The Witch’s Corner ~ May Magick!

"...Thank you to all the people who sent me their true Ouija Board Experiences! It was fascinating hearing about what you went through and how it has affected you. I enjoyed reading your stories, and I'm betting the viewers will enjoy hearing them! Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to send them … Continue reading The Witch’s Corner ~ May Magick!

A Few Magickal Things

             Yes!  This is MY cup of apple cider. It's in the mid-to-upper 40s here this morning; and even though it's a bit chilly, that didn't stop me from going outside on the back porch in nothing but my nightgown to get some cold apple cider from the kettle-that-is-way-too-big-for-the-fridge. It was exhilarating! (both the cold … Continue reading A Few Magickal Things

Woman Speak

My Google Hangout: Woman Speak Premiering: FRIDAY, January 9th, 3pm-3:30pm CST My Google Profile: Explore the world of women, witches, and pagans on a variety of levels at Woman Speak. Reconnect with The Goddess. Find healing, empowerment, and sisterhood through Matriarchal Divinity. The topics are pagan, occult, new-age, paranormal, and supernatural. The topics will … Continue reading Woman Speak

Crystal Healing: Balancing the Chakras

Balancing the Chakras The stones I prefer to use for this process includes:  Hematite—root chakra Carnelian—sacral chakra Citrine—solar plexis Rose quartz—heart chakra Blue lace agate—throat chakra Sodalite—third eye Amythyst—crown chakra   Make sure the recipient of this charka balancing session is reclining comfortably.  Place a small pillow under their head and one beneath their knees … Continue reading Crystal Healing: Balancing the Chakras