The following blog post is a short excerpt from my book: The Spiritual Feminist Imbolc (February 2) The Goddess celebrates renewed fertility, fertility of body, mind, and spirit.  Seeds are sown now for future harvests; the bricks and mortar of new paths and new adventures are laid.  The Goddess is reborn as her younger self, … Continue reading Imbolc

The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate October! ~ Full Moon & Samhain

Samhain (October 31) The goddess is old and wizened. She’s settling into this stage of her persona to reap the benefit of all that she has experienced, all that has transpired on her journey to this point. She’s preparing for the dark months, gathering her harvest about her, both for her physical survival and her … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate October! ~ Full Moon & Samhain

The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox

Wine Moon Herbs: lilac, mugwort, marjoram, rose, thyme Stones: sapphire, bloodstone, rainbow obsidian Scents: gardenia, rose, lilac Colors: brown, yellow-green, amber Trees: hazel, larch, bay Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Astrological Signs: Virgo, Libra Elements: Earth/Air Crafting Your Magic: Feminine energy is highlighted, receptive energy. Cast magic to draw inward, magic to draw those things-- both … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Celebrate September! ~ Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox

The Witch’s Desk: Lammas!

 We're gearing up for the first Pagan harvest festival of the year:  Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh in some traditions).  How time flies; it's this time of year again.  Summer may still feel in full-swing in your area, but Mother Nature is tapping us on the shoulder with this first harvest of grain, reminding us … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Lammas!

Good-by Sweet Summer

For all the Pagans out there who celebrate Mabon (the autumnal equinox), may you have a glorious day of equal sun-light & darkness.  The dark season will be upon us now, before we know it.  This means that I will happily light candles around the house earlier and earlier in the evening and relish their … Continue reading Good-by Sweet Summer