Affirmations ~ Time for Reinforcement: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally

The following blog post is an excerpt from my book, The Spiritual Feminist.  This book was a journey.  It was not just a writing process; it was self-therapy, it was revolutionizing new thoughts, it was hindsight recorded for my daughters, it was a journey through my life at so many points...until I suddenly realized that … Continue reading Affirmations ~ Time for Reinforcement: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally

“The Spiritual Feminist”– Cover & Release Date!!!

Big BOOK NEWS!!!....Here's the cover for my next book, "The Spiritual Feminist"!!! I love it!! Thank you to all the talented editors & artists at Moon Books! (You guys are awesome!) The artist who did the Apple Heart sculpture for the cover is my daughter Anne! This piece is inspired by the Adam & Eve myth and is … Continue reading “The Spiritual Feminist”– Cover & Release Date!!!

The Witch’s Desk: Women Learning to Trust Women

I watched a wonderful DVD series this week highlighting the birth of feminine spirituality.  It was full of all the inspiring women of the time-- Starhawk, Jean Bolyn, Merlin Stone, Shekinah Mountainwater, as well as a score of other eloquent and beautiful Ladies (authors, activists, film producers, artists, etc.).  The main concept that struck me was the … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Women Learning to Trust Women

Mother Goddess

Hail Mother Goddess, full of grace; Your consort is with You. Blessed art thou among humanity. And blessed is your creation-- Mother Earth and Father Sky, And all that dwell within. Mother Goddess, creatrix of the world, Be with us now and throughout all incarnations.   Blessed Be   © Amythyst Raine 2011    

This Sunday’s Radio Show…

Mama Fortuna has changed the schedule for my appearance on her radio program, Temple of Fortuna... It will be this Sunday, *June 20*, and here's the link: This show is for global Pagans who want to attend an audio version of our Pagan worship services from the privacy of their own homes. We will … Continue reading This Sunday’s Radio Show…

An Empowering Spell for Women

This spell is from:  "Dancing the Goddess Incarnate", co-written by Dorothy Morrison and Kristen MaddenThe She-Who-Doesn't-Give-A-Hoot ritualYou will need: 1 purple, red, orange, yellow candle; 2 tsp each of dried thyme, lavender, cinnamon; 1 small piece of black onyx/black tourmaline, blue goldstone (also known as blue sunstone); 1 hat (something that appeals to you, but … Continue reading An Empowering Spell for Women