Choose Your Goddess

The following information is an excerpt from my book, "The Spiritual Feminist", which was written to connect us to the goddess, as well as to embrace matriarchal divinity and our journey through it as women of the goddess. This book is a celebration of feminine divinity, and our feminine experience in life. You will find … Continue reading Choose Your Goddess

Affirmations ~ Time for Reinforcement: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally

The following blog post is an excerpt from my book, The Spiritual Feminist.  This book was a journey.  It was not just a writing process; it was self-therapy, it was revolutionizing new thoughts, it was hindsight recorded for my daughters, it was a journey through my life at so many points...until I suddenly realized that … Continue reading Affirmations ~ Time for Reinforcement: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally

“The Spiritual Feminist”– Cover & Release Date!!!

Big BOOK NEWS!!!....Here's the cover for my next book, "The Spiritual Feminist"!!! I love it!! Thank you to all the talented editors & artists at Moon Books! (You guys are awesome!) The artist who did the Apple Heart sculpture for the cover is my daughter Anne! This piece is inspired by the Adam & Eve myth and is … Continue reading “The Spiritual Feminist”– Cover & Release Date!!!

The Witch’s Desk: Women Learning to Trust Women

I watched a wonderful DVD series this week highlighting the birth of feminine spirituality.  It was full of all the inspiring women of the time-- Starhawk, Jean Bolyn, Merlin Stone, Shekinah Mountainwater, as well as a score of other eloquent and beautiful Ladies (authors, activists, film producers, artists, etc.).  The main concept that struck me was the … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Women Learning to Trust Women

Mother Goddess

Hail Mother Goddess, full of grace; Your consort is with You. Blessed art thou among humanity. And blessed is your creation-- Mother Earth and Father Sky, And all that dwell within. Mother Goddess, creatrix of the world, Be with us now and throughout all incarnations.   Blessed Be   © Amythyst Raine 2011    

This Sunday’s Radio Show…

Mama Fortuna has changed the schedule for my appearance on her radio program, Temple of Fortuna... It will be this Sunday, *June 20*, and here's the link: This show is for global Pagans who want to attend an audio version of our Pagan worship services from the privacy of their own homes. We will … Continue reading This Sunday’s Radio Show…

An Empowering Spell for Women

This spell is from:  "Dancing the Goddess Incarnate", co-written by Dorothy Morrison and Kristen MaddenThe She-Who-Doesn't-Give-A-Hoot ritualYou will need: 1 purple, red, orange, yellow candle; 2 tsp each of dried thyme, lavender, cinnamon; 1 small piece of black onyx/black tourmaline, blue goldstone (also known as blue sunstone); 1 hat (something that appeals to you, but … Continue reading An Empowering Spell for Women