Minor Arcana: The Sevens

The sevens warn us, advise us, open us to unlimited options, and create a bridge from the world of the six’s to the world of the eight’s.  The seven’s can sometimes be a difficult road to traverse, filled with enemies, enmity, and confrontations; but it is also lit with the promise of material rewards and a future created by our own decisions.

Seven of Pentacles

This card speaks of tending the harvest, rounding up and hoarding that which you’ve worked for, solicitously guarding your pot of gold.

The seven of pentacles tells you to sit back and reap the benefits from all your hard work, yet it can also warn us not to take what we have for granted.  This card speaks of an old-fashioned work ethic, the advantages of saving your pennies.  Sometimes it warns us to save up for hard times, dry times, that figurative long cold winter of inactivity and starkness that may last but a season.

Once in a while, this down to earth card will disclose laziness, lack of ambition or direction, and occasionally impending unemployment.

Seven of Swords

The seven of swords speaks, more often than not, of deceit, thievery, someone close to you who should not be trusted or who means you harm.  It’s a card that seems to say, “I smell a rat close by.”  This individual may often appear in the guise of a friend or supporter, and is usually sly and secretive.  His/her diabolical plans are generally well thought out, and unless you are on your toes, he/she will succeed in pulling the wool over your eyes.

The seven of swords may also warn of losing something precious to you, not necessarily material items—though that’s what this card more traditionally refers to; but rather having something valuable yet intangible stolen—such as your reputation, your good name, friends—through sly manipulation, dark opportunities, back stabbing tactics, etc.  Any of these losses, whether physical or mental, may also lead to the greatest loss of all…your peace of mind.

Seven of Wands

When I see the seven of wands appear in a reading, it most often tells me that the querent has her back up against a wall, she is on the defensive, standing her ground, prepared for a battle if that’s what’s in the game plan.  The reason or reasons for this predicament can often be found in the surrounding cards, which can lead to solutions, so watch carefully.

On the other hand, this card will warn you when you’re not prepared for a confrontation.  The seven of wands will tell you when your footing is not solid, your battlement is weak, and your defenses are inadequate. This card may also, in conjunction with surrounding cards, show you an avenue of escape, an unexpected opening or path, or a resolution.

Seven of Cups

Decisions, decisions, decisions—this is the main crux of the seven of cups. This card opens a panorama of numerous possibilities, each one intriguing, sometimes cloaked in mystery, laced with doubt, or infused with promise.  Watch the cards surrounding the seven of cups carefully for clues as to what may be the ‘right’ choice, the simplest solution, or the doorway to something new.

In some readings this card may also warn of a disastrous decision, a path that shouldn’t be taken.  Again, the surrounding cards will give you clues to this warning.  Heed the reversed seven of cups—backup, slow down.  Don’t make a rushed or rash decision.  Let it simmer on the back burner for a while, and in the meantime, you may find yourself surprised by new insights that finally lead you to positive decisions.



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