From Casa Monteraine ~ It will be okay, it will be okay, it will be okay

Here’s the latest video tarot reading from Arizona, taped at our homestead Casa Monteraine.  This reading was a sh**t show, with high winds, my dog, trying to hang onto my cards, and just lots of fast and scattered energy about.  If you connect with this reading, my gawds, you were absolutely suppose to hear it!  Good luck… persevere and beware.

5 Things Women Over 60 Should Stop Doing

Hello and Greetings from sunny Arizona!… I’ve just discovered another remarkable lady @ YouTube!  I’m passing her on here to anyone who feels the connection:

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The 6s ~ from my book The Ultimate Tarot Guide

The 6s ~ To gain, to escape, to win, to rememberPentacles ~It’s all about embracing the gift of generosity. It’s learning to put someone else’s needs before your own. It’s also about learning to accept generosity gracefully.

Tithing, loans, gifts, gratitude, generosity, sharing, abundance

  • 6/Pentacles ~ With this card comes the willingness and ability to help those around you. The main gist of this card points to money and finances, of course, but it can go way beyond this. There is the idea of being honest, of dividing assets equally. “There’s more where this comes from”, the six of pentacles seems to be saying. But also… “Keep it fair”, and “”Don’t cheat”. With this card comes the wonderful feeling of no regrets.

Reversed: There may be people around you who are unscrupulous and more than willing to steal or cheat you out of money and possessions. There is also the idea of cutting down on spending, pinching pennies, and being wise and frugal with your checking account. With the six of pentacles comes the feeling of having all of your eggs in one basket, the idea of gambling, risk taking, the dare devil.

Personal Connection:
Throughout a life-time spanning several decades, six of them at this writing, I’ve experienced the six of pentacles up close and personal. As one friend put it, talking about her own family’s material and financial life, “It’s either feast or famine.” And that’s so true. You hear about people coming from dirt poor backgrounds, and then gaining millions of dollars through their determination, hard-work, and talent, only to lose all of it in one-fell foolish swoop, winding right back up where they started. Maybe there’s a lesson here, or maybe we’re reading way more into it than we should. Could this just be the universal natural law of things?

Swords ~ It’s all about movement and travel, moving on, moving away, beginning again.
Divorce, movement, travel,(especially across water)
Adventure, beginnings, independence, melancholy, being adrift

  • 6/Swords ~ This comes up so often when a divorce, separation, or familial estrangement surfaces. It’s also a card that may imply that it’s actually time to move on and that this may be a logical next step. And there is, indeed, the feeling of movement with the six of swords. Even when it means a severance of old ties, there is the tantalizing idea of new adventures.

Reversed: Relationships are up in the air, there comes with that the energy of indecision, tumultuous emotions, miss-communication, and a general “Mercury Retrograde” atmosphere. The six of swords reversed is telling you that, just like the boat on the card, you are straying adrift, possibly into dangerous waters, and definitely with no compass. There may be hidden sandbars below the water’s surface, or jagged rocks, all of which could be problematic for you.

Personal Connection:
This card has impacted my life in tremendous tumultuous ever transitioning ways, long before I even knew of its existence. Don’t be surprised when it surfaces amidst feelings of being adrift, feelings of confusion and upheaval, at times of nerve-wracking and upsetting changes. The water on so many variations of this card looks so calm and is so deceptive. No matter how many times I’ve found myself in this boat, peering over the bow, trying in vain to set a decisive course, I never realized that I would eventually come to shore and plant my feet on firm solid ground, with little or no navigation.

I think the connection with this card is faith.

Wands ~It’s all about winning, savoring victory, enjoying the accolades, and reaping the rewards of your effort.
Victory, victor, headiness, ego, minions, dignity, endurance, good sport, gracious defeat

  • 6/Wands ~ You ride victorious through the street (and life) feeling proud, accomplished, self-confident, and sometimes maybe even a wee bit egotistical or narcissistic. There comes the idea of elevation, and with that a lot of pressure placed around perfectionism and gaining someone’s approval. We all want to remember that a lot of people who find themselves on a pedestal discover that it is a solitary and very lonely place to be.

Reversed: Someone has gotten to the top, succeeded with an accomplishment, came out victorious, but they did so with the aid of shady tactics, or shady people, and it’s all rather tainted, if not a bit tarnished. There is the idea that someone at the top may soon suffer a big fall. There is also the weight of too much expectation, the weight of negative opinions, too much stress, and a lack of personal freedom or motivation.

My Personal Connection:
We all love those blazing glorious victorious moments in life, even if its in someone elses life. Maybe that’s why those musical talent shows are so popular right now. We experience this sensation vicariously when we watch some mousy nervous mundane individual take the stage, and then are stunned when the music begins and there is some magical humongous transformation of this individual, rousing the audience to a standing ovation, bringing the judges to tears. It’s a moment of victory, a personal moment of victory, yet one we get to witness and share.

I think the main thing here is that we have to realize how fleeting this high-lighted moment is, and that life will slip back into place and march forward quietly, with hardly a hiccup. Maybe the connection here is learning to accept that most of life will go unrecognized, unpraised, without making nary a mark on the world. And it’s this part of our existence that is the most important part, it’s this part we should cherish more than any other.

Cups ~It’s all about holding on to memories, looking back with a new perspective. it’s about being able to move forward using lessons learned from the past.
Nostalgia, wistfulness, childhood, connections, ancestors, memories, associations

  • 6/Cups ~ Our past will affect our future, this is a given. Sometimes this past encompasses our childhood and the relationships that tied us to family, and sometimes this past reaches back in history to previous life times, identities, and lessons learned. There is always a wistfulness with this card that idolizes our memories and idealizes our connections.

Reversed: For some unfortunate people, memories of the past may be haunting, slightly disturbing, or unsettling in some unique and very personal way. This card reversed also implies that someone may be hiding something from their past. There is the idea of subterfuge, mysteries, secrets, hidden agendas, and unfinished business.

My Personal Connection:
This card is one that connects closely for me, and one I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I have incredible childhood memories of my grandmother, my aunt, the Victorian house in the country, my beautiful room in the town house when we moved, my beloved pets, and soft quiet moments. I have feelings of being cocooned, protected, and safe. On the other hand, I’ve dealt with feelings of abandonment (my parents), the stressful feeling of being a child caught between custody disputes, realizing that I had no control over my life and major decisions in it, and that nothing was stable, solid, or secure. It had all been an illusion.

I have had to deal early on with feelings of being caught emotionally and physically between my grandmother and some strange twisted feud with my father. Somewhere along the way, the subject of this feud – me – was forgotten, and it was only the power struggle that was important to him. He was a man awash with the energy of revenge.

If this card is difficult for you, know that you’re not alone. This is the case for an overwhelming number of people, whom I suspect all have their own daunting stories.

SOURCE: my book, The Ultimate Tarot Guide for Your Personal Tarot Journey…

Spiritual Appropriation ~ It’s a conundrum for the American Melting Pot

First, for anyone who has not heard this term, this is the definition I’ll be addressing in this post… 

  • Spiritual appropriation (basic definition):

It is the act of adopting for worship spiritual deities and practices from a culture of which you do not share a blood line.  The act of adopting a spiritual path and practices that are not connected to your family and ancestors.

Right off the top, I’ll say that this topic is not one that I agree with.

I don’t believe that any human being has the omnipotent capacity to know how another human being should, or should not, connect with or interact with a deity, no matter from what culture of man it originated… How do you know a deity didn’t reach out to a particular human being instead of a human being reaching out to a particular deity?

I don’t believe it’s possible to contain and pigeon hole another person’s deeply held spiritual beliefs, or their desire and choice to view the spiritual world from their chosen perspective.  Spiritual appropriation is a man-made constriction.  Spirituality rises above humanity and it’s borders.

An example of the ludicracy of spiritual appropriation:  If this narrow marginalized view of spirituality were held true across the board for ALL spiritual paths, only Italians could rightfully practice Roman Catholicism.

For Americans, the idea of spiritual appropriation has a special colossal conundrum, one I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere, so we’ll mention it here.

As an American, I have no single connection to any one culture or ethnicity.  As an American, my bloodline and ancestors are a mystery filled with a multitude of cultural and ethnic connections — some known, but others not known.  For many of us, we’d have to take a DNA test to know exactly who are ancestors are, what story our bloodline has to tell.

With every set of grandparents, on both sides of my family, as far back as I can go, there will be new connections, new ethnic revelations, another link in the evolution of mankind and my heritage.

Personally, where do I begin?… German, French, English, Irish, Chippewa, Lakota Sioux.  This is only three generations.  I can’t begin to imagine the intriguing possibilities.  What else am I?  To what races, ethnicities, cultures do I share a bond?  What spiritual path am I to identify with?  What gods and goddesses walk with me?  What spiritual practices am I being called to embrace?

I’m an American.  I am a beautiful tapestry of human evolution and cultural integration.

Let my spirituality exemplify and honor this truth. 

Spirit knows me.

Elemental Invocations

Elemental Invocation
The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water…gather here, at the crossroads of reality, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, where time does not exist, where the past and future are one.

Touch me now, with all my senses, including those that rise above the mundane, so that I may feel your presence, feel your power, feel the essence of what constitutes your being.

You are, I am.

  • Earth…you are the soft and glossy fur of an animal beneath my hand; you are the agonizing pain of birth; you are the solidity of the ground beneath my feet.
  • Air…you are my first breath and my last; you are the spark of my creativity; you are the mental connection I maintain in this life with those I love.
  • Fire…you are the passion that fuels my enthusiasm and resolve; you are my instinct for survival; you are what compels me to leave common sense behind and unleash the instincts of the animal within.
  • Water…you are my visions and my dreams; you allow me to see past the physical world to other realms and possibilities; you are my second sight, my empathy, my connection to spirits that walk the earth.

You are, I am.

Touch me now, touch me now to light me from within, that I may feel, that I may grow, that I may see, that I may know.

The Shattered Soul

I’m reading D.J. Conway’s book, “By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism”. Within it I found a fascinating topic and the reason why some people are the way they are, why they seem to have to go through, or put themselves through, a “trial by fire”. It’s in a chapter called “The Shattered Soul”, pg. 167……

“Every shamanic culture teaches the value of what is called soul-retrieval. This practice is one of the least understood methods of shamanism. It does not mean, as the orthodox religions interpret it, total loss of the soul. Rather it recognizes that traumas, personal tragedies, illnesses, and crises can often shatter off a piece of the soul, leaving the individual feeling not quite all there. This feeling may well be the origin of the saying, “being beside one’s self.” This separation can open the body to illnesses, the mind to confusion and uneasiness, and the life to disorganization and disruption.

In the cases of comas and long periods of unconsciousness, the shaman may well have to retrieve a greater portion of the soul. In these instances, the soul may have withdrawn as a whole or have shattered into a myriad of pieces, each of which will have to be found and encouraged to return.

With the pressures and dangers of our present society and the state of the world, it is no wonder that a great many people are trying to function under conditions of partial soul-loss. They feel lost, out of it, not all there. They are constantly searching for something that they can’t quite put into words. They try to find it through drugs, alcohol, sex, frantic activity of work and play, and/or life-threatening pastimes, but nothing fills the void…”

D. J. goes on to explain just how you can recognize a shattered soul, and she also takes you through the shamanic journeys necessary for healing (the most important part of this chapter, in my opinion). The things to look for, those things connected with a shattered soul include:

  • 1. Chronic depression
  • 2. Difficulty with being “present” in the body
  • 3. Feeling numb or apathetic
  • 4. Trouble resisting illness
  • 5. Chronic illness as a child
  • 6. Memory gaps
  • 7. Addictions
  • 8. Frantically trying to fill life with external activities or people
  • 9. Difficulty getting your life back together after a broken relationship, loss of a job, death of a loved one, etc.

From Casa Monteraine… Revelations ~ Who’s telling the truth?

Here’s today’s video tarot reading taped at our Arizona homestead, Casa Monteraine.  It was already heating up when I taped this video early this morning.  We’re heading towards temps of 117 degrees… stay cool out there, stay safe!

The Tarot Parlour

Choose Your Goddess

The following information is an excerpt from my book, “The Spiritual Feminist”, which was written to connect us to the goddess, as well as to embrace matriarchal divinity and our journey through it as women of the goddess. This book is a celebration of feminine divinity, and our feminine experience in life. You will find links to 45 goddesses from around the world. Learn about them, embrace them, and allow their energy to change your life.

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First Time Authors ~ Tips for Marketing Your Book

Writing a book is the easy part, believe me.  The real grind will begin six to eight weeks before your book’s release date and continue for four to six weeks after your book has been released.  New authors may not realize that marketing your book is just as much hard work as writing it was, and that this process is an absolute vital necessity in order to sell your book successfully.

For some of the books I’ve written in the past eleven years, I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible publishing/marketing companies and publicists.  If you have a good editor and publicist, embrace them. They run a gauntlet for you. They are priceless.

For other books, I’ve run the independent race and did everything myself.  It is daunting, but it’s not impossible… remember that.  There are so many tips for marketing your book in order to reach as many readers as possible, and isn’t this why we write?  Here’s some teasers to a terrific article full of helpful information and tips.  

Happy publishing!

Source:  NY Book Editors
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Rituals ~ Wiccaning

A wiccaning is a ritual to present a child before the Goddess. You might say that it is an initiation into life, much like an initiation into witchcraft. The child is presented before divinity, blessed with the four elements and introduced to the powers that be; that these powers may recognize this child, acknowledge the child’s humanity and connection to the ancestors, and protect this child on his/her journey through life.

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