Woman Speak

My Google Hangout: Woman Speak

Premiering: FRIDAY, January 9th, 3pm-3:30pm CST

My Google Profile: https://plus.google.com/115470498364726846205/posts?hl=en

Explore the world of women, witches, and pagans on a variety of levels at Woman Speak. Reconnect with The Goddess. Find healing, empowerment, and sisterhood through Matriarchal Divinity. The topics are pagan, occult, new-age, paranormal, and supernatural. The topics will also center around feminism, relationships, family, careers, writing, and books…(Woman Speak– exploring women’s issues.)


*Note: to join me “live” and participate at Woman Speak, you have to be on my Google Friends list.


2 thoughts on “Woman Speak

    • Hi, Solodrephantom!…actually, my first attempt at a “google hangout” was a total wash– I had neglected to link my Youtube Channel with my Google+ Page, but this has been corrected, so the next attempt (I’m assuming) will be successful.

      I sat there watching the “minutes countdown” until it was down to 0, and then the whole thing just sat there frozen. Also, I’m a bit concerned– I think the window with this frozen hangout is still there, and I’m not sure how this works…will this window become the “new window” when I hit the Start button Friday afternoon? Will this frozen window interfere with the beginning of the new show? I’m not sure. I’m still figuring all this out.

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