Samhain Magick ~ Calling in the Ancestors

October's Special! A Magickal Bag of Items created for this Magickal Month Samhain Magick Calling in the AncestorsThis bag includes:1. Black Cat Oil 2.  a black candle 3. a mini ghost poppet (white) 3.  Ancestor's Oil 4.  Mugwort 5.  3 straight pins Dark Moon Special! Samhain Magick Spell Bag $24.99  click  HERE and scroll down Blog … Continue reading Samhain Magick ~ Calling in the Ancestors

Resurrection ~ The Rebirth of Spring ~ Ostara’s Personal Connection for Me

The Spring Equinox:  Ostara (March 21) The Goddess manifests her treasures in the material world, and Mother Earth marks this event with the emergence of plants and young animals, setting the stage once again for future harvests, both those of the physical world and those of the spiritual realm.  The miracle of birth is highlighted, … Continue reading Resurrection ~ The Rebirth of Spring ~ Ostara’s Personal Connection for Me

My October Newsletter is Out

This newsletter is jam-packed with personal photos of Samhain's past, my own recipes for pumpkin pie & hot apple cider, a *gorgeous* Samhain video, as well as the usual stones and bones, herbs and tarot, spells and 'stuff'.  It's a boiling cauldron of witchy information and links to supplies and occult merchandise.The spell for this month...a ritual: Breathing … Continue reading My October Newsletter is Out

Happy Holidays!

Whatever it is you celebrate this time of year, I wish you joy, peace, and good health.  I hope you have the opportunity of spending these holidays with your loved ones, and be thankful for all those faces 'round your table.