Live In-House Tarot Readings Coming Up!

FRIDAY, MARCH 31ST, 3-7pm ~ I'll be giving Tarot Readings at Next Millennium (3141 N 93rd St) in Omaha. The readings are $20.00 for 15 minutes. The shop closes at 7pm, so I won't start a reading after 6:45. Be there early and SIGN UP for your spot! What's in the cards for You?

Featured Tarot Reading for March ~ The Pentagram Spread

 Tarot Spread Featured for March #1 The Pentagram Spread 1. this is where you came from 2. this is where you are going 3. this is what is difficult for you 4. this is what makes sense 5. this is your ultimate goal Audio Reading PENTAGRAM SPREAD $15.00 Follow this link to purchase Your Reading! … Continue reading Featured Tarot Reading for March ~ The Pentagram Spread

UPDATE ~ Free Reading, “Pick-a-Card”

Hello, World! ...the free "pick-a-card" readings have been updated, and this month they are in video format, with Time Stamps.  I loaded this video directly to The Tarot Parlour, so you'll have to follow this link to view them: Enjoy!  

Double Dreams ~ Anyone care to Interpret this?

The other night, on my way to see a movie with my daughters, I told them about my dream the night before.  One of my daughters was intensely excited when I told her that I had a disturbing dream the night before because she said she did too, and she wanted to compare them.  As I … Continue reading Double Dreams ~ Anyone care to Interpret this?

February ~ It’s All About LUV!

Hello, Readers! February is on the horizon as I type this, and with it Valentine's Day.  This is the month devoted to love and relationships, and there's lots of ways to celebrate it, look into it's energy, cast spells to draw it to us, or peek through the universal doorway to the future and see … Continue reading February ~ It’s All About LUV!

Zodiac Tarot Readings ~ Changes Comin

I won't go into all the details here...because video taping my explanation is a lot less work than typing it all out! But there will be changes in HOW I tape the zodiac tarot readings, WHEN I tape the zodiac tarot readings, etc. The "IN-DEPTH" readings that you've been seeing since Dec 2016 for the … Continue reading Zodiac Tarot Readings ~ Changes Comin