FAQ ~ Old Herbs, Male Witches, the Queen Stage (video podcast)

In this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, the topics are: 1.  Herbs ~ When they get old, do I have to throw them out? 2. Male Witches 3. Queen Stage of Women's Mysteries ~ I also discuss the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and how they all transcend age and biology! "The Smell of Magick" https://wytchymystique.com/2011/09/10/the-smell-of-magick/ http://ladyamythyst.comContinue reading FAQ ~ Old Herbs, Male Witches, the Queen Stage (video podcast)

New Moon Magick

Happy New Moon energy!...Take advantage of this New Moon to rid yourself of negativity, negative people, or circumstances; use it as a path to start over, start something new, or to develop a fresh plan for life. Work magick now for abundance and manifestation at the Full Moon. Embrace the Dark Mother. Use this night … Continue reading New Moon Magick