Command & Compel Spells

1. Commanding Oil
This is the basic recipe I use, from my own book of shadows, to create a Commanding Oil; and this recipe has worked successfully for me.

Items needed:
Herbs: calamus root and licorice root– other plants with strong commanding properties may include vetiver and bergamot, which is a good commanding herb for matters pertaining to finances
Oils: you can use as a base– olive oil, baby oil (unscented), or mineral oil; for a commanding oil of malevolent intentions, use castor oil

Combine and crush your chosen herbs in a mortar and pestle, add them to the oil. Either heat the oil in a pot just until you begin to smell the herbs, releasing their energy, and pour it into a jar; or add the oil and herbs directly to a jar and leave it sit beneath the sun or the moon for several hours.

It’s that simple.

2. Do My Bidding Spell
In order to get another person to bend to your will and do what you want, you will create a candle spell using Commanding Oil. You will, in essence, put yourself above your target, overpowering them magically, allowing the oil to do its work.

Items needed:
1. One black candle to represent your target
2. One white candle to represent yourself
3. Commanding Oil
4. 3 straight pins

Carve the name of your target on the black candle and anoint this candle with Commanding Oil. Insert three straight pins an equal distance apart about an inch from the top of the candle. Carve your own name on the white candle. You will situate these candles so that the white candle representing you is above the black candle representing your target. I’ve actually taken a small slip of paper and written on it exactly what I wanted the target to do, folding it and slipping it beneath the black candle.

You will situate these candles so that the white candle is positioned above the black candle. As the black candle burns down, the straight pins will eventually begin to fall, and as they do, so too, the will of your target will crumble.

Take the remnants of this spell and bury them in the earth.


NOTE:  After years of being inundated with blog comments and emails from people requesting spell casting, or wanting me to choose a spell for them, this has been added to the bottom of these spell pages. I hope this is helpful when it comes to knowing what to expect, and what you will receive. These FREE spells were placed here for anyone wishing to find a spell they can use on their own, instructions included.  These spells can all be found in my books (which are not free), and these pages and these spells can be removed at any time.

  1.  I do not cast spells for people.
  2.  I do not choose a spell for you.
  3.  My Candle Altar Services are not free.  They are also not expensive ($21.00 for a single candle vigil, and $61.99 for a triple candle vigil).

         The cost for this service covers the supplies I need to do it (candles, herbs, essential oils, cloth bag, shipping materials, and postage).  The cost for this service also covers my time (dressing the candles, burning the candles– for as long as it takes, creating the mojo bag, and a trip to the post office to mail it off)  My time is important to me.  My prices may change at any time, and I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone if I’m not comfortable with the vigil intention or the individual.

Here’s a link to my Candle Altar Service:



144 Comments Add yours

  1. lisal0710 says:

    What regular spices/herbs (that could be found regularly at home home) could I use for the command spell? I also only have canola/vegetable oil (I MAY have some baby oil somewhere)

    1. Alternate herbs would be ginseng (you can find this at the grocery store in the baking aisle with spices) and tobacco. *This info is courtesy of “Hoodoo Herb & Root Magic” by Catherine Yronwode.

  2. Lawmini says:

    Please how can i do the spell to win Nairabet/bet9ja or loto, to win huge money? I need your help at this point in time please

    1. I posted plenty of prosperity spells at this blog, you have to choose one for yourself and follow the directions. Why don’t you go to the page for “Money Spells”, follow this link: At the very least, use the correspondences and directions for #1 to get a candle going. If you don’t like doing this yourself, I do have a Candle Altar Service, but what you think of as prosperity and luck might be very different from what Spirit has in mind. There are no guarantees that you will win the lottery. For more info, follow this link:

  3. Catherine Delaney says:

    I did your spell and buried it when it was all done. I didn’t have commanding oil so I had to make the closet to it with I could get my hands on. Use castor oil, cloves, and allspice. charge this separately then together. I am getting commanding oil coming in mail. I took pictures if you would like to see results, so I can have your opinion.

    1. I don’t need a picture. It sounds like a pretty good concoction to me, perfect in fact, nice and spicy and strong. You don’t need my opinion, you’ll know if/when it works. Remember that it’s okay to repeat a spell to keep the energy going, and it’s okay to do other kinds of magickal workings in tandem with the original spell. I have a feeling you’ve got everything under control.

  4. Tee says:

    I did your bidding commanding spell however after reading through the comments I found that I was supposed to light candles using same flame would this be ok I’m learning.. also with your experience how long did it take to see movements what are the signs to look for

  5. kylie says:

    Can I have a spell to compell someone as in listening to me please urgent

    1. Hi, Kylie! I don’t whip up personal spells for people, but if you go through this online book of shadows, I’m sure you’ll find something that will work for you… These spells are all found in my books, and I chose to put them here as well so people would have easy access to them. You might want to look on the page “Spells for the Tongue”.

  6. Lisa says:

    When is the best time to do a commanding spell?

    1. When you need it. For a closer look at Magickal Correspondences, follow this link:

  7. bjay says:

    i want a spell to win soccer online gambling

    1. Then you’re going to want to Black Cat Oil, also known as “The Gambler’s Oil”. You can purchase oils at The Witch’s Corner, follow this link and keep scrolling down, you’ll see it:

  8. Samia says:

    Hey can you please tell me what I should do my problem is that my dad never even let’s me out of the house so I need to control him so he can give me some freedom. What should I do?

    1. Hello, Samia! You’ve omitted one very important piece of information — your age. If you’re under 18 years of age, my advice to you would be very different than if you are 18 or older.

      1. Samia says:

        Yeah I’m 16 but the problem is my dad is a but extreme he doesn’t let me even see my friends my best friends father just died and I wasn’t even allowed to go see her

        1. Sorry, I don’t give advice to minors. The good news is you won’t be 16 forever. For now, you’re living in Dad’s house, and you’re going to have to abide by Dad’s rules. Things that will help you deal for now: 1) having good solid clear communication between the two of you; 2) the ability to stay calm and rational during difficult discussions; 3) having empathy to see his side, ’cause someday you may be a parent and find yourself in your Dad’s shoes; 3) patience, lots and lots of patience… Magickally, burn candles loaded with intentions for peace and harmony. Those two things will bring everything else into focus.

          I guess this is advice after all, isn’t it. 🙂

  9. Viviane T Beck says:

    How do you position the white candle above the black? My understanding is that you light both candles?

  10. Viviane T Beck says:

    How do you position the white candle above the black candle. My understanding is you light both candle at the same time? Please confirm.

    1. Peg says:

      I’ve put the white candle on a small pedestal such as an empty votive glass flipped upside down or tea light container flipped and yes…light both candles with same flame of a wooden match stick. Light white (self) candle first for the greatest energy within and remaining flame energy for the disappearing power of the target.

      Blessed Be & Merry Part.

    2. Sit the white candle on an over-turned jar, or some other object that will work as a solid safe platform for your candle.

  11. tree says:

    Hello, what is the best moon phase to perform this spell thank you! 🙂

    1. Moon phases, among other correspondences and info, can be found on this page:

  12. Angel says:

    I was wondering if you can do the spell for me im new at this and really need some help I can email you the problem with real name’s

    1. No, I don’t do the spells for people. I do offer a Candle Altar Service from my website, The Witch’s Corner. For more information, follow this link:

  13. Olies says:

    And I’m refereeing to the commanding and compelling spell

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