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A new series of free tarot lessons will launch Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

This is the beginning of an in-depth tarot study that will begin a series.  When all is said and done, this will be a book-length manuscript, but I am just not ready to publish another tarot book, so I’ve decided to post the lessons here, piece by piece, until I gather them together at a later date and offer them in bulk packages.  Feel free to print these lessons off and save them, maybe collect them in a binder.  The lessons in this Tarot Study will be posted on Tuesdays, hopefully every Tuesday for a while, but never-the-less, always on Tuesday. 

This is a work-in-progress.  There will be new material added continually, which may also include editorial modifications to posts already published.

The tags used for the first series will be: tarot study guide, major arcana study



The following study guide for both the major and minor arcana will include 1) short one-word descriptions of the cards based on traditional meanings; 2) in-depth interpretations of each card based on my personal intuitive interpretation, which might be laced with traditionalism and then again, it might not; 3) necessary introspective questions meant to guide you into interpreting each card personally and connecting it in your own mind by first impressions, personal connections, and details; as well as defining each card and how it relates to the most frequent areas of life touched on in actual tarot readings– relationships, financial circumstances, and health issues.

Do not be alarmed, dismayed, or discouraged if you run across a card, or cards, that you just cannot make a connection with. Think of learning the tarot like developing a relationship. Some people hit it off together right away and feel like old friends; you have to warm up to other people slowly, over time; and then there’s those complicated mysterious individuals that it might take a long time to figure out. That’s what it’s like becoming acquainted with tarot cards. I struggled for years with The Wheel of Fortune and Judgment, mystified by them, puzzled by them, frustrated by them; and for a while, I even nurtured an intense dislike of them. But just like those irritating complicated people you feel you could never be friends with– you learn something from them.

The Deck:

This book and the following tarot lessons are based on a standard tarot deck. By this, I mean that the major arcana cards will all be traditional to the Rider/Waite deck, and the suits of the minor arcana will have traditional court cards (King, Queen, Jack, Page). I recommend using the Rider/Waite deck for initial study, when all of this is new to you. And besides that, the questions and study guides in this book are all centered around the traditional cards. If you choose not to use the Rider/Waite deck, at least use a deck that still stays traditionally themed to this deck, within both the major arcana and the court cards.

There are so many decks out there with gorgeous artwork and a wide variety of inspiring and uniquely creative themes. I know– I collect them! Even so, it’s just easier when learning something new to stay with the basics. Once you get a handle on this and you have not only the traditional meanings and innuendos firmly in your mind, but you also have first impressions and corresponding information digested, and most importantly, once you’ve developed your own unique connection with the cards, then you can expand and experiment with different types of decks. It’s fun! Having said that, I’ve discovered that not all tarot decks lend themselves well for every aspect of tarot reading. I have certain decks that work well for me when doing readings for clients; other decks which I use only for myself; and decks that work best for meditations and other esoteric work.

Get a notebook ready. You’ll find plenty of questions throughout this study guide.  If you choose to print these lessons off, believe me, necessity and the itch to do so will compel you to start a tarot journal before it’s all said and done. Really. There’s going to be so much you want to write down, record, and save, so much more than just technical information about tarot cards. You’re going to wonder at the sudden rush of information, insight, and inspiration, and you’re going to wonder where all these gleaming revelations and inspiring messages are coming from…Believe it or not, they will be coming through You!

Major Arcana:

These are the Big Guns. The universe embellishes the major arcana with all the unique earth-shattering life-changing moments that hit us through this mortal journey. The major arcana is Spirit’s sucker-punch. It’s all those things we want to avoid in life, even those things that we really need to face, or those things that are inevitable. The Universe (and Life) grabs us by the hand and drags us down our path, kicking and screaming all the way. It can’t be avoided.  This makes it all sound scary, doesn’t it. Well, sometimes life is scary, just because it’s unpredictable, and some of the issues we face, or decisions we have to make, are daunting. But hopefully it won’t always be scary for us. We’ll have enough courage, common sense, and optimism to get through it all and come out on top…and that’s kind of where this little tool called “Tarot” comes into play.

Minor Arcana:

The suits are all the Small Details of life that keep everything running, not always smoothly, but they keep the flow going and that’s usually so much better than being at a dead standstill, because when the wheels stop turning, life tends to get stagnant. The minor arcana are like the Daily Picture of life, and the Court Cards are all the people filling up this daily picture. It can get pretty busy in there, and there’s usually lots of twists and turns, unexpected plots, and big decisions to make…and that’s kind of where this little tool called “Tarot” comes into play.

Rider-Waite Deck

The Major Arcana

Major Arcana/The Fool
Major Arcana/The Magician
Major Arcana/The High Priestess
Major Arcana/The Empress
Major Arcana/The Emperor
Major Arcana/The Hierophant
Major Arcana/The Lovers
Major Arcana/The Chariot
Major Arcana/Strength
Major Arcana/The Hermit
Major Arcana/Wheel of Fortune
Major Arcana/Justice
Major Arcana/The Hanged Man
Major Arcana/Death
Major Arcana/Temperance
Major Arcana/The Devil
Major Arcana/The Tower
Major Arcana/The Star
Major Arcana/The Moon
Major Arcana/The Sun
Major Arcana/Judgement
Major Arcana/The World

Minor Arcana/The Suits


The Court Cards:

Minor Arcana/The Suits~Ace-10

Tarot Spreads:


6 thoughts on “Tarot Study Guide

  1. Wow how the heck did I miss this before!! I love hearing how you had trouble with certain cards. I have read everything I can find on the Emperor and he stumps me every time. I had no idea it happened to others. It is so kind of you to share all this information at no charge

    • Thank you, Jamie! And thank you for stopping by!…There is a LOT of information that’s been packed into this blog over the years, and hopefully it will keep growing. Be sure to check carefully the MENU at the top of the right-hand column; hover over some of the titles because they have sub-titles attached to them. Be sure, also, to check out the section in the right-hand column titled “Blog Pages”, in case you’ve missed anything that may not be in the menu.

  2. I am so excited for this!!!!! Thank you for offering this for those of us that are interested, as much as I am! Blessings 🌻

    • You’re welcome, Heather!…Actually, I’m excited about these lessons myself– it’s been very enlightening for me to write these lessons, as it reinforces my own connection to the cards. I have so much more planned, once we get through the basics with each card, including a variety of tarot spreads to go through together; ideas are racing through my mind!

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