The Divine Me: Embracing Your Inner Goddess [excerpt]

[Excerpt from one of the “Facing the Mirror” sections… Facing the Mirror: How do you connect with yourself?]

·       Be aware of changes in your energy

Yes, learn to do this. It could save your life.

I was at a stop light in Fremont, Nebraska, southbound on Broad St. I was driving, my now ex-husband was sitting in the passenger seat.

All of the sudden, yep, there it was, that “change” in energy. It’s so hard to describe because it can be so subtle. My reaction to it was that I froze. The red light turned green, and still, I sat there, frozen. My ex was shouting at me now, “Move, go!! The light is green!”

Nope, my body wouldn’t budge.

Within seconds, a car went speeding through a red light in front of us, west bound on 23rd St., at 60 or 70 miles an hour. If I would’ve been making my left hand turn onto this street, it would have broadsided us.

After this vehicle whooshed through this intersection, yep, there it was again, that weird change in energy. I was no longer frozen. I was also miffed at the man in the passenger seat and his attitude, so I turned to him calmly as he sat there now in shocked silence, open-mouthed, and I said, “Okay, now it’s time to move.”

  • · Write down your dreams

I used to keep dream journals, but then I used to remember my dreams. Not so much anymore unless it’s a visitation dream. That’s a dream where the spirit of a departed loved one visits you. They are usually very vivid dreams, you will acutely feel the departed spirit’s presence, and you will not forget the dream. Sometimes your departed family member may have an important message to leave with you.

My great-grandmother showed up to tell me it was okay. I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in several years before she passed. So, she showed herself with her lips tied shut, much like you see on voodoo dolls in hoodoo horror flicks, which was her way of emphasizing a lack of communication. It was an alarming sight at first, but I quickly realized her implications. Then I heard her voice telepathically in my mind: “It’s okay.” Immediately, there was a feeling of peace.

It was her way of acknowledging that even though it had been a long time since we’d seen or spoken with each other, all our ties and our relationship were intact. Always was, always would be.

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There’s a little goddess in every woman… yes, there is, and you’re going to find the little goddess in you with the help of this book. Take an unorthodox look at the history, myths, and legends of goddesses from around the world. Learn how to tap into their energy and harness it to aid you in your mortal journey.

Along the way, let’s “Face the Mirror”, and take a good look at what you need to concentrate on to be the best you can be and let your inner goddess shine.

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[excerpt]  Introduction:

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique unto them. My grandmother had me secretly baptized in the Catholic Church, against my parents’ wishes, when I was seven years old. I remember the pink frothy party dress, standing at the fountain and bending over so a robed man could pour water over my head and then sprinkle salt on my tongue.

This baptism would herald an on again off again connection with the Catholic Church at my grandmother’s whim, including a 7th and 8th grade stint in a Catholic Parochial school.

At thirteen, I wanted to be a Jew.

Every Friday evening, I secretly lit a brass candelabra of white birthday cake candles in my bedroom and recited words of my own design, in order to honor the Sabbat (is that the right word?)

At seventeen, consumed with romantic revenge, I cast a nasty magic spell in secret in my grandmother’s basement. It involved red candles, red ink, and a photograph of the boy. It involved some emotional words, spitting, and a dramatic moment when I drew a large red X over the midsection of the image.

It worked.

And with this spell I felt, for the first time, total satisfaction with a spiritual path, a spiritual experience, and all the fallout that followed.

It scared me silly at the time, but it also reinforced in me that I was cut from a different spiritual cloth than most people in my circles. I was certainly different, although it would take years of reading, learning, and practicing to realize just how different.

What did I learn from my experiences?

I learned that spiritually, there are a lot of options out there. I learned that it’s fun to explore. I learned that it doesn’t matter what other people believe, or how they choose to practice their spirituality, even if they think it’s the only way. I learned that you never stop learning, and the paths you can take are endless, amazing, surprising, unpredictable, and life altering.

Now it’s time for you to explore your spiritual path. This book will help you do that.

Keep an open mind, believe in the unbelievable and the unseen. Don’t be afraid to look where other people fear to go. Don’t be afraid to explore the deepest parts of yourself. Believe me, when you finally find your ground, the journey will have been well worth it.