Paranormal Quest

I started a new video blog series at my Youtube Channel:  Paranormal Quest.  We started off the first episode last night with an evening session on a Ouija Board.  The following video is the result.  

The Witch’s Desk: How do you detect the presence of Spirits in your house?

This is my question-of-the-week, and I thought it would be refreshing to get away from the topic of relationships for a while.  Spirits are always interesting, though they are not always fun, but mostly (from my own experience) they actually are.  This is just me, or maybe it's that I've only had pleasant or neutral … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: How do you detect the presence of Spirits in your house?

Personal Notes: Paranormal Investigation

The small cozy little house sitting on the edge of the woods looked peaceful and content, not revealing at all its history of tragic deaths, nor it’s ghostly visitors. At one hundred years old, this house has a long rich history of families and familial events and milestones. It has witnessed weddings, births, graduations, personal … Continue reading Personal Notes: Paranormal Investigation

December Newsletter- includes Paranormal Investigation

December 2009 Newsletter!The most exciting part of this month’s newsletter will be found in Ghost Hunting 101 “This November my coven sister Mare & I, along with some siblings/partners/friends, went on a ghost hunting adventure armed with an EMF detector, Mare's pendulum, and lot's of enthusiasm. The house we were investigating had been Mare's childhood … Continue reading December Newsletter- includes Paranormal Investigation