Court Cards: Mystery of the Queens

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles tends to be vain, either about her appearance or her accomplishments—sometimes both.  She’s often outspoken and quick to criticize, although she herself can’t handle criticism, so don’t try it—unless you’re prepared to lose your head.

This Queen often possesses very strong maternal feelings, though these feelings may manifest more as an ideology rather than any actual hands-on mothering…the Queen of pentacles doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, sometimes literally.

She tends to be sound in her financial decisions, showing good judgment and common sense.  If reversed, however, she may be prone to shopping binges or impulse buying.

This Queen is a strong woman with powerful likes and dislikes, and she often expects those close to her to share the same opinions as herself.  This is her definition of loyalty.  To maintain a relationship with this Queen, you’re going to have to perform a balancing act.  She runs a very fine line between like and dislike.

Queen of Swords

They say the traditional meaning of this Queen is a divorced woman or a woman alone, and I can well believe it.  This Queen uses her tongue as a deadly weapon, and it will cut you down just as fast and mercilessly as any steel sword.  The Queen of swords is, however, very eloquent and you may find her involved in a job or career which requires the skill of a good fast tongue and sharp mind.  She possesses both in abundance.

At first glance, this Queen may seem cold and unapproachable; but take a closer look.  The Queen of swords can be extremely sensitive, and she doesn’t like the feeling of vulnerability this gives her.  She uses a cold unemotional exterior as a wall against getting too close to anyone.  It’s her way to avoid getting hurt.

If you do manage to break through this Queens outer armor, do so with honest intentions and genuine feelings.  The Queen of swords does not suffer fools.

Queen of Wands

Like her counter part, the King of wands, this Queen is all about control.  If she can’t control it, she doesn’t want it.  This can apply to anything in her life from business ventures to people.  If you are a free spirit, you will not work well with this Queen.  She kills nonconformity, creativity, and individualism wherever she finds it, viewing it as a plague, or as a personal enemy.

If this Queen likes you, however, you will have a powerful ally willing to move mountains to help you personally or to advance your interests.  The thing is, she can change her mind on a dime, for very little reason, so you must have the natural capability to tread lightly if you want to keep this Queen’s friendship.

The positive side of the Queen of wands is that she tends to be very down to earth and is very good at organizing mundane matters.  You might find this Queen at the head of a large family, or in charge of a business.  You will also find a slew of bodies in her path, those individuals who dared to voice an original opinion and were discarded along the way.

Queen of Cups

This Queen is the softest of them all, but in her soft pliable nature we have a Queen who is easily molded and influenced by the people around her. The Queen of cups has a difficult time being open and honest, especially in face-to-face interaction.  She believes that everyone must like her, so she possesses a chameleon-like nature that can transform into that which pleases whomever she happens to be with at the moment.  This strong desire to please may often be displayed as promiscuous behavior.

The Queen of cups is constantly in danger of losing ‘herself’, and she may often spend a lifetime searching for her identity, not realizing that it is she herself who has stolen it.

The positive side of this Queen is that she is incredibly compassionate, often empathic; she has a powerful intuition that she may try to squelch in her early years, fearing it.  She is a gentle mistress and a hopeless romantic.  Handle her with care.



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