Minor Arcana: The Sixs

The sixes have always struck me as ‘dreamy’.  In many of my readings they appear to be a form of transition between the five’s and the seven’s.  From these cards there is a flow of movement, from the swords and it’s watery images and connotations, to the cups and it’s feeling of nostalgia; a movement through time and manner, intention and circumstance.  From the strength of the wands to the promise of the pentacles, the six’s pave the way for that which is yet to come.

Six of Pentacles

Generosity, charity, doing so well that you can afford to pass some of your fortune around—this is the basic meaning of this card, and when it pops up in a reading, I know that the querent is usually comfortable financially, or is a naturally very giving person, no matter what the circumstances.  The six of pentacles can also mean that you are in for a financial boost, good things are coming, and your ship has come in, so to speak.  It can mean that now is the time to invest, to begin a new business/financial venture, or to splurge on something other people might view as frivolous.

On the other hand, in its reversed position, it may mean that you can’t hold onto your money.  Depending on the cards around it in a spread, the six of pentacles can also indicate the actual physical loss of something with great value—like your purse, wallet, a piece of jewelry, etc.  In some cases it has also pointed out the fact that someone is taking financial advantage of you and wringing you dry.

Six of Swords

This card can literally mean a voyage over water. It can also herald a divorce or separation, and movement—either literal movement, or a shift in opinion, ideas, beliefs, etc.  The figures on this card almost always have their backs to you; which strikes me as a ‘moving away’ rather than ‘moving closer’.

The six of swords also suggests overcoming terrific trials at incredible odds.  Think of it this way—six swords pierce the boat, and yet it does not sink.  Water also suggests psychism, dreams, clairvoyance, a sensitive, the maternal, the goddess, the west, sunset, and something coming to an end—be it the day, a season, a phase, a relationship, or a way of life.  This card sometimes reminds us that the course of our life is in our own hands.

Six of Wands

The six of wands is a card that smacks of victory, the victorious, acclaim, admiration and adulation, achievement, and full-blown in-your-face success.  At its best it tells me that the querent has risen to the challenge of meeting goals and ambitions.  At its worst—reversed, the six of wands warns me of an expanded ego, pompousness, conceit, and sometimes an obstinate nature.  The reversed six of wands shows failure, blocked paths to success, apathy, and a lack of motivation.

Sometimes the character on this card may view himself or herself in any of these positive/negative lights, or this may be how he/she is viewed by others.

When this card pops up in a reading, it may foretell of great potential in a querent and in their life, or a total lack of talent/drive/ambition needed to complete a project-in-progress.  The most positive thing about a reversed minor Arcana card is that it can be turned around—it will be totally up to the querent.

Six of Cups

Traditionally, this card speaks of someone from your past.  It can foretell the reappearance of this person into your life, and depending on the cards surrounding it, you may learn if this will be a positive or negative encounter.  The six of cups also looks at past decisions, and the cards around it may let you know if these decisions led you to the correct path in life.  It may also point you in a different direction than expected, relating to childhood experiences, attitudes, character and the people who influenced you most.

Sometimes the six of cups touches more deeply than the physical.  It holds a connection to ancestors, distant cultures, family secrets, and genealogy.
In the amazing world of intuitive reading, this card has announced a totally unexpected pregnancy, revealed to me a beloved pet belonging to a querent which has passed over, and highlighted decisions relating to an elderly family member and past inheritance.



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