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The easiest way– the only way— to learn the tarot is to dive right in and become familiar with the deck:  with the suits, with the court cards, with the major arcana.  Get the basics down, then spread your wings and explore; let that little voice in your head dance through the images and connect with your sub-conscious in a million little unique, perverted, and enlightening ways.

Follow the pages connected to “Tarot Tutorial” to do just that.  In this first tutorial we’re going to learn the division of the deck (Minor & Major Arcana) and just what this entails; then we’ll take a good hard look at each of the Major Arcana cards.  These are the cards of destiny, the big guns of the universe.  They can be daunting and more than a little intimidating in their enormous ability to hold our life up to a mirror for inspection and reflection.  The Minor Arcana, the suits, don’t exactly temper this awesomeness, but they add more detail to it…just where do the main issues lay, what course of action is available to you, what are the repercussions if you choose this direction, or that.  The Minor Arcana help us navigate life and make it a little less traumatic.

Tarot Tutorial Links:

Dividing the Deck: Major/Minor
The Major Arcana: In a Nutshell
The Major Arcana: In Depth
The Suits: In a Nutshell
Minor Arcana: The Aces
Minor Arcana: The Twos
Minor Arcana: The Threes
Minor Arcana: The Fours
Minor Arcana: The Fives
Minor Arcana: The Sixes
Minor Arcana: The Sevens
Minor Arcana: The Eights
Minor Arcana: The Nines
Minor Arcana: The Tens

(You’ll also find links to these pages listed in the right side-bar under “Pages”)

Source:  The information for this first set of tutorials is taken from my book,

“Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”


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