I’ll Be *Here* December 5th!

I'll be here: Craft Show! Christensen Field Christensen Field Rd Fremont, NE Saturday, December 5th, 9am-3pm I'll be giving TAROT READINGS and selling a variety of new-age occult novelty items. Readings will run $10.00 for 10 minutes. New-Age Merchandise that will be offered includes items found on these pages plus other items not listed. http://www.ladyamythyst.com/newagemerchandise.htmContinue reading I’ll Be *Here* December 5th!

The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

All questions are posted as received, no editing (except to delete identities), as all questions are posted anonymously.  You can contact me through the submission form in the side-bar on the home page at my website The Witch’s Corner.  (Hopefully I haven't repeated any questions I've already answered in a previous blog post, but if … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

My Wedding Ring: Labradorite

I started off my marriage to Joe with a traditional wedding band-- a channel ring with diamonds, purchased at a fancy-schmancy jewelry store in Omaha.  I don't have it now (long story, this will be another blog post for another time).  I needed a replacement.  Joe is very "traditional" about some things (not so much … Continue reading My Wedding Ring: Labradorite

Steampunk Bleu

The Collection   Necklace #1 Necklace #1 (Turquoise Sphere) $20.00  Necklace #2 Necklace #2 (Peace) $20.00 Necklace #3   Necklace #3 (Eiffel Tower) $20.00 Necklace #4   Necklace #4 (Gears) $20.95 Sold! Earrings #1 Earrings #1 (Eiffel Tower) $12.95 Earrings #2   Earrings #2 (Skeleton Key) $12.95 Sold!  Earrings #3 Earrings #3 (Blue Beads) $12.95 … Continue reading Steampunk Bleu

Metal Magick

I've got new bracelet/ring sets in at Enchanted Jewelry, beautifully handcrafted from alpaca silver, brass, and copper.  There are a variety of styles, but only five sets available at this time.  The rings average a size 8. Copper Energy: receptive (feminine) Planet: Venus Element: Water Powers: direction energy; healing; luck; love; protection; money During ancient … Continue reading Metal Magick

Prehnite: My Stone of Choice

I was browsing through "The Crystal Healer: crystal prescriptions that will change your life forever" looking for a stone that would compliment the energies I'm dealing with in my life at the moment, a stone that would enhance any natural gifts and give me a leg up on any health issues, a stone that would enhance any chances for opportunities … Continue reading Prehnite: My Stone of Choice

May Updates: Heading into Summer

I’m happy to be back to business as usual, more or less, and I’ve resumed tarot readings, including personal private local readings. If you live in or near the Fremont, Nebraska, area, you can receive a personal reading with me by going to this page (click Here) and purchasing a private reading through the Paypal … Continue reading May Updates: Heading into Summer