Court Case Spells

1. Basic Candle Spell & Correspondences
Day: Thursday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: Jupiter
Moon Phase: waxing to bring something to you; waning to send something away
Color: purple (power), brown (justice), green (for money issues)
Herbs: for the energy of Jupiter– cinnamon, nutmeg, sage; for legal affairs– marigolds; for justice– bay; to fight false accusations and testimony– slippery elm
Oil: Commanding Oil, or court case oils
Powders: Drawing Powder– to draw something to you; Banishing Powder, to send something away
Incense: sandalwood; for more aggressive magic– patchouli
Stone: tiger eye
Number: 8
Letters: H, Q, Z
Symbols: The rune ‘thurisa’– neutralizes your enemies and protects; Earth– protects the person whose name you write within; Odin’s Cross

The most basic court case candle spell is as follows:

1. Get yourself the appropriately colored candle for your situation. Hold this candle in your hands and charge it with your intentions– and this is one of those times you might want to be extremely specific.

2. Carve upon this candle those symbols, names, amounts, or dates that may be pertinent to your case. Dress this candle with the oil you feel will do you the most good– and it may not be just those listed here, and then roll the candle in a combination of the crushed herbs.

3. You can write out your desires for the type of outcome you’re looking for on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of this candle. Allow this candle to burn itself out and then bury the remains of this spell off your property to send something away; bury it on your property to bring something to you.

2. Magical Options for Legal Spells
If money is your issue, make sure you use money in your spells, whether you feel compelled to burn it, bury it, or throw it in a stream of running water.

If someone’s negativity or bad behavior is playing a large part in your legal situation, pull out the big guns and bind them– with knot magic, poppets, Commanding Oil and spells, or anything else it takes to put you in charge and help you regain control.

If the judge in your case is the one making the final call, target him/her, going right to the heart of the matter to manipulate the outcome.

3. Beef Tongue Court Case Spell
This quaint little spell is steeped in hoodoo tradition, and if you are squeamish, it could be a bit of a challenge. I have actually had the pleasure of using this delightful twisted magical gun when I was going through the legal proceedings of a nasty divorce and had reached the point where I’d had enough. Of course, right in the midst of the best part of the spell, our neighbor lady knocked on the backdoor. My girls practically bowled her over to keep her out of the house so I could finish the job. This spell will work for you, I can tell you this from personal experience, so stick with it and see it through– make the gray witch proud.

Items needed:
1. A raw beef tongue (You should be able to find this in the meat department of your local grocery store.)
2. Several slips of paper and a pen
3. Pins and needle and thread
4. A strip of red flannel cloth large enough to wrap up the tongue
5. Cayenne pepper
6. Four Thieves Vinegar

Make sure you have a decent place to work where you’ll have plenty of room to spread things out and get comfortable, this may take a while.

1. Begin by writing the names of the judge, the attorneys, adversaries, witnesses, anyone connected to your case who may have a negative impact or influence upon it or you on these small slips of paper– one name per slip!

2. Using a sharp knife, cut small slits into the beef tongue– a slit for each slip of paper.

3. Insert one name paper into each slit.

4. Sprinkle the tongue with cayenne pepper and Four Thieves Vinegar.

5. Close the slits in the tongue with straight pins, or do what I did– sew the slits shut with needle and thread.

6. Wrap the tongue in red flannel and place it in your freezer while the court case is in progress. When you’ve reached the end of this ordeal and all is said and done, remove the tongue from your freezer and bury it in the earth.


NOTE:  After years of being inundated with blog comments and emails from people requesting spell casting, or wanting me to choose a spell for them, this has been added to the bottom of these spell pages. I hope this is helpful when it comes to knowing what to expect, and what you will receive. These FREE spells were placed here for anyone wishing to find a spell they can use on their own, instructions included.  These spells can all be found in my books (which are not free), and these pages and these spells can be removed at any time.

  1.  I do not cast spells for people.
  2.  I do not choose a spell for you.
  3.  My Candle Altar Services are not free.  They are also not expensive ($21.00 for a single candle vigil, and $61.99 for a triple candle vigil).

         The cost for this service covers the supplies I need to do it (candles, herbs, essential oils, cloth bag, shipping materials, and postage).  The cost for this service also covers my time (dressing the candles, burning the candles– for as long as it takes, creating the mojo bag, and a trip to the post office to mail it off)  My time is important to me.  My prices may change at any time, and I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone if I’m not comfortable with the vigil intention or the individual.

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202 thoughts on “Court Case Spells

  1. What is a Three Candle Vigil?
    I have a court case coming up April 24 have all the names of the people judge lawyer both size they are trying to give me 12-18 months I am hoping to get it drop to probation what can I do never been it any type of trouble before

  2. I have been fighting for disability since early 2015, I had 1 hearing date and was denied because the group I was using to help me get my claim approved sent a substitute lawyer in at the very last minute, he was literally looking over my case 30 minutes before the hearing. I have many health issues, most of which are due to the 2 main issues I have which are Ehlers Danlos and CVID. Because of the I have chiarri, interstital cystitis, fibro, ulcers, migraines, asthma, copd, early stage emphysema, chronic fatigue, severe depression, anxiety, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, severe ddd in my neck and lower back as well as bulging discs and spurs in my spine and bottoms of my feet, dizzy spells, many GI issues, frozen shoulder and joints that sublax regularly. The attorney they sent wanted to focus on the chiarri even though it had only been just found a few weeks prior to the hearing so I had not yet seen the neuro surgeon to determine if it could be fixed and if it was affecting my health and mobility. Anyway the judge said she did not have enough information on it and denied my claim. They then did not file the appeal in time so I had to start the entire process all from scratch,and got a local attorney this time. The last time I was able to work was in March of 2015 and I now have to use a walker to get around and my doctors actually want me to consider moving to a wheel chair due to my hips sublaxing and causing me to fall so often. I finally have a new hearing date on January 14th but I honestly have not been told who the judge will be, and there really is not opposing lawyers in an ssdi hearing, they usually have someone on the phone that is an “employment” expert to give the judge advice about the jobs I have had in the past and if there are any types of jobs I could do from those, in my current condition but again no name is listed. How would I go about using the cow tongue spell without knowing the names I would need, or is there a different spell or sachet I should use to get the judge to give me a positive ruling but to also get it as a bench decision? My attorney said most of the time you do not know the decision for 6-8 weeks later and then it can take another 60 days to start getting your payments. But they can and sometimes do give their decision that day in court, and if they do you get your approval letter in 7-14 days so you then start getting your benefits sooner as well. I really need this soon or the kids and I are not going to have anywhere to live, I have exhausted all of my savings, cashed in my 401k, and sold everything I could to keep us afloat this long and I have nothing left to sell. Any suggestions are appreciated, I know you do not choose spells for people, I just need direction on which way to look since most I have found require needing the names of judges and/or opposing counsel. Thank you in advance.

    • For the Beef Tongue Court Case Spell you really do need the names. You’ll have to browse the Court Case spells and see if there’s something else that might suit your situation. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on.

      A sidenote… I noticed your wordpress url (destinedtobeanaddictswife). That doesn’t necessarily have to be your destiny. You can choose to dump the addict and move on to another life, another destiny, maybe a better future. Just saying.

  3. I have an ongoing custody battle the previous case did not go in my favor but I have filed a petition for modification. I want and need full custody of my son and to no longer have to pay child support for a child who i take care of. Ive always felt this custody case had other forces working against me because the facts of the case dont reflect the negarive outcome i want to reverse

      • My niece has a bad custody case where she is being opposed by a Haitian voodoo family. She has been to court three times and each time they win. No matter what spells we use they seem to win because they use voodoo magic. Any suggestions on how to conquer them so that she can get custody of her kids?. Thanks for your help.

  4. Is there a rendition of the Beef Tongue Court Case Spell as in one for after a negative court date hearing with no future child custody court date made,only appeal can be made. Is there help in a spell concerning this situation to help turn Judges recommendations around with appeal to regain custody to reunite family back together?

    • The only Beef Tongue Court Case spell I know of is the one I have listed here. You’ve written quite a bundle of questions in this comment tucked into one paragraph with a variety of consequential legal twists and turns (appeals, judicial recommendations, custody issues). I am not an attorney, and it sounds like there is more of a need here for mundane legal help than magickal spell crafting. These are issues and questions you need to put to an attorney, and very soon.

  5. After years of being inundated with blog comments and emails from people requesting spell casting, or wanting me to choose a spell for them, this has been added to the bottom of this blog post. I hope this is helpful when it comes to knowing what to expect, and what you will receive. These FREE spells were placed here for anyone wishing to find a spell they can use. These spells can all be found in my books (which are not free), and these pages and these spells can be removed at any time.


    1. I do not cast spells for people.
    2. I do not choose a spell for you.
    3. My Candle Altar Services are not free. They are also not expensive ($21.00 for a single candle vigil, and $61.99 for a triple candle vigil).
    The cost for this service covers the supplies I need to do it (candles, herbs, essential oils, cloth bag, shipping materials, and postage). The cost for this service also covers my time (dressing the candles, burning the candles– for as long as it takes, creating the mojo bag, and a trip to the post office to mail it off) My time is important to me. My prices may change at any time, and I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone if I’m not comfortable with the vigil intention or the individual.

    Here’s a link to my Candle Altar Service:

  6. Would you please create a candle vigil for me please? Im a trucker, got a bogus speeding ticket in California. The court dste is Oct. 30, and it could cost my job. I am in debt, paying for my home, and supporting my 2 kids, ages 23/24, they need help, and depend on me. Will be 4ever grateful. Thank you.

  7. Hello. I would like to see if you could cast a spell to have my first time dui. Thrown out court will 10 Oct 2018. I work on military base and the police is if get caught on duo no matter if been charged or not I can not drive on the base unless the charges are thrown out. If I can not drive then l will possible lose my job.. any way you can help me

    • If I was your Mama, I’d slap you up side the head. You don’t drink and drive… EVER! This is one of life’s lessons coming down on you. This is your opportunity to stand up to the plate and accept the consequences for your actions. Accepting the consequences for your actions is a sign of maturity and growth. It sounds like it could be some pretty big consequences in your case, but look at it this way, it would’ve been a lot worse if you would’ve hurt yourself or someone else, you’d be looking at prison time. I don’t cast spells for people, but I’ve posted spells with instructions and directions here that you can cast yourself. Be very careful, sometimes the universe and Spirit override our desires and wishes.

    • Donnie, I understand we all make mistakes. I too got a dui once and the worst thing I could have done was to hire an attorney and plead guilty. Later, I found out that the dui is still on my record, and I spent thousands of dollars more than I would have if I had not hired a lawyer. I had more fines, probation, etc, as part of my guilty plea. My best advice… plead innocent and ask for jury trial. Your chances are better that a jury will empathize with you (almost everyone has drank and drove at some point in their life). Statistically (I didn’t verify this but was told this by an attorney) over 50% of dui cases are found not guilty by a jury.

  8. I have to go to court for workers comp. I was hurt at work but was denied because of an old injury I forgot to put in a medical questionnaire forum. I had to have surgery to replace and fix my knee. There was no witnesses to the case. But they are bringing in all Doctors that I have seen about my knee before going to work for this company. What would be the best spell for me to use and when to use it before I go to court next month?

  9. hello everyone…. I am a single mom of two ( one child has disability) and very stressed about my current situation. I am not getting any disability from the government since I changed my province and moved to a new place. They want all assessments done fro scratch and its taking forever as they are being very nitpicky. now. Also the government told me they wrongly overpaid me child benefit 5 years ago and now they want it back. They are not giving me child benefit anymore and still wanting money back. I have no money to give. Frustrated and upset. IS there any spell for them to just leave me alone and just continue my child tax benefit payments again ? what would be the best lunar cycle to start any spell related to this? would this come under banishing something ? need urgent advice … please.
    Thank you ! and Blessed be

    • Whenever you’re in doubt about choosing a spell, always go with #1, which are correspondences to fix and burn a spell candle. There’s nothing like good old candle magick, and it’s very easy for anyone to do. Moon phases: To send something away, burn your candle on the waning moon; to bring something to you, do your magick on a waxing moon. If you want them to go away, I’d say it’s banishing something (waning moon). If you want them to continue the payments that they stopped, that’s bringing something to you (waxing moon). It looks like you need two parts to your magick, 2 spell candles, two different moon phases. It’s not hard or complicated. Check your calendar, decide which candle you’re working with first, and go for it. Good luck!

  10. Hello was wondering wats a good spell to get my brother charges dropped n him release from jail tryin give him five years on some he didn’t do even the witness say he doesn’t but the prosecutor n public defender tryin railroad him for some he ain’t do I just want him home for can take care of my mom he done learn his lesson n don’t want go back can please help me

  11. Dear Amethyst Ranie,
    A friend has approached me to act on her behalf because her ex has not paid child support in two years, and refuses to. He has a high powered lawyer who gets him off the hook somehow every time. She has practically given up taking him to court, and she’s already exhausted all her funds paying her lawyer, with no result. I have agreed to help her, and have also taught her some things she can do on her own behalf, but I think we may need to go further. I’ve decided I’d like to bind him with knot magic and a poppet. I have the material to make the poppet, and some green twine, Can you give me some pointers on how to use these objects to influence him to pay? His family is also meddling, and spewing false accusations against the mother, and I’d like to bind them as well.

    • I don’t know where you’re from, but here in Nebraska USA, once the child support has been set in the divorce decree, the state automatically garnishes the payee’s wages, and the parent who is receiving child support receives their check in the mail from the state. I wish I could give loads and loads of free advice and volumes of wisdom, but I just don’t have the time or energy. I actually just found these comments on this page, I had no idea so many people were asking for advice and spell work. It sounds like you’re knowledgeable, and you can either check here on my blog using the search box for more information on the topics you’re interested in, or you can turn to my books (I suggest Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way, it’s the grittiest when it comes to difficult issues). Good luck, and may your spell casting be successful!

  12. hi I’m trying to see how i can help my boyfriend in like what spell is good for his case his having court in October and he is getting sentence can you let me know which one to use please his case is federal and this judge is pretty hard

    • Yesi, I’m in the same boat as you. I too need a spell to help my boyfriend whose trial is in October.
      For me personally, I think I will be doing all of these spells investing all the energy I can muster in order to achieve a positive outcome.
      But, this is simply because the case has had negative repercussions so far (and unfairly so).
      I’d suggest trying them all if you think you need to for his outcome in the case. Otherwise, whichever one stands out to you the most or you connect with the most.
      I wish you both good luck in October.

  13. I need a spell that can help me and my husband in we were fasely accuse of child neglect and child abuse

    • I’ve heard that this often happens with the social service system in our country, that an individual can be accused by word of mouth with no evidence, and that the accuser remains anonymous. I think that, in legitimate cases of real abuse, the accuser is a hero/heroine and should be protected by anonymity. But when false accusations are proven false, the accuser is guilty of slander and their identity and dirty deed should be made public. With that said… lawyer up, even if this means finding an attorney that will work probono, if you can’t afford one, or a group that works with legal matters for people under these circumstances.

      I don’t know you, I have no facts to this case (and I don’t want any, only because I receive contacts like this frequently), I can only assume that what you are telling me is true… They will investigate, and you need to know that your environment, your parenting, your life are pretty much crystal clear and above board. Pick a spell that calls to you from the ones found here, and cast it. Cast more than one. Burn a spell candle daily, if you feel the need. Keep up the magickal, while paying great attention to the mundane, until this case is dropped.

  14. I have a toxic, narcissistic neighbor who has harassed me for years and sued me twice. We’ve moved away, but are still in litigation. We have upcoming mediation. I want this person out of my life so I can move on. The beef tongue spell speaks to me, but I’m not sure if it’s too ‘heavy’? Is it appropriate for mediation and banishing toxic people?

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your dilemma. Use the spell that calls to you, and along with it, I’d use a banishing spell for this neighbor. If I were you, if the solution is do-able, I’d do whatever I had to do on a mundane legal level to finish this court case and disconnect from this individual. And don’t be surprised if this individual will try to think of other ways of contacting you or bothering you, that’s often how it is with toxic people. Banish…banish…banish.

  15. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never believed it. I want to reverse prison sentence for my son. He has a life sentence and I wish to reverse. He has openly shang hai’d in court by our court appointed lawyer and the DA whom the attorney openly stated he was best friends with the DA’s family and practically raised. The DA was trying his first case making an example of my son coupled with feeling slighted because I was able to raise the money to bond him out on a huge bail as he tried to have the bail revoked within hours of my son getting released where he remained until the trial. Add the fact that my son refused a plea bargain…why would he plea bargain if he did not shoot anyone. When the witness was unable to point my son out in court the DA pointed my son out to the witness who stated after being asked 3 times, the shooter was not in the courtroom. As the witness stood up to leave the DA leaned in my son’s direction and prompted the witness to point in his direction, aimlessly pointing in fact! The judge allowed this display. The jury made 2 trips back in to the courtroom in an effort to find my son innocent. Eve they were not convinced. The DA provided the definitions in this state and my son was found guilty mainly being punished because he was afraid to as they say in our culture “rat” out the actual perpetrators. He was terrified. Other witnesses were not called who could testify on my sons behalf. So much went on in that courtroom I could go on and on. My son has been granted an appeal. I would like the appeal to go in is favor. My son was prepared to leave to join the navy on 2 weeks had he not been arrested following suit with his older brother and sister serving our country in the Army and Air Force. This type of case happens with poor people at an alarming rate.

  16. Can this spell be used to reverse current custody rulings? I am objecting to the decision and have two more upcoming hearings and wanted to do this spell to reverse the outcome. Is it possible?

    • I don’t think there is any court case spell here that pertains to only one specific type of court case. Review your options on this page and choose the spell that calls to you.

  17. Blessed be Amythyst Raine. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! I am going into court June 26th for a revocation of probation hearing and was told to come up with a substantial amount of money but have only been able to come up with a little. My freedom is depending on coming up with the substantial.
    ~Seeing the time constraints would you only recommend the beef tongue spell? And I only have the name of the judge and my attorney (who is doing less than his job).
    ~Should I add my attorneys name and do you recommend any additional spells or will the beef tongue spell suffice?

    Thank you so much.

    • I’d go with the beef tongue spell, but never underestimate the power in simple candle magick. At the top of this page are the correspondences you need to put together an amazing candle for court cases.

      • Another quick question… can this spell be done by me for another person? In other words my son is needing protection in a court case as well, can I cast this spell on his behalf?
        And by the way my court case came out in my favor with beyond favorable terms! My attorney was shocked and couldn’t believe it!

    • Sounds right to me, but I would immediately fix a candle to start burning right away, get the energy moving. The correspondences in #1 at the top of this page give you all the info you need to prepare a candle for court case magick. (And then, I’d smack your boyfriend upside the head and tell him he’s going to have to change his ways, or you’re going to find yourself a better man.)

  18. Hello, I have a serious case and need to know if the tongue spell will be good to use to persuade the judge for lighter sentence? Or do you have other spell that plea for mercy from the judge? Thanks!

    • I’ve included your question in a video so that I can answer several of these questions at once and do it verbally! I’ll be posting this video at this blog under the title, “The Witch’s Corner Newsletter Video ~ July 2018”

  19. Hello I am seeking guidance on court candle spells. I am currently in a court case for about a year with my landlord who is very well known in New York for being racist very sneaky and just a very bad person and we’ve been trying me and my family and my lawyer to get him to sign the city FEPs so they can pay the back rent and by law he supposed to sign it but he’s giving me and my lawyer and my family a hard time tomorrow is the whining Moon and I have a court candle that was given to me at a botanica but it’s blue I want to win the case because I also heard the new judges a very tough woman and she usually favors the landlord I’m ready to prepare my Saint Michaels I’m so confused with my court candle and because the whining moon is tomorrow and my court case is in about a week or two should I still light it up? and also should I put the landlord his lawyer and the judge name under the candle? Thank you and many blessings

    • You are in a time-sensitive situation… Write the names on a petition paper, light your candle, and cast your spell. I’m currently working on a video going more in-depth with some of these questions, which I’m going to be doing from time to time. I’ll create a blog post with the video after it’s uploaded to Youtube.

    • (Do you mean “recipes” in general, or specific recipes? I’ve created my own unique recipes from correspondences and experience.) You’ll find the recipes in some of my books, especially “The Spiritual Feminist”, which contains my simple personal versions along with correspondences and ingredients to create a unique blend for yourself. You could use the search option in this blog, over the course of 11 years, I’ve probably posted recipes here as well.

      You can purchase Oils, Potions, n’ Powders created by me at my website, The Witch’s Corner:

  20. Do I put down the names for the beef tongue spell that will affect the court case negatively so it goes in a positive manner? We are attempting to have the courts take away the legal rights of my oldest from my ex. He only has to meet one circumstance out of 11 for the judge to decide that he cannot give consent that the judge will do it for him. We need this to be approved so my family does not have to live in fear any longer. What if I don’t know the judge’s name and just his? There won’t be multiple hearings for this. I have to testify and give them reasonable cause on why he shouldn’t be allowed to give up his rights on his own.

    • I just won the same thing you’re trying to do in a state where it is unheard of and almost impossible. I don’t know about the beef tongue spell. But you could try Arch Angel St Micheal candles with cinamon and protection oil. Under the candle a piece of paper with the court date and place, your names (your child and yourself) or even the court notice. Then write your desired out come. Something like full custody or parental rights of (child’s name) awarded to (your name). Also speak to Arch Angel St Michael from your heart about all of your concerns for your safety and that of your child. As for as your ex you can cut a slit in a lime and put his name in it on a paper also put some poppy seed to confuse him so he’s not able to defend himself. Visualize and say these things as you write his name and stuff it into the lime. Then wrap the lime in foil and freeze it. Also an ammonia jar spell. Get a mason jar and amonia. Write down the situation as is. So….(your name) doesn’t have full custody of(child’s name) and lives in fear. Tape the paper to inside of the lid so when its closed the writing in face in the jar. Fill the jar half way with ammonia . Then put the lid on tight. Now turn the jar upside down
      The ammonia clears the situation and flipping the jar reverses the situation
      So now you’re no longer afraid and you do have full custody. Good Luck!

  21. I was just wondering if you could give me a little bit more information on the Beef Tongue Court Case Spell? My husband has a court case coming up next month and i feel like this is a good spell but i was just wanting to know more about it? Thank you

  22. My daughter has a court date coming up on the 14th .Its a drug case , she has priors n the prosecutor what’s to give her 10 to 35 yrs. And doesn’t want to give her a plea
    WRONG place at the wrong time
    Can you help

  23. Hey, is adoption consider a legal court case? If so, how do I cast a spell on the person I want to adopt me and my brother? We have bad lives and I want the man and his wife to adopted both of us, not one. I’m older and can sign for myself my brother is a minor.

    • Yes, adoption is a legal process. I have no idea what kind of spell you’d do for adoption, these things take research, and you’ll have to do this on your own with the help of Google and books and other research materials from your local book store or Amazon. “I am older and can sign for myself, my bother is a minor”… This statement implies that you’re legally an adult. I’ve never heard of anyone adopting an adult. In the meantime, on a mundane level, what can you do to improve your lives? If there is an abusive individual or situation involved, you can bring this to the attention of Social Services or Law Enforcement.

  24. My wife has court on may first for a dui i was wondering will the beef tongue spell be the ideal spell for this situation?

    • I have no idea if this would be the ideal spell for you or not, because I’m not intimately familiar with you, your wife, or the details of your situation. So she was arrested for DUI, which means that the breathalizer test must have shown she was over the legal limit… Simple mundane solution: Your wife needs to stop drinking and driving.

      On a magickal level, choose a spell that you instinctively feel is the right one for you, and cast it.

  25. I want to try the beef tongue spell for an upcoming truancy court case, how effective is the beef tongue spell? Is there a certain day to do it or can it be done on any day?

    • How effective is the spell? I can tell you that I’ve only used it once, during a divorce, and it worked for me. A specific day? Look at the information in Spell #1 on this page, it contains all the correspondences for court spells.

  26. My children were taken by the state n since I have lost everything my home job in now homeless ill be moving in with a gf in few days and court in may they want me to sign my rights up I can’t lose my babies they r the reason I wake up I was born to be a mom how do I stop it what can I do

    • Hello, Jodie ~ I’m so sorry to hear about your dilemma. I’m not really here to get involved in people’s court cases, though so many people seem to think that’s what this page is about. It’s not, I’ve just made available some court case spells for anyone in need, who’s going to do a little magick to help their case and help themselves. I can’t get involved with other people’s court cases for several reasons: 1) you’re a stranger; I don’t know you, nor am I privy to private or personal information about you, or to records pertaining to you and your circumstances through social services, or the legal system 2) I don’t have the whole story. Even if I did, I can’t get personally involved with all the cases that people comment on here. It would be overwhelming. 3) I don’t give legal advice, nor am I licensed to do so. There might be something magickal on this page that you might feel would be helpful to you, and only you will know which spell that might be, because only you have the full story. On a mundane level, it doesn’t sound like you’re able to take care of yourself, much less three children, so that’s where I would start if I were you. You need to get employed and become financially independent. You have to view your lifestyle, friends, and habits and determine if there’s anything else that needs cleaning up and changing in this area. From what I’ve observed through the media and stories like yours, is that the legal system is more than willing to work with a biological parent who is willing to do what they need to do to become responsible and able parents. Good Luck on your journey.

  27. My husband has a prelim hearing in May, he has been in jail for a few months now and I need a positive outcome to happen on those days so he can once again be home with me and our family……he is being accused of something that was based on a lie……I am not sure what spell would help…..can anyone give me any advice??? Please

    • Hello, Ashley ~ you are really the best one to choose a spell for your situation, because only you know the whole story with all the personal private details. Don’t hesitate to magickally take charge and move energy for a positive outcome. With court case spells, just be sure of the truth, that’s pretty much the only level that I’ve ever seen any negative outcomes from this sort of magickal working, when the truth was disguised, hidden, or trampled upon. Also, if there’s other positive spells at this blog that would help your husband move on from this experience, add those to your workings as well… spells for positive energy, employment, self-healing, etc. Go through this online Book of Shadows and find what you need.

    • Hello, Ann ~ You can do spells to deflect negative energy; you can find spells to promote positive energy in your life, moving out of the shadows and into the light. You can smudge and cleanse yourself, your home, your land, and you can keep doing this at regular intervals. You can make sure that you move in light and truth, in purity and at a high spiritual level. Never forget that Like attracts Like; you want to raise your vibrations so that you attract what’s positive into your life. Bad karma?…from what? Actions? Decisions? Circumstances? Make it right.

  28. Raine,
    a friend of mine has a court case they were subpoenaed for this Tuesday 4/3/2018. Her Granddaughter was molested by this person.We need this case to go in her favor to put this creep in jail for a very long time. Could help me in putting the right ingrediance for this case.

    • I just saw your post today! I hope things worked out well for you. As I so often state here, you more than anyone would be able to pick out the spell that’s right for you, because only you are privy to all the private circumstances of your case. I hope the universe was listening and karma did its work… Blessings

  29. Which phase of moon should I use to prevent a case from happening? Its neither banishing or drawing. And since I don’t have brown candle can I just use a white one?

    • A white candle can always substitute for any other color. Go for it. As to the moon phase, it’s said within the pagan community that if a need is pressing, no matter what phase the moon is in, cast your spell, because face it, there are some issues that come up in our lives that are time sensitive. It sounds like you’ve got a handle on this. 🙂

  30. It just so happens that Thursday will be a waxing crescent moon. I am going to mediation on the 30th to hopefully renew my alimony. What color candle should I use? Is there some specific spell to help open my ex up to being agreeable? Also my lawyer is already gearing up for a court battle which will break me financially. I want my stupid lawyer to keep his mouth shut and not make it worse. Any suggestions would be helpful. I won’t be able to get the four thieves vinegar in time and not sure I can make any because of it being winter and snow covered ground.

    • First, just curious about your comment regarding 4-Thieves-Vinegar, it doesn’t matter what season of the year it is, or what the weather is doing, when you go to make your bottle of this potion. I was kind of wondering why you think it does? (PS ~ My own recipe for 4-Thieves-Vinegar, with instructions, is included in my book, The Spiritual Feminist, and it’s probably somewhere on this blog if you care to search for it.)

      The candle ~ green for money

      I don’t have a specific spell to make your husband agreeable, but check out the page of Command & Compel Spells, you’ll probably find something useful there.

      Your lawyer and his big mouth ~ slippery elm & cloves
      For a simple fix, write his name on a piece of paper, place it in a jar with the herbs, and screw the lid on.

      • I think I’ve decided to try to beef tongue spell. But if you think the compel spells would be more useful, I will try those. Can I do the beef tongue and the compel spells? Should I do these during the waxing crescent moon on Thursday or the day before the mediation? I don’t want to go to court and want the mediation to be successful. I don’t have slippery elm. thanks for your help 🙂

        • Excellent choice, I’ve used the Beef Tongue Court Case Spell myself during a divorce. It worked for me. The command/compel spells will only be more useful if you wish to exert some control over your husband. If this is your goal, go for it. You can do any combination of spells you want to do. No one can tell you how to practice your magick. There’s lots of things going on in your life, so you have a lot of issues to deal with, and this means you’re probably going to be doing lots of things to move lots of energy, all simultaneously. The moon phase and the day you choose to cast depends entirely on what you’re trying to do — bring something to you, or send something away. Here’s a link to a page at The Witch’s Corner full of correspondences for spells:

          Slippery Elm ~ you can purchase this at any metaphysical shop, and if you don’t have access to a shop like this, you can go to a drug store, look in the vitamin and herbal supplement aisle and you should find a bottle containing slippery elm in capsule form. Simply open the capsules and use the powder in the creation of your spell.

          • You are awesome! I want to bring something to me. Even though mediation isn’t until the 30th, I think doing the spells on the waxing crescent moon on Thursday will work. That will give it time to really work before the 30th. I hadn’t thought about buying a capsule of slippery elm and using that but I did manage to get the other herbs and make some compelling oil and four thieves vinegar. I held the candles in my hands to connect to them. You are so right about moving energies, spot on in fact. I have gone from feeling hopeless and helpless to feeling empowered. Is it okay if I say out loud while doing the spells that no one will be hurt from this magic? In fact what I need will not negatively impact anyone but will help me a great deal. Thank you so much for this information and your energy and support! Many blessings to you and yours.

            • Hi, Bonnie! It’s perfectly okay for you to say out loud whatever it is that connects you with the spell you are crafting, with the results that you desire, with the favored outcome that you are working towards. I think it’s a wonderful idea to state out loud that you wish to harm none with the working of this spell. You’ve got good instincts for this sort of thing, don’t hesitate to follow them.

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