The Magick of a Thundershower

This is my first attempt at creating an ambient music video (the music is courtesy of the royalty free public-domain music lists offered for download by Youtube). Ironically, the song that I chose was titled "Hydra", how perfect is that! This was fun, and it sparked my interest to try again, and maybe to save … Continue reading The Magick of a Thundershower

Magickal Preparations for Winter

1.  Cleanse each room of energy debris...The negative stuff, the dark and ugly energy lurking in the corners and beneath the couch and chairs, the energy that hides in the cubbies and closets and scares those children who sense it...smudge, incense, burn candles, and bring out that magickal broom-- sweep, sweep, sweep that space clean.  … Continue reading Magickal Preparations for Winter