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My Magick Box

A special gift box to set someone
on their magickal journey.

One-of-a-Kind Item!!
(only one available)

Here’s a peek inside My Magick Box,

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  This box is loaded with magickal goodies for the new witch, and would be the perfect “Starter Kit”.  This box would also be just the thing for the seasoned witch who wants to add some new items to her magickal cupboard.  It is the perfect Yule gift!
1)  Candles ~ 3 white votive candles, ready to set with any intention; and three black votive candles ready to disperse negative energy, uncross crossed conditions, and to provide protection2)  Oils ~ uncrossing oil; money oil; love oil; protection oil; black cat oil

3)  Herbs ~ rosemary, sage, mint, cloves and rose petals; for beauty/blessing, cleansing, money/prosperity, protection, and love

4)  Incense ~ 12 Nag Champa cones

5) One rose quartz pendulum in a black velvet bag ~ the perfect divination tool

6)  Four stones ~ one for each of the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water

7)  Voodoo Dollies ~ red, for love; green, for money or health; black, for protection.

8)  Book of Shadows ~ a pink leather bound journal (pen included)

9)  Other items included:  straight pins; ribbons…white, red, green, black; 8 white gauze drawstring bags; sea salt; cemetery dirt; coffin nails

My Magick Box

$175.99+ postage

click  HERE  and scoll down

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New @ The Witch’s Corner ~ Incense Blends!

I’ve been having So Much Fun blending — and burning! — my own incense.  I’ve added this product to The Witch’s Corner with three incenses:  #1 Love ~ Romantic Love/Self-love/Positive Energy; #2 Meditation; #3 Cleansing/Purifying.  As I develop new blends, I’ll be adding them to THIS PAGE!

Click on the link above to visit & check out my new incense blends.

Blessings, Amythyst




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From The Witch’s Corner ~ Making Incense with Your Kitchen Spices

I am a WITCH on a BUDGET! I’m always thinking of ways to Use What I Have around the house and incorporate it into my magickal practice.  One of my favorite things to work with is incense.  There’s just something about scent that puts you in a perfect frame of mind for all kinds of magick.  It helps me to focus on my intention, and it keeps me centered and inspired with all kinds of good positive energy.  We can’t all afford expensive incense and fancy burners.  Did you know that you can make Loose Powdered Incense from the everyday ingredients in your kitchen cupboard?  Well, you can; and this video will show you how to do it, and how well it works…the only thing we’re lacking is a “scratch n’ sniff”!  Enjoy the video, and have fun making your own incense.  Blessings, Amythyst

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From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

I decided at the last minute to shoot this video when I was going to prepare my oil burner with some herbs for divination and spirit contact.  I was planning on doing some divination later in the day, dealing with the topic of spirit communication, and my girls had been at me for a long time to sit down at the table with them and a Ouija board.  I wanted to burn some herbs in my oil burner (potpourrie style) to set the energy in the house on that wave length.
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Avec Soin – Romance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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A Love Filled Afternoon! ~ Florida Water, Lodestones, Love Magick (video)

Hello, Everyone!…Join me for a wonderful afternoon filled with love magick. This was a very impromptu video, which I decided at the last minute to shoot.  I had lots of magickal work to do today.  I decided to work outside on my deck, and I set the camera up so you all could join me .  In this video I’m making Florida Water (my own recipe!); I’m bringing out my Lodestones for some magnetic love magick, and I’ll explain a bit about lodestones, how to choose them when you’re buying your own, how to cleanse them, anoint & baptize them, and name them.  I’m also going to dress a candle for a love spell, which is an actual spell that’s going up on my candle altar for a client.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  I tried to cover everything I could think of when I was busy putting all these magickal endeavors together, but I squeezed a lot of information and topics into one video, and there may be something else you’d like to know.

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FAQ ~ Old Herbs, Male Witches, the Queen Stage (video podcast)

In this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, the topics are:
1.  Herbs ~ When they get old, do I have to throw them out?
2. Male Witches
3. Queen Stage of Women’s Mysteries ~ I also discuss the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and how they all transcend age and biology!

“The Smell of Magick”


7 Day Spell Candle for Abundant Prosperity

Today  is Sunday, first day of the week; and it is the night of the Dark Moon.  Both imply to me “new beginnings”, fresh starts, the perfect time to begin new magickal endeavors that will build and perk and grow with the coming days of the week,  and with the waxing of the Moon.  I decided to begin on this day a seven day spell candle for “Abundant Prosperity”, not just prosperity, mind you, but “Abundant Prosperity”.  We might as well hit the universe up for some good staunch energy if we’re going to do it at all, sez I.

Here’s how I did it ~

Items needed:
a large flat plate or platter
1 long green taper candle
6 small yellow taper candles (either the really slender ones, or in my case, I used birthday candles)
6 straight pins
herbs…patchouli, allspice, and mint
Prosperity Oil
green or gold glitter
a pencil to carve into your candle
(you can also use a ritual knife, or some other sharp object, but I prefer a pencil)
matches (of course)

The Method:
1.  Use the pencil to carve your name into the long green taper candle, starting at the bottom of the candle and writing up towards the wick (to draw something TO you).  Turn the candle over, and starting again at the bottom of the candle working upwards to the wick, carve the words Abundant Prosperity into the candle.

2.  Put a small amount of Money Oil in the palm of your hand and anoint the candle, beginning at the bottom of the candle and sliding upwards towards the wick (to draw something TO you).  Do this with each of the 6 small yellow candles as well.

3.  Hold the green master candle by the wick with one hand, and sprinkle onto the candle, beginning at the bottom and moving up to the wick, patchouli and allspice.  Next sprinkle the candle with glitter.

4.  Lay the green taper candle down on it’s side and make 6 marks with the pencil or knife along the candle’s length, as evenly apart as you can.  You can use a ruler if you feel the need to be super precise, but this isn’t necessary, you can just eyeball it.  Once you’ve made these marks, push one straight pin into each of the 6 marks.  You’ve now divided your green taper candle into 7 segments.

5.  It’s time to place your taper candle in a candle holder and set it in the center of your plate or platter.  (If you don’t have a candle holder, you can melt the bottom of the candle with a match and set it onto the plate, but I prefer a candle holder for a large taper that I’m going to be burning over the course of several days.)  Take the 6 small yellow candles and melt the bottom, which will allow you to set them firmly on the plate surrounding the master candle, which I did with my small birthday candles, because they are tiny, they stand well, and they are burned up in minutes.

6.  Take the mint and place a line of the herb around the edge of your plate, either in a circle to move the magical energy along, or in a square, which implies that the prosperity coming to you will have substance, stability, and solidity– I like this idea, so I placed the mint around my candles in a square.

7.  Now your plate or platter is all set up and all that’s left to do is to light your candles.  Begin by lighting the 6 small yellow candles, speaking your intentions as you go…”Bring prosperity to me.  Bring Abundant Prosperity to me.  Bring prosperity to me that comes from a happy place.” Use your own words, tell the candles just exactly what it is you want in very specific terms.  Last, light the master candle, still speaking your intentions, letting this candle know exactly what its job is.

8.  Each day, you will let the master candle burn until one of the pins fall out.  When this happens you will snuff out the candle (Snuff, Don’t Blow); and you will relight the master candle the next day, until another pin falls out; and the next day, until another pin falls out; until on the 7th day, the last pin falls.

9.  After the entire green taper candle has burned itself out, you can use the pins to make a mojo bag or a talisman for your prosperity altar.  You can stick them into business cards, you can stick them into real paper money, you can create a mojo bag to keep in your purse or piggy bank.  There are so many ways that you can use these very powerful tools that are now filled with energy to bring prosperity into your life.


By the time I was ready to take this photo, my 6 tiny yellow taper candles surrounding the green master candle had burned completely out.  This is part of a new prosperity altar that I’ve moved into my living-room.  To this altar I added my “Lucky Buddha”, I’ve had him for years, and I love his happy very green energy.  At his feet, are paper play-money bills in each denomination (100, 50, 20, 10, & 5); on top of this paper play money are four real coins in each denomination (a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and a penny).  I will use the coins, along with the straight pins to create a powerful money drawing talisman for my own use.  The “extras” that you see on my altar are my own personal additions to my spell work; the platter and the spell candles are sufficient for the spell itself, and if you don’t want to add anything else, you will be magically set with that.