Farmers’ Guest House & Annie Lloyd Cottage

(*Note: You might want to turn the Youtube video on at the bottom of this post. It’s a recording by Billie Holiday, and it will lend itself greatly to the atmosphere found at this Inn– their theme is jazz.)

On our recent road trip, we spent one night in Galena, Illinois, at a 19th century restored Inn called “Farmers’ Guest House”. It was absolutely enchanting. The theme is jazz– we had a wonderful breakfast with the voice of Billie Holiday in the background. The house is gorgeous, filled with antiques and collectibles. No matter which way you turn there’s something beautiful to see, or something unique to catch your eye.

There was plenty of parking right across the street, and the whole area has a ‘vintage’ feel about it. Early September still found all the leaves green and lush.

This is just inside the entrance and the main staircase– there are two, one is private.

This was our room. Green is my favorite color, so this was just right. 🙂 I’m usually awake during the night, and this was no exception. The excitement of traveling probably doesn’t help. Placed in our room, on a lovely wooden tray, was a flowered journal and pen, and you were invited to leave your thoughts. So this is what I did, spending some time writing in the journal. When I was finished, I was sleepy enough to turn in.

I love this room!!

Our bathroom was lavender– I’m thinking, “Perfect”, right off the green bedroom– two colors that I love together.

Upstairs Hallways…filled with pretty things, vintage/antique objects and decor.

You can see the second staircase in this photo, which leads to the owners’ private living area.

This is the upstairs ‘Library’, filled with vintage board games, and we were told that we would find very early morning coffee here, for those of us early risers. I was the first one up, and I tiptoed into this room & fixed myself a large mug of coffee…

I took my early morning coffee outside to the terraced yard which rises above the house on the bluff.

The sun was just rising, and the nighttime temps had reached a low of 30’some degrees. I could see my breath & steam from my coffee cup. But it was surprisingly comfortable. I sat watching squirrels in the trees, and when something caught my eye, I turned my head to find a hummingbird suspended across the table from me, watching me intently. We made eye contact, and she remained for about another 4 seconds, then she darted away. I’ll bet I was out here over half an hour all by myself until hubby and our friends woke up.

(This photo was taken during the afternoon.)

This is a photo of the communal livingroom, looking out the east windows. There were endless movies and cd’s available to us, as well as muscial instruments, including a piano– and as the owner, Jess, said, “For those who can play, feel free to do so; and for those who can’t, feel free to try.”

Communal livingroom– west end.

The Dining Room

The dining room was an experience in itself. Here I caught myself in the mirror taking a picture of this beautiful buffet.

Below is the west wall…full of clocks.

This photo was taken, looking towards the east windows, right before we were served the most wonderful breakfast– with the sound of a woman’s smooth jazz voice singing softly in the background.

We probably spent almost two hours at the table, one by ourselves savoring the yummy homemade banana bread, beautifully served fruit dishes, omlets, coffee, and orange juice. As my girl-friend and traveling companion put it:

“I feel like a princess.”

And that about says it all.

The next hour we had a delightful time when the owners, Kathie & Jess, joined us for coffee. They are warm and inviting people with interesting backgrounds, stories, and experiences to relate– it was like icing on the cake.

All good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes, and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head for home.


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