PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ 6 scenarios

In this video, the cards do tell…

1) Love offer
2) The rash decision
3) The procrastinator’s consequences
4) Two suitors compete
5) Two women in opposition
6) Harsh words, troubled waters

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The Giver & The Taker ~ there needs to be a break in this pattern

There’s so much going on in this reading, I actually don’t know where to start. Basically, you’re going to have to watch this video to see the full story unfold. If you identify with any of the darker aspects of this reading, seek help, talk to someone. If you recognize someone who reflects the darker aspect of this reading, reach out to them. 

*Suicide & Crisis Hotline: 988 

*National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

Tarot & Spirituality ~ three scenarios, which one is yours

Today’s general reading covers three very specific scenarios, which one do you scenario(s) do you connect with? 

  • someone has been waiting for so long, they need to decide if it’s time to stop 
  • this dreamy spacey king is going to have to get a grip 
  • the bickering and nitpicking in this dysfunctional group is going to lead to no where

What to do about it — if anything

So, did anyone connect with one or more than one of the scenarios that came up in this reading… 

  • the issue of secrets and deception;
  • a lack of progress in a situation;
  • a new love interest coming in;
  • someone in your circle who is not willing to negotiate or compromise;
  • the individual that’s taking off on an unwise journey back to their past;
  • and then, the issue of financial matters that are not being wisely handled.

Today’s spread is called the “Crazy Brain Spread”. There’s a total of three questions/positions for this spread, and there’s a number of cards pulled for each. In today’s reading you’ll find six different scenarios. For some of you, more than one scenario may resonate.

Tarot Spread ~ One Question Spread

At a certain point in this video, I give you a moment to formulate the one question that you want answers to. Even though this is a general reading, I’m sure that many of you will be surprised at the results. That’s just the way the tarot rolls. I have opened up comments for this video at YouTube. Let’s see how closely this reading resonated with you.

Tarot Spread ~ The Road to Closure

When this spread was randomly brought up — I didn’t want to do it! I had a weird feeling about it right off the bat. At first I thought it might be because I have no connection with it, but once I started the reading I realized that the opposite was true, there was too much of a connection. So, for all of you out there that are looking for “closure”, let’s figure this out together.

*EDIT: after watching this video, I had a thought… Is the “negative pattern of repetitive behavior” our own, is this someone else’s negative pattern of repetitive behavior IMPOSED upon us?

An Unexpected Opportunity ~ close your eyes and be still

  • Ace/wands

There is an amazing (and perhaps unexpected) opportunity that has presented itself to you.  You might find yourself engulfed in thought and speculation about this, going over all the “what ifs” and endless possibilities that come with this opportunity.  You’re spending a lot of time dwelling on it, but that’s okay, because the decision you make could be life altering. 

The cards say, “Close your eyes and be still.  You have a “gift”, so use it now… what do you see?”

Follow your intuition, your gut instinct, that little voice in your head.  They all speak the truth.

  • The Hierophant

You find yourself laughing at the synchronicity of it all.  The opportunity you so wished for, so longed for, maybe thought would never present itself, and there it was, all the time… following you as you traveled through daily life.

  • The Hanged Man

You find yourself mentally stretching and languishing in the new-found sense of freedom that has presented itself to you… through this opportunity, no doubt.  There is a sense of freedom from prior obligations, a new-found sense of freedom from personal restrictions.

Life feels free flowing, spontaneous, magical, and absolutely sound and stable all at the same time.

You find yourself in a place where your mind, your thoughts, your creativity has no limitations and expands to fill the universe around you.  This is a tremendous period of growth on so many levels.  Wisdom approaches, gives you a nod of recognition and a sly smile.  “Once you know, you can never unknow,” he says.

  • Eight/pentacles   

In the end there is a new purpose, new work, new goals, a new focus.  This all sends you in a new direction, on a new journey, towards more exploration and a far distant future horizon.  What you see in the distance is your destiny.

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    Tarot Parlour Podcast ~ Don’t be rushed into a decision

    Today’s reading is full of on the spot intuitive perceptions and advice. Welcome to Arizona and my home. In the quiet, amidst the calls of birds today, we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, personal connections, decisions, and life. If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find it too.

    Tarot Video ~ life is rushing at you

    There is a new tarot video up @ my YouTube channel, it runs about 20 minutes, and it’s filed in the “Desert Readings” playlist because it’s an early morning (or in this case late night) reading that’s done Off-Camera. You’ll love the candles though. I reveled in the darkened room and dancing light. Enjoy the reading, and I hope you make a tarot connection…

    Your Daily Cards ~ updated @ The Witch’s Corner

    I Updated “Your Daily Cards”, found in the right side-bar at The Witch’s Corner, if you’re viewing on your phone, you need to click on “view web version”

    click HERE


    Welcome, visitors, to The Witch’s Corner. The reading found here is created specifically for this space and for you. If you have stumbled upon this humble little sidebar and this reading, be assured that it was Spirit’s intent that you find it.

    The cards: King/swords; The Empress; 4/cups; 9/wands; Temperance (the deck, Vintage Tarot)

    And the story continues ~ there is a definite change of plans for an unexpected future

    Yesterday I laid a group of cards and got the frame work for their story, you’ll find that here, in this blog post:

    These Cards Need Time to Flesh Out Their Story

    The story continues to unfold:

    There’s someone who’s been very focused on a specific very complex and involved goal, so much so that they sort of have tunnel vision about it, this goal possibly centers around education and work.  They know that they need this kind of focus and dedication to make this happen and reach this new plateau.

    What’s happened, or about to happen in their life, is totally unplanned, it’s not something they intended to happen or even thought about at this point in time.  This is just something that the universe sort of drops on them unexpectedly, something totally out of the blue.  (Cupid does that, you know, you have no intention of meeting anyone, or falling in love, or becoming involved, and then — bang — there you are).

    There’s still the idea of something happening very fast, accelerated energy all around, a whirlwind still; and this time the cards are telling me that this is all driven by passion, and someone speaking their truth, either to someone else, or to themselves, or to both.  It’s an “aha” moment of clarity and realization.

    And this does indeed change everything.  The future is spinning, realigning itself; there is a change of plans.

    There’s still lots of decisions to be made, but the cards are telling me that they’re no longer being made for one person by one person.  These plans involve two people now.  Groundwork is being laid for the future.

    The Anatomy of a Tarot Reading

    My Notes & Scratchings (automatic writing):


    Someone “at the top” or “behind the scenes”.

    One part of a couple attempting to move on from a relationship, the other partner trying to hold them back.

    The Tower (reversed):

    Causing a fiasco, or directing a fiasco.

    It upended something previously stable.

    He’s good at manifesting what he wants/He’s good at making you believe he can manifest what YOU want.

    Ten/wands (reversed):

    Either feeling no sense of responsibility, or avoiding or passing off responsibility.

    Contact and interaction with him will lead to huge and unexpected changes in your life.

    The Magician & Death

    Someone is working so hard to manifest change, and someone else is trying so hard to hold them back.

    This is the tale of a couple, most likely a married couple that is no more.  The cards don’t tell me specifically about their life together, because that’s no longer the point.  What’s past is water under the bridge.  The point is the here and now, the point is their separation, or their divorce, and the energy and interactions that are happening as we speak.

    One party is calmly trying to pick up the pieces and move on constructively, in anticipation of building a new life with new beginnings and new opportunities.  There is a hopeful feeling of looking to the future, an excitement about new things “right around the corner”.  This individual is infused with the bright energy of “happiness in the face of great change”.  The ultimate optimist.

    The other party to this couple is seething, angry, steeped in jealousy, regret, the loss of control.  This person is not looking to the future but is stuck in the past, thinking over all the “what if’s”, seeking vainly for answers and miracles that could fix what’s broken, looking for ways to keep their former partner in a state of limbo.  And in this energy, this person feels they can keep the future at bay.  They seriously believe this.  It feels so dark, so dark that it goes beyond the idea of a pessimist.

    The cards are giving me this advice:

    To the optimist:  detach completely from your former partner, their connection is poisonous and will only prevent you from rebuilding your life and finding new happiness.  Focus on YOU.  Focus on your plans and goals and dreams, and make practical preparations to carry you through to all these things.  It’s okay for you to be happy.  It’s okay for you to feel positive about your future, as you should.  Leave all negativity behind and follow the sunshine… you deserve it.

    To the King of Pentacles:  seek therapy.  You need to talk to someone.  You need to talk to someone to regain a healthy focus on your life and the situation that you’re in now.  You need to talk to someone who can help you work through all these negative feelings that will hold you back and prevent you from building a new and healthy life for yourself.  You need to talk to someone who can teach you how to get in touch with positive energy.  You need to leave the darkness behind… and you need to leave your former partner alone.

    Are you going to keep up appearances, or follow your heart?

    I thought this was going to be three separate readings on three separate topics for three separate individuals out there, that’s what I thought. Spirit — and the cards — had a different idea. I was amazed as these three readings unfolded and a definite theme emerged; it was obviously a story aimed at one individual with a definite question that needs to be addressed. So, I combined the three taped readings into one video. And the question remains: Are you going to keep up appearances, or are you going to follow your heart?

    So Personal ~ At the end of the day…

    The cards are being very precise and personal this morning and focusing on an issue that is very close to the heart.  I have no idea who this reading is for, but I also have no doubt that you will definitely know if it is you.

    At the center of this situation is an older male, feels like a father or father figure, and a younger individual, could be either male or female, but my feeling is that there is a deep familial connection between these two, and it isn’t always smooth.  Much head-butting and arguments here, but then, they feel incredibly alike, so that’s understandable.

    At the center of the latest confrontation lay:  1) a decision and 2) a new relationship that has some pitfalls and drawbacks, or baggage, connected to it 3) big changes, or something coming to a completion — or both.

    So, younger person, are you going to listen to the pros and cons (probably mostly cons) from your elder?  And elder, are you going to listen to the pros and cons (probably mostly pros) from your young person?

    I feel that the important issue in this group of cards is not the new relationship or any final decisions being made about it; the important issue is the relationship between father and child.

    Spirit is advising that you do not let decisions and disagreements (and stubbornness) in this physical world of man destroy a soul connection that is eternal.

    • To the elder:  their decision may be a mistake (and it may not be), but if it is they will learn from it and move on.  This may be something that they are suppose to experience in order to learn and progress.
    • To the youngster:  it’s difficult being a parent and setting free the small child (that you will always be in their mind and memory) and allowing them to go down a path that they feel is wrought with difficulty.  All parents want to spare their children from experiencing unpleasantness.

    At the end of the day, give each other a hug and persevere.

    One of Life’s Lessons Learned ~ good job!

    Someone has been so thrown for a loop over a significant change in their life:

    You didn’t have all the facts, or you most definitely weren’t expecting the tumultuousness of it all.  You might even feel a bit of betrayal, as though someone was keeping something from you, or perhaps even twisting the facts to their benefit, to make their argument stronger, more convincing.

    At this point, you may be wishing that you’d taken more time to think it over, or you may be wishing that you had not undertaken this change in the first place, or done it so quickly, or been so naively trusting.  But it’s too late now to retreat.  The best that you can do is find your voice to make your feelings known — loud, and clear, and honest.  The best that you can do now is face the individual that was not forthcoming with all the facts and pin them to the wall with your own knowledge and the pivotal points that you have uncovered through your own research (this is going to be necessary, you know that). 

    With all that said, you’ll come out of this wiser, with more self-confidence, and with a keener insight into human nature.  This is one of many life lessons that were waiting for you here, on the physical plane, and there will be more to come.  You’re learning how to handle difficult situations and people, how to dig up pertinent and solid information, and how to confront someone who is not being honest — good job!

    Second Chance

    You didn’t get a chance to complete something in life, so the universe is going to give you another go around, another chance.  This time it would behoove you to recognize this chance, to meet the demands and the work and the energy head on, face to face.

    The first time you gave this a go (and it feels like so many possibilities, because this is a general reading:  I’m getting a relationship; I’m getting something in the intellectual field; I’m getting something very personal, that is keeping itself hidden from me; and I’m also getting something that was/is pivotal to your adult life and how you live, or how you want to live); anyway, the first time you gave this a go, there was a giant mis-step.

    At the end of this experience, or shall we say the second time around with this experience, you will be successful.  Some of you may be mildly successful and possibly view the outcome as rather anticlimactic after all these years of wishing for another try.  There are others who will be over-the-top ecstatic and elated at the feeling of completing something, doing something successfully, or reviving something that you thought was lost forever.

    9 cards ~ lots going on here

    So, I’ve basically spent this lazy hot Sunday wrestling with Microsoft word doing final edits on my ninth book.  I’m actually tired, it’s almost like it was a physical wrestling match rather than a pitting of my wits against technology. But after a nice cold beer, very refreshing, and some calm moments at the dining room table with my new tarot deck, I feel ready to take a look at the cards and see what all they have to say to us —  nine cards, that is.  Here we go…

    • 1.  There is someone who appears to have lost their equilibrium as well as their identity and their honest sense of self because they’re so over-burdened by something in their life it has taken over.  If this is you, what has thrown you for such a loop?  How did you get to the point where you just accept it without question?  What would it take for you to ground yourself and find your center?  What would it take for you to put down the load you carry, or delegate some of this responsibility?  
    • 2.  There is someone who is really stuck in their ways; I mean they hate change with a vengeance, and boy are they fighting it.  If this is you, how long has this struggle and resistance gone on, and how long do you think you can keep it up?  Transformations are never easy, and you are only going to make it more difficult and more prolonged if you remain resistant.  Most people around you only see a very stubborn and illogical person when they look at you, but I see someone who is terrified of this change.  I see someone who is struggling to keep their peaceful and consistent world around them unchanged.
    • 3.  There is someone who is facing a financial question, or dilemma, or change.  If this is you, know that you have two really good offers coming in.  These are sound financial opportunities, both from reliable sources, and they both have good intentions behind them… but (there’s always a but), the cards are telling me that you should choose:  1)  the older individual making this offer; 2)  the older more established institution making this offer; 3)  the individual that’s been aware of and working on this situation the longest.
    • 4.  There are two individuals who couldn’t be more opposed or opposite each other.  The cards tell me that because of this stubborn opposition and the fact that neither one of you will back down and compromise, you might never reach a satisfying and happy conclusion.  Do you really want to stand there with your feet dug in, expending so much energy to hold your position?  It’s making me tired just looking at the cards, you both must be exhausted, and when you keep something like this up, you miss out on a lot of happiness that passes you by.  The cards tell me that there is a happy ending in sight, really, there is.  The question is, which one of you is going to take the first step towards respectful negotiation?
    • 5.  This is a hard one.  It involves a great transition, and it involves a very humble starting over.  Someone may actually be starting over minus an influence in their life that gave them much encouragement and positive direction.  It involves something so life altering that I, for one, would have to draw more cards on this situation.  It looks like someone is going to learn independence the hard way, by being thrown into the midst of life, expected to find and stand on their own two feet.
    • 6.  There is someone who’s done more than their fair share for so long.  You’ve just about worn out your shoulders from the burdens and responsibilities that other people have expected you to carry, and you’ve done this for so long — and quietly, without complaint.  It’s going to be a total shock to the people who have benefited from this when you literally throw off those shackles and discover new found freedom.  The cards tell me you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your life first, really, you’ve done more than enough.  The thing I’m curious about, what’s it going to be that prompts you to do this?  It looks like it’s something really — really — big.

    A Saga

    • First impression

    Someone has given you a long laundry list of rules, do’s and don’ts, too many to take in.  The cards tell me that this is a very demanding individual, one that feels entitled and is use to getting their way.  I don’t see you acting on all these demands; but I do see someone standing near your shoulder, whispering wise counsel in your ear… this is either a family member, friend, confidant, or a loved one who has passed and still wants to look out for you.  

    • The story

    The cards tell me that there once was a situation that felt fairly happy and normal, but things have changed.  There now appears to be a setting where everyone is doing their own thing and no one seems to be thinking about how this will affect the family unit as a whole.  While half of the clan run amuck, there are two individuals so caught up with their own drama they are completely oblivious to the chaos around them… except for one person, so it seems, and this individual has had enough.  They will be making an exit, stage right.

    The cards tell me that this individual has become disillusioned, frustrated, and simply does not know what else to do to cope.  So their solution is to simply leave. (I have to wonder, amidst all the hubbub and noise and confusion, will anyone notice their absence?)

    The bottom line for this scenario is that you can’t get rid of burdens so easily… anxiety, worry, indecision, melancholy will all be there, this individual will just be wallowing in them in their own solitary little world.

    • The advice

    To the noisy self-absorbed people in this story — shut up and listen.  To the couple who are so wrapped up in themselves they aren’t paying attention to anyone around them — maybe you need some time apart, this sounds more like myopic obsession than love.  To the individual who leaves the sinking ship… if you are not able to move forward while leaving this chaos cleanly behind you, go back and make some noise, find  your voice, stop suffering in silence, knock a few heads together (figuratively) because it appears you’ve never done this before.  It’s long overdue.