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Court Case Spells

1. Basic Candle Spell & Correspondences
Day: Thursday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: Jupiter
Moon Phase: waxing to bring something to you; waning to send something away
Color: purple (power), brown (justice), green (for money issues)
Herbs: for the energy of Jupiter– cinnamon, nutmeg, sage; for legal affairs– marigolds; for justice– bay; to fight false accusations and testimony– slippery elm
Oil: Commanding Oil, or court case oils
Powders: Drawing Powder– to draw something to you; Banishing Powder, to send something away
Incense: sandalwood; for more aggressive magic– patchouli
Stone: tiger eye
Number: 8
Letters: H, Q, Z
Symbols: The rune ‘thurisa’– neutralizes your enemies and protects; Earth– protects the person whose name you write within; Odin’s Cross

The most basic court case candle spell is as follows:

1. Get yourself the appropriately colored candle for your situation. Hold this candle in your hands and charge it with your intentions– and this is one of those times you might want to be extremely specific.

2. Carve upon this candle those symbols, names, amounts, or dates that may be pertinent to your case. Dress this candle with the oil you feel will do you the most good– and it may not be just those listed here, and then roll the candle in a combination of the crushed herbs.

3. You can write out your desires for the type of outcome you’re looking for on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of this candle. Allow this candle to burn itself out and then bury the remains of this spell off your property to send something away; bury it on your property to bring something to you.

2. Magical Options for Legal Spells
If money is your issue, make sure you use money in your spells, whether you feel compelled to burn it, bury it, or throw it in a stream of running water.

If someone’s negativity or bad behavior is playing a large part in your legal situation, pull out the big guns and bind them– with knot magic, poppets, Commanding Oil and spells, or anything else it takes to put you in charge and help you regain control.

If the judge in your case is the one making the final call, target him/her, going right to the heart of the matter to manipulate the outcome.

3. Beef Tongue Court Case Spell
This quaint little spell is steeped in hoodoo tradition, and if you are squeamish, it could be a bit of a challenge. I have actually had the pleasure of using this delightful twisted magical gun when I was going through the legal proceedings of a nasty divorce and had reached the point where I’d had enough. Of course, right in the midst of the best part of the spell, our neighbor lady knocked on the backdoor. My girls practically bowled her over to keep her out of the house so I could finish the job. This spell will work for you, I can tell you this from personal experience, so stick with it and see it through– make the gray witch proud.

Items needed:
1. A raw beef tongue (You should be able to find this in the meat department of your local grocery store.)
2. Several slips of paper and a pen
3. Pins and needle and thread
4. A strip of red flannel cloth large enough to wrap up the tongue
5. Cayenne pepper
6. Four Thieves Vinegar

Make sure you have a decent place to work where you’ll have plenty of room to spread things out and get comfortable, this may take a while.

1. Begin by writing the names of the judge, the attorneys, adversaries, witnesses, anyone connected to your case who may have a negative impact or influence upon it or you on these small slips of paper– one name per slip!

2. Using a sharp knife, cut small slits into the beef tongue– a slit for each slip of paper.

3. Insert one name paper into each slit.

4. Sprinkle the tongue with cayenne pepper and Four Thieves Vinegar.

5. Close the slits in the tongue with straight pins, or do what I did– sew the slits shut with needle and thread.

6. Wrap the tongue in red flannel and place it in your freezer while the court case is in progress. When you’ve reached the end of this ordeal and all is said and done, remove the tongue from your freezer and bury it in the earth.

69 thoughts on “Court Case Spells

  1. Hello Amythyst,
    i am so glad that i came across this site. i have a serious issue going on with divorce. i think hell must be what i am going through now or atleast close to it. Mental trauma, cant think of anything else except how and what else to do to get rid of this.
    while looking for some ray of hope i came across your page. very glad i did. i want to try the Beef Tongue thing but in the place i am it is very very very hard to come by a beef tongue. is there any alternative for it? can i use anything else?

  2. I meant to add that this is a wonderful website. Thank you for providing so much information here. I just bought your tarot reading book, and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  3. So heartbreaking to hear these stories. So unjust… I’m considering the beef tongue spell for my own situation with custody and court. I’m really curious about what your results where?

  4. 4 of my children were taken by the state and my oldest was given to my ex, who is a pedifile. I am new to muchof this but I am strong in faith of the Divine. I have no doubt about the results a strong prayer or spell can bring. All of my children are straight A students who excel in many extracirricular activities. They all suffer daily now, longing to come home. Does anyone know of anything else that can help me? Our next court date is September 23, 2017. Please keep my family in your prayers and meditations. I am keeping everyone seeking help here in mine. So much Love to every one of you struggling. I swear I won’t forget you in my daily meditations.

  5. So I read the page and what I need is for Everytime they bring my name up in court for the judge to stop being so negative and rule in my favor. I have a pretty good idea of what to do but if you have any added suggestions I would gladly accept.

    • I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you, but I just wanted to say that it makes my heart sore to know that I’m not the only one in a situation like this. I will keep you in my prayers and meditations.

      With Love

  6. hi my name is kizzie Broxton my son name is torrey blount he going to court august 3 an im trying my best for it all can go away I have court comimg soon myself in another case how I go by getting help I need plz.

    • Hello, Kizzie! Good luck on your upcoming court cases!! What you can do magickally is to scour this page for a spell that suits your situation, and then follow it through by following the directions and casting it. On a mundane level, seek a good counsel. If you can’t afford an attorney, look into lawyers in your area that will work on cases pro-bono for people who need legal help and can’t afford it.

  7. My issue isn’t the normal court case but it is legal in a way. I am trying to find the best herbs to use in a spell to make sure an adoption goes through. My wife and I are trying to adopt my 13 mo old niece from out of state and we keep running into snags! We are desperate to get this sweet baby girl but I want to put a little “oomph” into it to make sure things go our way. What would be the best herbs to burn or add to an oil??

  8. Hello. I’ll hobby Mina for this comment. I am currently in a 3yr long custody battle for my son bC I Went to jail for 6months. I have done nothing but change my whole life, circle of friends got off probation which is very hard in Va. I finally saved enough money in two years to obtain a lawyer to fight on my behalf but I do not believe that is enough, Please help arm myself with some great spells.

  9. I have a question regarding binding/freezing spells. I’m stuck in a case that has gone on for YEARS and I am afraid that a freezing spell or binding (which is really all I can find for court cases) is going to bring a halt to everything. Not that it is moving anyways…. I just want them to settle and go away 😦

  10. Hello Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

    I have a question for you but I do not want it to be public for a lot of reasons. Is it possible for you to receive the message but not publish it?

    • You can post anonymously, only I can see your email address and your computer’s IP address…which are right in front of me now as I type this on an editorial back page labeled “Comments”.

      • I may be incognito. But if the other party reads the question and any reasons given although it may seem a situation common to only 5 people, it is going to resonate with all five and if the person is one of the five, he/she who reads it will make the connection.

        • Alright. There has been this situation going on for years. The person just doesn’t give up. He is making complaints about us to every authority and organisation he can think of. Of course when they investigate, they can’t find any wrong doing on our part. He also called the police on their emergency line many many times. They arrive, find nothing to charge us about and they go away. They even got so fed up that they wanted our assistance so that they can charge him for wasting their resources. We declined saying that they by themselves have the evidence and power to take him to task.
          That is not all!!! He has been dragging us back and forth to the Tribunal for nearly 10 years. He speaks a lot of untruths. Some of the allegations made are untrue. No proof has been submitted and even when he was asked to show proof of the wrong doing he has not been able to do so. Nevertheless there were heavy fines and penalties. That is not all, I have observed by his behaviour and visits from a person in particular that he is getting ready for another round. The point is that we do not know before hand who will be handling the case. Besideses that is there something that can be done to stop him from carrying on like this. It is not healthy for us because we are not allowed to leave the past behind and carry on with our lives. Moving for various reasons is not an option. If he has already applied to the tribunal will the court case spell be helpful with no names except his?

  11. Amythyst,
    I am just starting a court case to get child support from my daughter’s father. He is in rehab for cocaine dependence, and neglected to tell me has a new girlfriend who he has been living with for over a year. In the meantime, I have been living with my parents with my daughter paying his bills, my daughter’s, and mine. I knew he was with her, but he always denied it. Whenever I call him it, I was a liar. I finally found out when he posted on his Facebook him kissing her. One of his friends texted me. He still denied it, but he finally told me the truth. He never loved me, and I got myself pregnant with his kid. He loves this woman who left her husband who was a heroin addict. Her husband died a few months ago. He took so much from us it isn’t funny. I was always a dumb bitch according to him. I tried going through his phone, and he threatened to break my fingers and smash my phone. He already cheated on me with a woman who looked like Snookie. I was almost due to have my daughter when she wanted to harm me. I should have left him then, but he begged me to take him back. We would have been together for 10 years. I want him out of our lives. I am hoping the judge grants me full custody and he gets no visitation. Between him either in jail or rehab, 3 heart attacks, and spending his time with his girlfriend. He only saw his daughter for an hour every 2-3 weeks. Only when it was convenient for him. Wish me luck.

  12. Hi Amythyst Raine, I love you site and I’m glad a came across it. My son’s court has been moved to July 12th and he has a new judge, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. They will be making a decision on what his outcome will be at that time. He took a friend to the mall and they went their separate ways and were to meet up that the food court, the friend never showed up and come to find out he had stolen something from a store. Since my son couldn’t find him he figured he had gone back to my son’s car. While on the way back to his car, my son was approached by police who asked if they knew this friend, he said and that he couldn’t find him. They proceeded to question my son and then let him go. He was getting in his car and the police approached him again and asked if they could search his car, my son pretty said yes and to my son’s surprise, the friend’s back was in the back of my son’s car, with drugs.

    My son was then arrested and charged with the drugs in the car and he was charged with theft, of which he did not know the friend was there to steal. The friend said my son was master mind and he was put up to it, thinking they would let him go and just arrest my son. It is a hot mess at this point.

    I hired a lawyer and doesn’t seem that the lawyer is really trying to fight this cast for my son. He shows up unprepared and gets laughed at by the judge. I don’t have money to hire another lawyer and have bond for when a bond is issued. Bond was not originally set, because the police spelled my son’s name and no one could lot his case or my son when we first went to court, he taken to a whole different court room so the judge got frustrated and didn’t “feel” like do a bond.

    I would like to know what type of court case spell I can do and/or get assistance with, since we are starting a new moon and next phase of moons will be waxing moons. Thank you, sorry for the long note. I’m just at wits end.

  13. My husband is going thru a hard time he had a job but his father needs 24 hour care, he is in the beginning stages of dementia and he is diabetic so he has to stay with him, one child support case was dismissed but they are taking him to court for the other, it’s not right and I want to help, I’ve done poppets before and they worked for a while, I sent the a positive spell and one talks to me now but not my husband though she is supposed to. Will the round spell be effective or should I try to come up with something on my own thanks for the help and all the information you are awsome

    • Hello, Serea…It sounds like a lot of things going on in your world at once on a variety of levels, pretty chaotic, isn’t it. 1. I see where you could use a Court Case Spell for the child support issues, at least to stave it off for a while longer. 2. You need prosperity spells to bring in more abundance to your life, money-wise and energy-wise and inspiration-wise. 3. You need some healing spells, for your father-in-law, to ease him through a difficult illness and a life transition. The minute you said, “should I try and come up with something of my own”, I felt you have the knowledge and power to set your own magick and work your own spells. Amazingly, many people don’t realize that it’s within their own capability to create their own magick. My best wishes for you, you do what you have to do…Blessings

  14. Hi ,
    I would like to sponsor my brother as visitor to attend a party. Could you please suggest spell so when he applies he gets visa to attend party.

  15. Amythyst Rain,
    Hi I hope you’re doing well. I’ve a question. I’m currently caring for 1 of my sister’s kids. Unfortunately my sister suffers from emotional and mental imbalances. At any rate, I got her child last weekend. There is an ongoing cps case with said child and my sister. My sister has lost all of kids because of her issues and lack of desire to change. This is the umpteenth time I’ve stepped in to help. My biggest concern is cps will place my niece in permanent foster care, and not agree for me to keep her. Because, well frankly this has happened so many times already. I truly want my niece happy, healthy, and safe. I can provide for my niece, I love her obviously. I truly don’t want my niece to end up in fc, the father is m.i.a. and has no desire to be apart of my niece, his daughter’s life. Any suggestions as to anything I can do to ensure cps will let my niece stay with me? Please? I’ve followed through everything they’ve asked of me. I love this kid so much. She’s lived with me on and off throughout her young life. I’ve thought a thousand and one times on how to demand this to go my way. I know I am the best possible placement for my niece, I’m looking at this at all angles, I’ve weighed and evaluated everything, Goddess knows I have. And, I truly don’t want this to be construed as me being selfish or underhanded. I just don’t know what to do anymore. My niece is a tween, and she’s stated she wants to stay with me. She’s more aware of her mother’s mental health issues than anyone else. And cps unfortunately doesn’t give my niece the time of day on what she wants, because she’s “too young”. Yeah, ok…. I disagree. She certainly knows what she wants, she certainly understands stability and wanting it as well. Any suggestions? I thank you for reading my message and I hope you have a blessed day.
    Still hopeful

    • Hello, Sarah…your message is heartbreaking. I want to start off with a mundane suggestion first. If it’s at all possible, can you find an attorney to work on your behalf, and if so, you should see if it’s possible for you to formally gain legal guardianship of your niece. Something permanent needs to be put down for this child so there can be some stability to her life. How awful it would be to be her age and watch all around you as your future is determined by a series of strangers. If you can’t afford an attorney, look into lawyers who work pro-bono for such cases, attorneys who work for women’s shelters, that sort of thing. Now magickally, if there are currently court case issues going on, or coming up in the future, Court Case Spells will be in need…my favorite candle color is white (purity, purity of intention, divine intervention); and the herbs are calendula (marigolds) and tobacco, for a case with a child, I’d also use flowers with white blossoms. Set up an altar and use some tarot energy, the justice card of course, but then The Empress for maternal loving energy, The Chariot to move things along on a strong path, the 8 of wands (upright) to move things along quickly. The best of luck to you and your neice…blessings

      • Amythyst Rain,
        I thank you for getting back to me. The interm temporary custody was granted July 8 to me. We go back to court Sept 15. Cps as well as the courts finally listened to me niece she’s currently asleep in her bedroom, in MY house. I thank you for your time and your advice. I’ll certainly put your advice into action for the Sept 15th court date. I thank you period for just responding to me. It’s crazy…. I was declared mentally unstable by Cps for my Own children 16 years ago. On July 8 this year, Cps admitted to making an error on my case with My children. And gave me my niece. While the pain and anger I do feel cannot be understood in mere words… Neither can this ridiculous happy and actually FREE feeling I have. I suppose in time, my children will understand them not being with me had actually Nothing to do with me and they’ll reach out to me, and give me a chance. But I do thank you and thank Goddess the courts and cps listened to my niece. She’s in no more danger of being placed with strangers or her narcissistic mother.

        • Sorry, we go back to court Sept 15th, where the court will be giving me legal custody of my niece, at Cps request. The magistrate actually told me when we went to court earlier this month, she’d much rather see me raise my niece. Laws honey, if you’ve gleaned any impressions as to how I’ve had to battle with Cps nearly my entire adult life, you’d get just how big this is. But I wanted to add to my initial response, I apologize I wasn’t clear as to why we have to go back to court come Sept. Thank you so much Amythyst Rain!

    • Hi there, I’m not sure what state your in but have you tried to have a guardian ad lituem appointed for her? This is a person who works for the state and has no vested interest in the outcome of the situation. Their sole job is to assess the child’s needs through interviews with the child and to advocate for the best possible outcome based on the options available after meeting with all parties involved. I had one appointed for my son free of charge during a custody case and he was only 3. It helped immensely because it wasn’t my word against his father, there was an unbiased professional of the state able to testify about what was really in my son’s best welfare. Good luck to you.

      • Hi yes ma’am, I have and he’s filed a petition to the courts to give legal custody to me. He had stated before this last time he wanted me to have custody then. That was 2 1\2 years ago. This time round, he put action to his request. The guardian ad litem has been dealing with my sister on and off for 10 years now.

  16. Thank you for all your info. Much appreciated. It’s been a long time for me since I have practiced. How would I go about doing this to get the State’s Attorney to drop charges of my fiance? It was a domestic violence thing, but the cops lied on their report and he doesn’t deserve prison. It’s a long story. Thank you

    • Hello, Jen! Well, you’re on the right page, now you have to sit down and go over the spells in order to choose one that would be right for you. These spells can be modified to fit your own unique set of circumstances, but it takes some reading and some time and effort to gather everything you’ll need and actually see it through. As I just told another lady on the Command & Compel Spells page ~ I don’t have the time to put personal spells together for people, I would be inundated; but I do have a Spell Consultation service at my website The Witch’s Corner ~ (this is not free), or I do have a Candle Altar Service, and I can dress and burn a spell candle for you, for more info, follow this link ~

  17. Hello my husband was at an home at the wrong time when police came and now he’s facing some charges for something he didn’t do he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time he. He goes to court on Friday is there any spells that I can help him do to help with his court case if I may ask for your help.

  18. I am a father a four children I’ve been a stay-at-home father for 6 years growing up my children now going through a divorce one week off one week on with parents and it’s killing me mother now abused one of my children no matter what she does the judge/court will not do anything to her I’m really trying hard to get my kids back home I’m tired of hearing them cry that they want to come back home with Mom Dad which is me. Their mother has really never been around it’s only been me 24/7. So wondering if the tongue spell would work for me and if I do that spell what exactly do I have to do when I’m preparing the tongue what do I say. Thanks

    • I’m so sorry to hear about all the chaos and disruption going on for you and your children. When kids get used to a routine and a regular care-giver, fast and disruptive changes can be very traumatic.

      Just follow the directions given, and if you feel the need to speak as you prepare this spell (and most likely you will, I did), speak what’s in your heart. Also, I know this may be a challenge for you, but you might want to think of doing a positive spell for your wife, a spell to help her cope with her new circumstances, a spell to invoke the best in her so she can be a good mother to her children…think about it, okay.

  19. The spells you see on these pages are FREE. I don’t cast them for you, you cast them yourself, I’m just giving you the information you need to do it. The only type of spiritual intervention that I will do for people is a CANDLE ALATAR SERVICE …follow this link for more information ~

  20. I have a daughter who is facing charges that the District Attorney & the detectives, law enforcement all have this vendetta to see her pay for a tragic loss of my grandbaby then losing my other 2 grandbabies to adoption. This case is complex and unfair of the justice system not looking at what the real problem is in this case. The father of my grndbabies should be the one suffering in jail the abusive person who started these chain of events manipulated & my daughter for 7 yrs then just let the babies go and let my grandbaby die. I believe he was the one responsible and had a direct hand in the result. tragic loss of our baby girl. Help help help!!!!!! The Public Defenders are not that agressive in winning their cases in my state. Feel such hopelessness and devistating sorrow..How much is the average cost of a spell to use of this magnitude to help my daughter to be expunged of all charges or avoid any jail time again ? My daughter has never been in trouble ever!! I’m very poor and have no resources or anyone to help us.

  21. My son is locked up and have a court day coming up soon how can I help keep him from going back to prison???

    • Going “back” to prison implies that this is not his first time there. Maybe he needs to go back in order to learn one of life’s lessons? However, if you don’t believe this is the case, all I can tell you is to choose from the court case spells that I’ve posted here. Whether it works or not will depend both on your energy and your son’s destiny.

  22. I have the same question as Amelia- where do I get the Four Thieves Vinegar- better yet- how do I make it?

    • You can probably purchase 4-Thieves-Vinegar at most new-age witchy shops, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, or you can jump on the band wagon of 21st century witchcraft and Google a recipe (really). There just happens to be a list of my very own personal recipes for a number of magickal oils and potions in my book, The Spiritual Feminist, and this includes 4-Thieves-Vinegar. (I’d give you my recipe, but my publishing company might tend to frown on this.) Here’s a link to the book:

      • Hi my brother has been in prison almost 5 years and is currently waiting on a decision from the courts Im Really Trying To Find Something To Help Him Win & Bring Him Home Already Please Help Me.

        • Sorry He’s Completed An Appeal He’s Just Waiting On A Decision From The Courts Now.

          • Since he’s completed his appeal, the process itself is over and done, do a Justice spell, a spell for a favorable outcome. Set up a little altar using a Justice tarot card if that’s available to you. White candles, for purity of intention. Herbs, calendula (marigolds) and tobacco are excellent court case herbs, burn some on your altar. Create this sacred space using your own intuition, imagination, and creativity. It’s a loving act that you are doing for your brother, and it’s this energy that will go into the process. Blessings

  23. Hello Amythyst, I saw a similar collection on another website in which I was going to purchase their products but learned that they have huge orders and no availability for me to get these items in time for a court hearing that I have on December 17th. I have been in and out of court trying to gain full custody of my sister’s four children which are currently in an ACS case. Two of the children are living with my older sister while the younger two are living with their abusive father. I am trying to find a way to speed up the case plus put it in my favor. I wanted to make a honey jar as well as a mojo hand bag but I am not fully finding a good listing of everything that is supposed to entail. I see that you have the cow tongue regiment as the other website did but did not go into details as to what should be in it. Do I have enough time to do this spell and where would I purchase Four Thieves Vinegar?

  24. I go to court tomorrow so I will try the candle spell tonight, and if things get nasty then the tongue spell will be next. Do you hv pix of what the different herbs and oils look like?

  25. Can I do this spell on behave of someone else and if so how would I go about doing it

    • You can cast spells for other people, though I myself don’t do this. I would imagine you’d cast the spell about the same as you would if you were casting it for yourself, but the mental and emotional aspect of what you’re doing would have to be very specifically directed and strong.

  26. How can some remove a spell because we need get my grand kids back home there falle$ call two cps all the time how can you help with court not to listing to no one out just bring us the kids back so can you help us please

    • First, there is nothing I can personally do to help you. I don’t cast spells for people, and besides that, this message gives very little information. Second, the father calls the cops all the time– why? Does he have valid fears and concerns? Before any type of magickal working is considered in cases like this, I always encourage the parties to follow mundane routes to solve their problems, and in this case that would include counseling. Magically, you can browse through the page of “Court Case Spells” and see if anything there would suit your situation.

  27. Hello dear;
    I want to use the tongue spell in behalf of my son for his court case. I want the prosecutor to drop all of his criminal charges that has hold against him. I made my own four thieves potions ,using organic vinegar,4 cloves of garlic,2 tea spoon fresh chopped mint 2 tsp red pepper seeds,2 tsp thyme , 2 tsp dried sage. How long should i leave it before use it, also do I need to say anything when i am sewing the tongue or should I write my wish on a piece of paper and put it inside the tongue and sew it with the other names as well.
    Thank you for your respond.

    • Hi, Isabelle!…I’ve used this spell myself, and when I did, I wrote the names on pieces of paper and sewed them into the tongue– and I didn’t restrain my emotions (or my own tongue) one iota. I cussed and cursed; I spit and spewed; I mumbled and I shouted…this is your energy! Let ‘er Rip!! Every strong emotion you feel, every reaction you have to it, all generates energy in the Universe– it’s moving and shaking, stimulating and manipulating events.

      For my own 4-Thieves-Vinegar, I let it stew and perk for four days, shaking it up each day to keep it all riled…and then it’s good to go!

  28. I have been dealing with some horrible legal troubles. I was raped and he was charged with 2 life sentences. He pushed the court date out 2 years and then finally pled guilty but it was for a lessor charge the DA tried to give him to avoid going to court. His sentencing is in a month. I have to write a letter to the judge. A letter that tells about how my life has changed and what he did to me has done. Once I am done reading the letter the judge will give him however long she thinks he deserves in prison. I am having such a hard time with this. I’m thinking about doing the beef tonge spell. Just not sure if that’s what I need. This will be my first spell. I am new to all of this. Thanks so much for all you do. Your amazing 😍

    • How did I miss this comment!!…I hope that everything went well for you. The biggest thing here, from my own perspective, was the letter you were to write…That’s where you needed to open your heart and pour everything in there out– right down your arm, through your hand, to the pen. I hope that justice was served.

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      • I just happened upon this , as i was a nervous wreck over my court case for bwc. I have to say i found it most calming and lightened my worry after reading what you have done with these spam accounts. Keep working your magic .*wink

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    I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this….

    Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some
    tike to talk about this issue here on your website.

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