Tumblr ~ Week-In-Review

Better come see what you’re missin’!!

Huzzah, it’s been a hell-of-a-week.

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2 thoughts on “Tumblr ~ Week-In-Review

  1. Lovely Morning Glory photo! We had some in our backyard at a point in time (and here in San Diego, they get too invasive and we had to pull it out). When the vines were healthy and blooming, I made flower essence with it (her) and the plant spirit came in a dream later to tell and show me that she was for helping to recognize and cultivate beauty. How cool! I know that others had found she helps in breaking habits and for those who are not morning people. Sharing your Tumblr link with a friend of mine who lives in your state and has lived in CA so she knows the contrast if you will! Hang in there lovely lady! I know some stuff will fall in place in the right way! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lisa, for the encouragement! And I absolutely adore Morning Glories, they’re one of my favorite flowers. And I adore magickal people who can see plant spirits and communicate with them– the whole world should be made up of such people. How wonderful it would be.

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