Your Daily Cards ~ another website, another update

I have just updated “Your Daily Cards” at my second website. You’ll find this hand written reading in the right side-bar, at the top, right under the picture you see below. If viewing on your phone, click on “view web version”, or you won’t see the sidebar.


Your Daily Cards

I just updated “Your Daily Cards” at my website. This hand written reading is in the right sidebar under this title, scroll down, it’s right above the image you see below. If viewing on your phone, click on “view web version”, or you won’t see the sidebar.

Tarot Spread ~ One Question Spread

At a certain point in this video, I give you a moment to formulate the one question that you want answers to. Even though this is a general reading, I’m sure that many of you will be surprised at the results. That’s just the way the tarot rolls. I have opened up comments for this video at YouTube. Let’s see how closely this reading resonated with you.

An Unexpected Opportunity ~ close your eyes and be still

  • Ace/wands

There is an amazing (and perhaps unexpected) opportunity that has presented itself to you.  You might find yourself engulfed in thought and speculation about this, going over all the “what ifs” and endless possibilities that come with this opportunity.  You’re spending a lot of time dwelling on it, but that’s okay, because the decision you make could be life altering. 

The cards say, “Close your eyes and be still.  You have a “gift”, so use it now… what do you see?”

Follow your intuition, your gut instinct, that little voice in your head.  They all speak the truth.

  • The Hierophant

You find yourself laughing at the synchronicity of it all.  The opportunity you so wished for, so longed for, maybe thought would never present itself, and there it was, all the time… following you as you traveled through daily life.

  • The Hanged Man

You find yourself mentally stretching and languishing in the new-found sense of freedom that has presented itself to you… through this opportunity, no doubt.  There is a sense of freedom from prior obligations, a new-found sense of freedom from personal restrictions.

Life feels free flowing, spontaneous, magical, and absolutely sound and stable all at the same time.

You find yourself in a place where your mind, your thoughts, your creativity has no limitations and expands to fill the universe around you.  This is a tremendous period of growth on so many levels.  Wisdom approaches, gives you a nod of recognition and a sly smile.  “Once you know, you can never unknow,” he says.

  • Eight/pentacles   

In the end there is a new purpose, new work, new goals, a new focus.  This all sends you in a new direction, on a new journey, towards more exploration and a far distant future horizon.  What you see in the distance is your destiny.

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    Someone’s Secret Revealed ~ tarot podcast

    The Knight of Swords is going to come sweeping in with a big mouth, perhaps an ulterior motive, and a big secret to reveal. This secret is going to have a chaotic effect on a family (or a couple), with all kinds of fallout… If this reading resonates with you, who’s your character here? Are you the one with the secret? Or are you this Knight?

    Transitions ~ It’s going to be all about maintaining balance

    There are almost 600 videos I have created at my YouTube Channel, including many tarot readings in various forms. These videos represent my own viewpoints and personal practice. If you come across information you don’t agree with, that’s okay, just move on to the next video. You’re bound to find something of interest here.

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    Tarot Video ~ life is rushing at you

    There is a new tarot video up @ my YouTube channel, it runs about 20 minutes, and it’s filed in the “Desert Readings” playlist because it’s an early morning (or in this case late night) reading that’s done Off-Camera. You’ll love the candles though. I reveled in the darkened room and dancing light. Enjoy the reading, and I hope you make a tarot connection…

    Your Daily Cards ~ updated @ The Witch’s Corner

    I Updated “Your Daily Cards”, found in the right side-bar at The Witch’s Corner, if you’re viewing on your phone, you need to click on “view web version”

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    Welcome, visitors, to The Witch’s Corner. The reading found here is created specifically for this space and for you. If you have stumbled upon this humble little sidebar and this reading, be assured that it was Spirit’s intent that you find it.

    The cards: King/swords; The Empress; 4/cups; 9/wands; Temperance (the deck, Vintage Tarot)

    A Time Out ~ How long are you willing to wait?

    • My first impressions of these cards, my “scratchings”, as I call them:

    Someone coming to a full stop because they’re stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

    Someone who’s getting tired of waiting for them to come around.

    They may have been working on this issue for a long time, may also be work related.

    A time out, whether wanted, or asked for, or not.

    Still stubborn, hanging onto their opinion, not budging

    Something has come to a screeching halt, whether this is progress in a personal relationship, or plans for a future goal, work ambitions, travel plans, or something else that you had your heart set on and were excited about.  Everything just stopped.  It feels kind of deflating, actually, like there was this big adrenalin rush — excited and happy energy — and then, boom, like someone pulled the plug.


    Because this relationship, or these plans, involve a person who is extremely stubborn, bull-headed, and completely unwilling to compromise.  They don’t seem to want to budge an inch.  They’ve drawn a line in the sand and it looks like they’ll fight to the death for the principle of the thing, for what they think is right — though it feels an awful lot like someone has their priorities all messed up here.  Honestly, idiot, you feel like you just want to smack them (Spirit’s words, not mine).

    And you — whom this reading is really for — are getting so tired of waiting for this stubborn person to come around.  You might be waiting for a very long time, even an indefinite period of time, Spirit warns.  You have to ask yourself how long you’re willing to wait for a compromise, and would the wait really be worth it, even if this person eventually comes around to a positive point of view — whenever that might be.

    This is an issue that’s been on the table, in the work’s, for a very long time.  And it’s very possible for some of you reading this that this is work related, just to give you a heads up, in case you might want to consider moving on to something new.

    There is a definite time-out coming to this situation, whether it’s wanted or not.  There is the feeling that something might be time sensitive here, or that you might just plain run out of energy to deal with it, or the whole idea gets to the point where it just dissipates, like fog when the sun comes out.  And you know what, just like the day changes when the fog lifts and the sun shines, your life might change that way too, get all sunny and promising again, if you let this issue die and move on to something more constructive, more promising.

    Think about it.  I don’t see this person letting their guard down long enough to listen to anyone else’s opinion, or to look at this from a new perspective, anytime soon.  They feel pretty set in their ways.  It’s your time too, how long are you willing to wait?

    Sabotaging Yourself ~ Your saving grace comes in the guise of a Queen

    Someone has a desire, a wish, that is at the heart of all they do and think about and probably plan for.  The thing is, they might be sabotaging themselves, foiling their own plans and future.  How?…”Why” might be kind of interesting here as well.

    Here’s what the cards are going to tell us…

    From here on out, I’m going to speak directly to the person this reading is intended for, so I’ll be using the pronouns that point in that direction.  If this is NOT a reading that is connecting with you, disregard the personal pronouns, but think about the people you know and if this reading could pertain to one of them. 

    You aren’t going to be going anywhere, or getting nowhere, either or both.  You will be feeling the frustration over your lack of progress, and the reason for this lack of progress may be the fact that you’re trying to keep someone in the dark.  This gives the impression of a person working toward a goal, but keeping it a secret, or at least secret from certain people.

    The energy is filled with the idea that you’re hiding something from someone.

    This makes for a very tense atmosphere, because keeping secrets or ulterior motives unrecognized takes a lot of energy.  You always have to be on your guard so you don’t slip up.  This may also be giving you what appears to others as a very defensive attitude.  (There’s part of you that must realize this defensiveness is a childlike response to doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing, or doing something that you’re pretty sure most of the people in your life would disapprove of…  This is called a “conscience”, by the way, but it’s masquerading for now as defensiveness.)

    The phrase “wish upon a star” came to my mind.  But it lacked the whimsical fairy tale energy usually associated with it.  Instead came the idea that something will need to be sacrificed if you want to get what it is you desire.  My first response was a shudder:  what are you willing to sacrifice?  who or what will it hurt, if anyone?  and what will the lasting ramifications have on you?

    There is a saving grace to this scenario and this reading.

    This saving grace is an individual.  It’s represented by the Queen of pentacles, and my first impression is a female, of course.  She’s quiet and wise.  She’s nurturing and grounded and exudes a certain calmness.  She also doesn’t suffer fools and will be the first to tell someone if they’re doing something that is not a good idea.  Okay, I’m mincing words… she will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being stupid, and she doesn’t care what kind of response you give her, she’ll tell you anyway.

    She’s your saving grace.

    You can be upset with her for being honest and somewhat blunt, but don’t dismiss what she says.  If you do, you won’t get anywhere (the reversed chariot); and you’ll find yourself trying in vain to explain yourself (7 of wands); and you’ll discover that there is someone who can uncover your secret or figure out your motives after all (the reversed High Priestess).

    This Queen is your saving grace, know that and respect it, because the universe is not giving you a second chance here.

    The Story Finally Had to be Told

    These cards have been laying on the table beside my computer for days.  Sometimes, when I’ve sat down, I would pick a notebook up and jot down impressions from the cards.  I did this two or three times, until a story started to unfold.

    The story is about a couple, a young couple it seems, and how a jealous bystander, whether in the form of a “friend”, sibling, colleague, etc., played into the near destruction of their incredible connection.  No matter how strong a couple thinks they are, repeated and malicious invasive thoughts in the guise of “advice” from an outsider can chip away at the strongest foundations.  It’s a mind game, and it’s insidious.

    The couple were, of course, affected by the negativity of this individual and the insipid cloying conversations that ensued in the guise of good advice, and things this person “just thought you should know” — no matter how false and fabricated the stories.

    And the really vicious thing about it is this individual was apparently befriending both parties separately, worming their way in as a confidant and sounding board, someone with a shoulder to lean on, someone who (or so the individuals thought) had their best interest and the interest of the relationship at heart.  (So untrue, all of it, the only thing this poisonous connection wanted was to ruin something because it was beautiful and amazing and they didn’t have one like it.)

    There’s people out there like that, you know, as much as we might not want to believe it, or think about it.

    I’m not sure what turned events around, what opened this couples eyes to the truth and to each other, what betrayed the wolf in sheep’s clothing, what exposed the jealous plot to divide this couple.  Who saw it first; how did they approach this individual, if at all; how did they come to a joint realization that they were actually on the same page and didn’t need any outside assistance to maintain their relationship, thank you.

    I don’t have that information.  The cards wouldn’t tell me this.  But that’s okay, I don’t need to know.  The cards showed me the end of the story, the good part, the happy ever after ending, the ending that gives credence to loyalty and forever-love and magical life connections.

    The couple survived this onslaught, and I’m sure that they learned much from this experience, and needless to say, this will probably never happen to them again, because now they are “aware”, and once you “know”, you can never “unknow”.

    True love prevails… it’s true, it really does.

    Are you going to keep up appearances, or follow your heart?

    I thought this was going to be three separate readings on three separate topics for three separate individuals out there, that’s what I thought. Spirit — and the cards — had a different idea. I was amazed as these three readings unfolded and a definite theme emerged; it was obviously a story aimed at one individual with a definite question that needs to be addressed. So, I combined the three taped readings into one video. And the question remains: Are you going to keep up appearances, or are you going to follow your heart?

    The Hermit Experiences a Toxic Connection ~ learn from it & move on

    Happy 4th of July weekend to the Americans who are reading this blog post, and a heartwarming wave on a beautiful summer day to everyone else.  It feels like it’s been a short while since I’ve drawn any daily cards, and actually, the set of cards you see below were drawn three or four days ago.  I’ve left them lay by my computer so their energy could grow and their story could unfold.  So, here we go.

    I’ve finally jotted down my first impressions.  This is something I usually do privately, even during video readings, but I don’t film the process.  It’s rather a private thing, but maybe it shouldn’t be.  I won’t edit the content to these notes, I’ll type them in here as I wrote them.  Remember as you’re reading them, that my brain is receiving information very quickly, and receiving it two ways — through clairaudience (I’m hearing the words in my head) and through clairvoyance (I’m seeing the words in my head.  They appear as white chalk on a black board):

    Solitary time/seclusion.

    Tumultuous (maybe traumatic) life experience. Big changes.

    Pulled in two directions, not thinking clearly.

    Avoiding making a choice, choosing instead to retreat — within, maybe physically.

    • So, I’m ready for the whole story now, or most of it at least:

    The cards are telling me that this is someone who has spent a great deal of time alone, probably single, and that they are slow to trust, or to make new friends.  They are the proverbial “Hermit” in every sense of the world, a home body, engaged in their own interests and pursuits, some of which may seem “geeky” or “unusual” to the general public.

    I’m going to speak to this person directly now, so if this is you, here we go:

    Something happened, or someone appeared in your life, that prompted you to open the figurative door and allow someone in, allow someone to get close to you, possibly for the first time in your life, which understandably gave you a rush and a sense of awe at how intimate and amazing a personal connection can be.

    However, the world is full of people who do not have admirable intentions, and it’s full of people who are not ethical.  It’s also full of people who can convince you that they are all this and more, and they’re quite good at it.  I feel this is what happened to you.

    I’m not sure how long you were in contact with this person before reality hit and the polished veneer that they presented to you became cracked, foggy, and sadly muddied.  But eventually, this is what happened, and you — who were experiencing many things connected to a relationship for the first time — – was struck with harsh realties of the human condition and human behavior.

    • The message the cards are giving me for you… 

    This was a learning experience, and it’s one that you have survived.  Don’t let this one negative connection deter you from seeking friendship or love.  Besides that rare bad apple in the bushel, there’s a whole bunch of fresh beautiful honest people out there in whose company and friendship you will blossom and grow.  Take what you’ve learned, apply it where needed, and move forward in confidence with your life.

    Your Dominant Relationship ~ Your Mother or Your Spouse

    Good morning, World! Here’s our cards for today and a very important question/issue for someone out there. So, which is it? Always remember, tomorrow’s a new day, changes can be made, boundaries drawn, things done differently. It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf.

    It Might Take Some Awkward Conversation ~ for a 2nd chance

    Today’s early morning readings are full of on the spot intuitive perceptions and advice. Welcome to Arizona and my home. This morning we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, finances, personal connections, and life. If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find it too.

    There’s a couple out there that are really going to have to become transparent with each other and indulge in some really difficult and awkward conversations if they want to give their relationship a second chance.

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    So Personal ~ At the end of the day…

    The cards are being very precise and personal this morning and focusing on an issue that is very close to the heart.  I have no idea who this reading is for, but I also have no doubt that you will definitely know if it is you.

    At the center of this situation is an older male, feels like a father or father figure, and a younger individual, could be either male or female, but my feeling is that there is a deep familial connection between these two, and it isn’t always smooth.  Much head-butting and arguments here, but then, they feel incredibly alike, so that’s understandable.

    At the center of the latest confrontation lay:  1) a decision and 2) a new relationship that has some pitfalls and drawbacks, or baggage, connected to it 3) big changes, or something coming to a completion — or both.

    So, younger person, are you going to listen to the pros and cons (probably mostly cons) from your elder?  And elder, are you going to listen to the pros and cons (probably mostly pros) from your young person?

    I feel that the important issue in this group of cards is not the new relationship or any final decisions being made about it; the important issue is the relationship between father and child.

    Spirit is advising that you do not let decisions and disagreements (and stubbornness) in this physical world of man destroy a soul connection that is eternal.

    • To the elder:  their decision may be a mistake (and it may not be), but if it is they will learn from it and move on.  This may be something that they are suppose to experience in order to learn and progress.
    • To the youngster:  it’s difficult being a parent and setting free the small child (that you will always be in their mind and memory) and allowing them to go down a path that they feel is wrought with difficulty.  All parents want to spare their children from experiencing unpleasantness.

    At the end of the day, give each other a hug and persevere.

    One of Life’s Lessons Learned ~ good job!

    Someone has been so thrown for a loop over a significant change in their life:

    You didn’t have all the facts, or you most definitely weren’t expecting the tumultuousness of it all.  You might even feel a bit of betrayal, as though someone was keeping something from you, or perhaps even twisting the facts to their benefit, to make their argument stronger, more convincing.

    At this point, you may be wishing that you’d taken more time to think it over, or you may be wishing that you had not undertaken this change in the first place, or done it so quickly, or been so naively trusting.  But it’s too late now to retreat.  The best that you can do is find your voice to make your feelings known — loud, and clear, and honest.  The best that you can do now is face the individual that was not forthcoming with all the facts and pin them to the wall with your own knowledge and the pivotal points that you have uncovered through your own research (this is going to be necessary, you know that). 

    With all that said, you’ll come out of this wiser, with more self-confidence, and with a keener insight into human nature.  This is one of many life lessons that were waiting for you here, on the physical plane, and there will be more to come.  You’re learning how to handle difficult situations and people, how to dig up pertinent and solid information, and how to confront someone who is not being honest — good job!