Court Cards: Pages- The Messengers

Page of Pentacles

This messenger brings information dealing with money, one of this Page’s main concerns.  He can announce new endeavors and opportunities on the horizon, warn of impending disaster or bad decisions; as well as alert you to unforeseen complications, depending on the surrounding cards.

The Pages are also personalities and may represent people around you.  They are most often young people, or older people who lack maturity.

The Page of pentacles is most popularly portrayed as ‘the scholar’, a student; someone who is grounded, rooted, stable, hardworking and industrious, often serious in their demeanor.

The other side to the Page of pentacles is a complete contradiction.  This Page is the rebel, the bad boy, prone to getting himself into trouble through his own actions, decisions, addictions, and insecurities.  He may also be prone to violence and hostile confrontations.

Page of Swords

This Page deals with the mental, with communication, those things of the mind—study, learning, creative projects such as writing, composing, researching, philosophical journeys, and deep personal contemplation.

As a personality this Page tends to be quick-witted, often incredibly intelligent, unusually focused—almost obsessive.  The Page of swords is often an over-achiever, someone who climbs to the top of their class or their business very rapidly.

The other side of this Page reveals arrogance, often an inflated ego, someone with very little patience in dealing with others whom he feels are not his intellectual equals.  He often views himself as ‘superior’ to those around him, considers himself an expert on a variety of topics, which he very well may or may not be, but his long drawn out explanations will be a bit over the top, often driving people away.

Page of Wands

The Page of wands is concerned with the world of business and finance.  This Page will give you a thumbs up where new business ventures and decisions are concerned, or he will give you a warning when circumstances may not be quite right for new projects.  When this Page shows his face in a reading, watch carefully the other wands surrounding him; they will give you more information in greater detail.

As a personality, the Page of wands tends to be flamboyant, friendly, often leaning towards the dramatic.  He is spontaneous, industrious in spurts, very fast in taking up new interests and then abandoning them shortly afterward for no rhyme or reason.  This Page is also very creative but often lacks the drive to complete projects.

The other side of this Page is one that holds grudges for long periods of time, is short tempered with a sharp tongue, and tends to be brooding, morose, and often prone to periods of depression.

Page of Cups

This Page is the cupid of the messengers.  He’ll let you know when romance is going to enter your life.  The cards surrounding the Page of cups will reveal whether this relationship will prove to be smooth and stress free, or whether you’ll hit a few bumps and potholes along the road to true love.

As a personality, the Page of cups is dreamy, psychic, often energetic in a frenetic way, artistically creative, adventuresome, good-hearted, usually good-natured—when he’s not freaking out about something, and diligent about completing tasks.

The other side of the Page of cups is one of extreme impatience, a sharp tongue when irritated, a condescending attitude, and occasionally a lack of empathy for others.



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