4. The Suits: In a Nutshell


In a regular deck of cards:  diamonds
the element of earth
Season:  winter

money, cash flow, business, property, tuition, material and financial worlds, possessions, inheritance, real estate, wealth, material resources, talents, savings, training, education, study, profit and loss, giving and receiving, tangible reality, matter, the physical body, practicality, construction, results, financial security, domestic matters, emotional security, sensual pleasure, salt of the earth


In a regular deck of cards:  spades
the element of air
Season:  autumn

health, medical issues, emotions, relationship difficulties, conflict, obstacles and aggression, strife, tension, upset, struggle, hostile forces, communication, travel, powerful ideas, worries, important decisions, major choices, truth, justice, intelligence, foresight, sorrows, disagreements, pressure, boldness, courage, the mind, the mental aspects of life, thought, mental activity, reason, logic, detachment, moving on, separations, broken relationships, unkept promises, confusion, sarcasm, threats, danger, animosity, irritability


In a regular deck of cards:  clubs
the element of fire
Season:  summer

work, ambitions, business, property, enterprise, growth and development, the phallus, power, the spark of life, career, commerce, business opportunities, travel, work, negotiations, a busy time, new ventures, new projects, action, enthusiasm, energy, force, renewal, faith, bursting forth, passion, spirit, distinction, hope and ambition, winning and losing, games of competition, politics, desire for growth, inspiration, day to day matters, setbacks, ill health, sickness, surgery, cutting, overwork, accidents, death


In a regular deck of cards:  hearts
the element of water
Season:  spring

emotions, relationships, friends, marriage, creativity, moods, affections, love, caring, romance, relating, emotional problems, matters of the heart, the vagina, the womb, partnership, sensitivity, receptivity, feelings, imagination, sex, happiness, intuition, art, dreams, fantasy, visions, comfort, satisfaction, harmony, children, family, the occult, feminine mysteries, the feminine divine, fertility, regeneration



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