Which Goddess Guides You?

Do you have a particular Goddess who is your patroness?  How did you choose Her, or did She choose you?  Have you had a spiritual experience through this Goddess?  What do you do to honor this Feminine Divinity?

…I’m working on my 5th book, which deals with spiritual feminism and matriarchal spirituality.  I’d like to include in this book women’s personal experiences with the goddess.  The material received may be included (anonymously, of course) in this book.  If you’d like to relate your experiences, you can leave a message here, or if it’s too personal, you can send me a private email at:


Blessed Be


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  1. veledalantia says:

    I worked with the Great Mother in all her Manifestitons..but since i was Initiat as Her Seapriestress i’am patroned by the Goddesses Nehallenia, Yemaija and ..since the last two Weeks , Venus/Aphrodite. It’s kind a funny where that diffrent Goddess’es and her Lessons to me.
    blessed be Sister )O(

  2. I Love how you write and explain everything you seriously make me feel like we are on a one on one talking face to face with me.

  3. Sindr says:

    I’ve worked with a few of my Powers That Be, but the one which I have worked with and learned the most from was Oya. I never was initiated into voudou or any of the traditions but as I’ve heard from people who have, Orisha tend to just say “You, yes, YOU. Get here!” I didn’t have a whole lot of say in the matter. If I tried to ignore and run, my life would eventually grind to a halt. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been valuable Work and I am grateful.

    To honour Oya I do work for her, primarily working with psychopomp and guiding people in their transition from this life and into the next. I am also a Sacred Mourner although I am still trying to perfect that Work. I am often the contact of last resort in many ways for many people; for transition, if they’re struggling with legal issues or with abusive spouses, or they need a fast change (not necessarily a comfortable one). I honour her by doing this Work in her name when it comes to me.

  4. I hope to contribute Amythyst! Do you have a deadline by chance?

    1. Hi, Lisa! 🙂 …I’m going to be working on this book for the rest of this year. I’m hoping to have the first draft ms complete by next January. (and I would be thrilled to hear about your experiences)

      1. Sweet! Thanks for update, love your stuff 🙂

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