Magickal Connections

Tarot & Witchcraft ~ with author, Amythyst Raine

BOS: Spells

Book of Shadows ~ Spells:

Banishing Spells
Beauty Spells
Breaking the Spell
Candle Spells
Command & Compel Spells
Court Case Spells
Health & Healing Spells
Hexing, Cursing, Binding Spells
Love Spells
Mojo Bag Spells
Money Spells
Protection Spells
Spells for the Tongue
Spells to Summon
Tarot Magick: The Queen’s Oils

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Source: The source for these spells are my books– “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”; “Tarot for Grownups”; “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”; & “Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”.  You’ll find links to purchase these books by going to “My Books” in the blog menu.

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9 thoughts on “BOS: Spells

  1. NOTE ~ All of the links above have a new home and a new URL.
    The Witch’s Corner has moved to:

    You’ll find all of the information (and more!) at the new location…magickal merchandise and curios, information on all kinds of magickal topics, personal journal entries from my dream journals, paranormal journals, etc. Info on the elements, chakras, and more.

    Be sure to check it out.

  2. Sorry for leaving so many comments at once, but how come you have no coming of age rituals on your rituals page? And which tarot card symbolizes this?
    Thank you.

    • Don’t be sorry about leaving comments!– ever 🙂 You will find a Croning/Eldering ritual on my website, The Witch’s Corner, at this link:

      In my book, “The Spiritual Feminist”, you’ll find a ritual for First Menstruation, celebrating the passage from Maiden to Mother.

      I really hadn’t thought about any particular tarot card linked to a coming of age ritual. But that’s an excellent idea.

  3. Oh, and forgot to mention, I love your book of spells…. some of the spells are completely unique.

  4. Can you please upload more tarot magic? The queens’ oil spells were amazing. How is the queens’ oil actually made?
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Fontess!…The Queen’s Oils are made just like all the other magickal oils, with ingredients that are connected through correspondences to specific energies. I will most certainly try to post more “tarot magick”!

  5. I was looking at UR jewelry and saw this beautiful ring for sale but every time I tried to click on it, it would not load. It was a Pink Alpaca Silver Ring… If u still have it or more I can look at I would love to purchase 😍 thanks so much for all that you do!

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