all the source of contacting her by blocking phone calls & others.all i have is our photos which we have taken together & couple of copies of the letter which she wrote in the early age of our relation.i am desperately looking for a strong spell which will help me to bring her back.obviously i dnt have anymore money to spend but once i get her back i know i will have everything there any way you can help me? I already tried to commit suicide couple of times but my luck is not that good even to die.

    • Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. When a relationship ends, everyone is going to have to adjust to the changes this brings. Frankly, you don’t want a spell to bring this woman back; she obviously has moved on. Any such spell, even if it worked, would result in an unsatisfying one-sided coupling. Frankly, you sound like a stalker, and you are frightening this woman. She’s actually not “making a mess” of anything, she’s doing exactly what she should be doing to protect herself.

      It’s time to man-up and accept the fact that this relationship has ended.

      In light of your suicide attempt, not to mention the fact that you sound obsessed and unstable, you really should seek professional counseling.

      There’s someone else out there more suited to you. Heal yourself so that you’ll be ready to embrace her and love her when she finds you.

      • Is it really it??
        I actually cant even think of anything else without her.its been 4 months shes away from me.but you are making me cofused cause we was in a relationship & married.i was abroad but suddenly within a week everything changed.her love for me changed into hate.i havent even done wrong before she moved out.although i still believe there is something which divided us & i want to be with her for the whole life.just to know is this it???

        • Yes, I’m afraid that it sounds like “this is it”. I know that it’s extremely difficult to accept the end of a relationship, especially when it’s not your choice, and you’re still in love. But you have to get a grip and step away gracefully. When a relationship ends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone did anything “wrong”. People change, circumstances change, and relationships change.

  26. Can you use undergarments in a spell if they have been washed not only were they washed but I wore his boxers last what type of spell can I perform with his laundered shirt and boxers

    • My rathers would be “unwashed”, but if washed is what you’ve got, then it’s “washed” you’re going to work with. I would think you would do any type of love spell you can think of that would use undergarments, and you could add undergarments to any kind of love spell you feel like casting. The biggest thing I’d like people to know about spell casting is they need to not be afraid of improvising and making a spell uniquely their own. It’s like cooking– you might find a good recipe, and then you add a few of your own little twists and ingredients to spice it up. 🙂

  27. It may be possible tht my spell is started working. Do I repeat ths evry month to make him mine only.sry for my English.

    • If you feel your magick is working, Sunshine, you will have to trust your own instincts as to whether to repeat the spell or not. It sounds like the motions are there, but not the Emotions…To me, this would mean that more emphasis needs to be placed on feelings, the mental aspects of the relationship. In combination with any magickal endeavors, I would strongly suggest marriage counseling.

  28. One thing I noticed that now every night he is ready to do sex.and now he does vry possessive sex as early he don’t even kiss me while having sex.can we think tht this change is due to mb spell.but he is still behind girls.

    • I can’t tell anyone why their magick doesn’t work…I wasn’t there; I don’t know them; I don’t know how they work their magick; I don’t know what kind of connection they have with divinity; I don’t know the circumstances personally.

      As I said to someone else who asked the same question: “Why didn’t my magick work?”…Everyone’s magick is a very personal thing- the energy involved, the ritual, the connection to divinity…I have no way of knowing how fast someone else’s spells will work, or even if they will work. The information, and thus the power, is in your hands.

      I can offer one theory: Your magick may not have worked because you’re not with the right person in the first place.

  29. I’m very sorry to hear about your predicament, Sunshine, but I can’t “save your children’s lives”, or change your husband’s behavior. The only thing I can do to help you is to offer spiritual and magickal information through my blog, website, and books, along with a bit of mundane advice.

    In this circumstance, the mundane advice might be the most important.

    Your husband lacks morals, and the odds are he will continue this kind of behavior. I don’t know if you realized when you married him that he was promiscuous or not, if you didn’t, I imagine it had to be a shock and a rude awakening. You’re going to have to decide whether you can live the rest of your life with an unfaithful husband, or whether you’re going to have to let this relationship go and move on.

    Personally– I’d run. If you don’t have money, friends, or family near to help you, seek out a Woman’s Shelter. Also, here’s a link that will give you a telephone number to the National Abuse Hotline. If you’re afraid, and I’m getting the feeling you may be, and you need help getting away from this man, follow this link:

  30. Mam I m 31 year old married women with 2 kids.My husband is behind lot of girls.i want to stop him from doing this.i gave menstrual blood but it doesn’t seems to be effective. Still he used to do sex with lot of girls.pls help me man as u can save my children’s life.

  31. Hello. So i had a question me and my ex have been seperated for 6 months we talk though and have been having sex pretty much everytime we see each other but still are not back together .i gave him a drink with my menstral blood in it.and rubbed some on my neck ao he can smell it . How long does it isually take to see results .

    • Everyone’s magick is a very personal thing- the energy involved, the ritual, the connection to divinity…I have no way of knowing how fast someone else’s spells will work, or even if they will work. The information, and thus the power, is in your hands.

      On a mundane level, dear– stop having sex with this man every time you see him. As a matter of fact, stop having sex with this man period– until he figures out how he feels about you, and how you figure out how you REALLY feel about him, and how you both feel about resuming your relationship. You have to step back to get a clear picture. You’re going to have to distance yourself in order to see if there’s any point in getting closer.

  32. Lady A – I am a Solitary, married and would like to share this spell with him. His “religion” is diff. than mine. How do you suppose I ask him to participate? PS – I do follow you and hopefully you can contact me via FB not Yahoo. BB )0(

    • I can respond right here, it’s nice and handy!…There are several spells on this page, and I haven’t read through them in quite some time, but I don’t think that participation from the target is required in general. I would have no idea how to go about asking him. That’s something you will have to follow with your instinct. Only you know if your partner would be up for something like this, or whether it would only bring up a negative reaction. It’s a wonderful idea to include your mate in the casting of Love Spells, and I do believe that this magick has the potential to enhance a relationship– especially when the couples work TOGETHER!

  33. Elisha:

    I’m sure there are spells to do such a thing, even if it’s not listed here. I don’t have time to craft spells for free for all the people who ask me, but I do offer Spell Consultations:

    You want him to notice you? And you’ve been talking to him and talking to him and talking to him?…stop talking. Next time you see him, walk right on up close, and kiss him on the lips– odds are he’s going to notice.

  34. With the Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers, what do i do with the name paper that holds there names. and for the fidelity spell, if we are separated and he is with someone else can i use a dirty pair of his underwear that I have with mines to help in putting an end to this affair.

    • First, the name paper for Asunder You Shall Go…I would do one of two things– either tear the name paper (or photo) in half and tack each piece on opposite walls in a room, where they will be facing each other, or burn the paper to get the spell moving more quickly and to send the energy charging out into the universe. Think about it– do you want this to be over quickly, or do you want the agony and the miserable situation between the couple to drag on for a while.

      Just a note…this is an especially vindictive and vicious thing to do to a couple. Ask yourself lots of questions: what is it you really seek from this outcome; who else is involved that may be hurt by it (children?); is there anything positive that will come out of the dissolution of this union? Think about it a while before you actually cast this spell.

      Underclothing, or personal concerns, aren’t used in this spell as it’s written above; but of course, you make every spell your own with your own inventiveness and creativity. Improvise.

    • First– You have to decided if you really– Really– want him back. Then you have to question whether this would be to your benefit or not, whether the relationship had run its natural course, whether your destiny lay down a different path, or whether his destiny lay down a different path. Wanting the other woman to “pay” sounds like revenge…but pay for what? Do you think this woman deliberately “stole” your boyfriend– and if she did, you have to wonder why it was so easy. If your relationship had been really solid in the first place, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

      Before taking any action, do some divination, connect with Spirit, and follow your heart.

      • I’m inand situation right and we speak what am supposed to do I love you so much and Dearly to my heartand it is like he cannot stand me At timrs

        • It sounds, Patricia, like it may be time to move away from this relationship and move forward with your life. As I’ve gotten older, and as I’ve experienced various types of relationships and personalities, I’ve come to the conclusion that if it’s not making you happy– what’s the point?

      • My name is Anita watkins i want my ex back so bad he is seeing another woman i dont know her or her name but his name is schirriah matthew poole i want the other woman out of the way i think she did something to him we had at one time a good thing going i need her to get out the picture for good and he just want me she did something to keep him away from me please what can i do

        • Anita, you’re on our own here. Most of these love relationships gone haywire are steeped in all kinds of information and interconnections of which I’m not privy to– I only hear one side. I don’t cast spells for people (which I have repeatedly stated), and when I do take time to put together an Individual Spell for someone, I don’t do it for free, I get paid for “Spell Consultations”, which you’ll find in the menu of my website The Witch’s Corner: Otherwise, my dear (and all the other dears who will post a very similar message), these FREE spells are here for your perusal. Read. Decide. Cast…on your own.

        • Hello again, Anita!…no, I’m still not going to cast any of these spells for the public, but I do have something to offer you along these lines. After much thought (and after a gazillion requests to do spells), I’ve decided to offer a Candle Altar Service, also known as “Setting the Lights”…here’s more information including the who, why, how, where of it all. Perhaps this is something that would benefit you ~

      • Hi there. I’ve been in my situation for 3 years. I have tried to use many other casters but to no avail. I have tried the blood spell, I see results but they soon fade and I need to do it again. I cannot get onto your site, please email me so we can do some work together, my email address is below.

        • Hi, Leya…I don’t cast spells for people persay; the best I can offer you is my Candle Altar Service (I fix and burn a spell candle for you, using the information you’ve sent me to create a petition paper, and I create a mojo bag for you with the remnants). I also sell spell candles, poppets, oils, etc., at my site– which has moved! New URL ~ After reading your message and the results that you are having, you might have to face the fact that the universe may have something else in store for you, and this relationship might not be the right relationship. It sounds an awful lot like you’re trying to force something where it’s not meant to be. Just food for thought.

  35. I just learned about you and I want u to know I think your awesome 🙂 I’m new to all of this and I can’t wait to learn more from you. Thank you so much and Merry Meet 🙂

    • Aw, you’re so sweet, Danielle! I’m glad that you enjoy my blog and website, and I hope you find the information you need. Enjoy the learning process, the journey actually is a life-long endeavor– I’m still learning! It’s an awesome Path!

    • Do you have any spells or potion recipes on speed like run very very fast? Or any that have to do with the 4 elements like fire water air and earth?

      • The only thing I can tell you about speed in spell crafting is that Ginger gives magickal energy extra oomph and zing. About the four elements, you’ll want to follow this link to spells for the Queens’ Oils. They’re spells closely tied to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water…as are the Tarot Queens.

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