Court Cards: Energy of the Knights

Knight of Pentacles

This Knight is the most grounded of them all.  He is, in essence, a younger less mature version of the King of pentacles, too young yet to have the King’s cynicism, guile, or cut-throat tendencies.  This young Knight is solid, capable and dependable.  He is already setting the foundations of his future, setting long term plans in place, beginning that nest egg or business that may very well grow into an empire.

The other side of this Knight of pentacles hovers around the demons of ambition and single-mindedness.  In striving to achieve his goals, this Knight may loose sight of those things that are most important in life.

The Knight of pentacles is often an over-achiever, someone aggressive with the attainment of material success.  But he is also a loyal mate who loves the stability of a solid home life.

Knight of Swords

This Knight is often a messenger in my readings, his messages being harsher and often more devastating and more painful than those of his Page.

As a personality, the Knight of swords tends to bluster through life with an overdose of bravado and self-confidence…others may call it ‘ego’.  He tends to be a bit louder than anyone else in the room, a self- described expert on an impressive array of topics.

This Knight is all sharp edges.  It takes a patient and determined mate to delve beneath this sharp exterior and find the softer, more human side.  But it’s there, and it is especially vulnerable.  The Knight of swords protects this part of himself, as a wild animal protects its sensitive underbelly, rarely exposing it.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of wands has also acted as a messenger in my readings.  His messages are more tempered than the Knight of swords’, usually involving business, finances, or other mundane matters.  This Knight’s messages often require more timely attention than those of his Page.

As a personality, the Knight of wands tends to be blustery, abrupt, self-centered, and often lacks the finer points of socializing.  He is the epitome of ‘the loner’.  This Knight also has a hair-trigger temper, which can be brutal, even dangerous at times.  Patience is not one of this Knight’s virtues.

The other side, however, includes incredible intelligence, often bordering on genius.  When the Knight of wands becomes interested in a subject, he studies it thoroughly, endlessly, almost in an obsessive fashion.  The end result is that this Knight often is an expert on more than one topic, excels at academics, and sets high goals for himself.

Knight of Cups

This Knight, often referred to as the epitome of ‘the Knight in shining armor’, is the messenger who heralds romance on the horizon.  When the Knight of cups shows up in a reading, I know the querent has a romantic relationship that will soon manifest in his/her life.

As a personality, this Knight is pretty much what he represents—an attentive lover, a hopeless romantic, very sensitive to a partner’s feelings, often physically attractive, chivalric, delightfully sexual, the ‘golden apple’ every woman dreams of—Cary Grant and Brad Pitt combined, the whole nine yards.

However, the other side of the Knight of cups must be dealt with cautiously.  He is very sexually active, often leaping from partner to partner, the most promiscuous of the Knights, sometimes sexually deviant or avant-garde in his tastes.  He is never what he appears to be, or what he wants you to think he is.  This Knight can be self-serving, hedonistic in the extreme, sneaky, crafty, and an excellent liar.



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