Facebook and Couples ~ browsing separately together

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FB Friend Requests ~ Mysterious and ooky, Really Kinda’ Spooky

I don’t accept friends requests from people with blank profiles, or only very minimum information on themselves.  You know who I am, and if you want to be accepted to my friends list, I need to know who you are.

If you’ve put in a friend request and you fall into either of the categories above, send me a PM and let me know something about you.  Why do you want to be friends?  Who are you?  Where are you from?  How did you find me?  Do we have anything in common?  Do we share any connections on FB?  Where are you located?… (You know where I am, it’s only fair)

A Statement of Me ~ Facebook Madness

I recently posted the Jesus meme below on Facebook and was surprised that anyone following me was shocked or put off by it.  After all, I’ve always been very open about my paganism, my spirituality.  I’ve seen many posts by friends of different faiths and spiritual paths voicing very strong opinions and never thought of unfollowing them, or otherwise criticizing what they were saying.  It’s their FB Timeline, it’s their space, it’s their thoughts.

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I have never hidden the fact that I practice witchcraft and follow a philosophy that centers around matriarchal divinity.  On the contrary, considering the books I write and the business website I maintain, I’d say I flaunt it.  I have never deliberately tried to hide my opinions on other forms of spirituality.  I’ve often been heard to say, “The Judeo-Christian religion is the worst thing that could have ever happened to women.” (People who really know me aren’t the least bit shocked or offended, that’s just me).

On the Very Rare Occasions that I actually post something substantial about anything, I really feel it’s very tiresome to have people get their panties in a twist, all thrown up in arms because my opinion is different from theirs, because my opinion is strong and outspoken for a change. (Instead of all the humorous or inspirational neutral drivel that I generally post)  

When I post something serious, to the point, and even controversial… it has touched a chord with me!  It means something to me.  It has inspired or moved me in some way.  I’m not posting it to make you feel bad, or angry, or to start an argument or debate.  If you liked me before I spent 2 seconds creating this FB post, there should be no reason to dislike me or unfriend me 2 seconds after creating this post.  I’m the same person. 

Witch’s Chit-Chat: Facebook, Tarot, Books n’ More

This week I changed my user-name on Facebook, dropping the Wiccan title, so that my FB user-name is the same name being used on my books (Amythyst Raine). I thought it would make it easier for people to find me. I also changed the name on the url to my Facebook page before I realized that it would break the link everywhere I might have it posted– oops! So I’ve been trying to make the internet rounds and correct this, but I’m sure I’ve missed some links… My new FB url is: http://www.facebook.com/amythystraine


I’m working on my December newsletter, and this newsletter will be my last one. Because of other writing obligations, I’ll be discontinuing The Witch’s Corner newsletters indefinitely. This blog has become so successful (Magickal Connections), that I will be using this spot for updates, stories, inspiration, networking, promoting, and otherwise shooting the breeze. The links to all my newsletters, including the older archives, can be found in the sidebar (right side) on the home-page of The Witch’s Corner. Churning out newsletters on a regular basis, first monthly and later on quarterly, has been an experience in determination and perseverance!

For anyone who might not have heard the news, my next book is on the way! “The Gray Witch’s Grimore” was accepted for publication by Moon Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. Production is expected to take approximately six months. I’ll be posting updates, including cover art and release dates, as this information becomes available. I’m thrilled!– this project is one that is close to my heart. It is, in essence, my own brand of magickal practice.

A 7 Chakra Engraved Pendulum Set

This gorgeous set of pendulums is available at my website– click Here. I find this set of pendulums perfect for chakra balancing. They feel wonderfully trembling and ‘alive’ in your hands. Each pendulum is unique to a particular chakra, through both the stone used and the symbol engraved on each stone. After I received this set of pendulums in the mail and realized how much I like them, I decided that I’d have to have a set for myself– and you have no idea how often this happens for me!

I drew the following card specifically for myself…but this doesn’t mean that it won’t apply itself to other individuals who come upon this post…

Tarot Card of the Day: Ace of Cups…reversed. This card, when appearing in this manner, let’s me know that a relationship or friendship has ended. It is ironic that this card has showed up at this time, but not surprising. The universe, the All, or whatever spirits or energies work through these cards, always seems to be in tune with me and my life. Someone has left my circle, through their own desire, through mine, through fate, through a series of synchronistic events, however it happened, the bottom line is that they are no longer a part of my life, and I assumed that they would be for decades to come. It just goes to show that nothing in this world can be counted on as permanent, because life is a series of continuous transitions. As the old saying goes, “When one door closes, another shall open”, and this is true. It also brings to mind the magickal rule– when a space is emptied, it creates a vacuum, and the vacuum will not stay empty, it will be filled. And this is also true. It’s best to remember that people often come into our lives for a season, at a time that we are meant to connect with them to share and learn and grow. But there might come a point when it’s time to move on, when the lessons are learned and all that’s meant to be shared has been. It is a natural progression of the seasons. 

I have been thinking about giving local tarot readings by appointment only. The main issue I have here is that I’m not sure I would want to open my home up to total strangers. The fix to this issue would seem to be simple– find another venue. I was thinking that I could simply meet a client for coffee somewhere, but I’m not sure that just any establishment would allow a customer to spread tarot cards on the table and give readings– although personally I would consider this a private conversation between two individuals, not every restaurant or coffee shop owner might look at it this way. I have a couple of people that I have to talk to, owners of coffee spots here in town, and I’m going to see how they would feel about having a tarot reader and a client enjoying a cup of coffee at their establishment. If I find the ideal spot to hold tarot pow-wows, you’ll see my advertisement in the local paper. Stay tuned.

Dreams…I only remember a snippet: I’m on the phone, talking to someone on the east coast from the Scifi program, TAPS. In my dream I’ve been invited to be a guest on the program for an episode. The thing is that I will have to fly on a commercial aircraft in order to be there on time for taping. I actually felt the sinking feeling in my stomach at this thought– even though I was only dreaming. The last part of this dream that I remember, I am reluctantly asking someone over the phone, “Isn’t there any other way to get there?”

And this is what happens when you watch a whole day of TAPS reruns on Scifi.

I’ve received an increased number of phone calls from people this week with questions, requests, and all kinds of things. I have to say that most of you must have paid attention to those ‘guidelines’ for contacting me, which I posted to this blog. Almost everyone identified themselves, and they were all very polite, and no one called at the crack of dawn or at the witching hour…thank you!

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Remember, my new Facebook url is: http://www.facebook.com/amythystraine

A Guide to Facebook Etiquette

The following rules and guidelines are generally common sense observations and behaviors. The problem is that when some people get on a social website, they forget the good manners and common sense their parents taught them. There are also some rather unusual circumstances and unique opportunities that we generally don’t face in the real world which often comes up in the land of the internet. This is a guide on handling those opportunities, circumstances, and up close personal encounters with total strangers.

 1. Don’t request that I confirm you as a family member when you are not.

I would be delighted to confirm my sisters, children, husband, and any other members of my extended family. But I will not confirm total strangers as family members– and really, I don’t understand why anyone would even make such a request, but they do. I can only assume that it’s a private fantasy.

 2. Don’t tag me in photographs.

There are a couple exceptions to this rule. It’s okay to tag me if 1) I’m actually in the photograph; 2) You are a family member or a close personal friend who wants to make sure that I’ll see this photo.

Now…I’m assuming that I don’t have to include drawn-out definitions of ‘family member’ and ‘close personal friend’. I will state plainly that neither of these exceptions pertain to random pieces of internet art from strangers, photos that include people I don’t know from places I’ve never been, or those cheesy ‘birthday’ posters which seem to come in twenty at a time.

 3. Don’t post apps on my page.

For those people who are into apps, fine and dandy, if this rocks your boat and you enjoy playing with it– by all means, knock yourself out. But I don’t do apps, plain and simple. I will block apps that are posted to my page. And I really would like to warn people who do dabble with apps that many of them carry viruses, and I’ve personally experienced this– enough times and with enough trouble and problems that I decided…no more apps, period.

 4. Don’t be rude or asinine.

People tend to be much more bold about what they will say to you on the internet than they would probably be in a face to face encounter…I hope.

A perfect example of this is when I post updates for products or services for my online metaphysical shops and tarot readings. The last time I did this is when I got a new shipment of jewelry in and posted it to Enchanted Jewelry. This guy comes on with this statement: “Do you not know that the Goddess is not for sale.”

 The Goddess may not be for sale, but my jewelry is.

My online shops and readings are a business. I am not a rich woman. I am not in the grand position of being able to give away merchandise that I’ve purchased from other vendors or created myself with materials that I‘ve paid good money for; and I cannot afford to spend hours doing tarot readings without being reimbursed for my time. Facebook is a wonderful venue, not only for making friends and socializing, but for networking with your business, expanding business contacts, and getting your products and information out there.

Bottom line here is if you are rude or obnoxious, I have no qualms about hitting the block button. I will not tolerate assholes— either in the real world, or in the land of Facebook.

 5. Before you come on to a woman with a cheesy pick up line, check her profile and look at the relationship status.

I’m married. My husband and a link to his page are right there– under my profile photo. I don’t know how much plainer I can make it.

I’m at Facebook for a few simple reasons: 1) to meet other like-minded people in the pagan community; 2) to network my business and my website; 3) to advertise my book, as well as future projects coming up. I thoroughly enjoy the majority of people I’ve met at Facebook and consider it my privilege to be able to call them ‘friend’. This medium has given us an invaluable way to meet people we would otherwise never have had the opportunity of crossing paths with.

*Just a note…I’m amazed at the number of men who will try to pick up a woman at a social site apparently without looking past a profile pic to read any information about her. (Tsk, tsk.) I can tell you that even if I were young and single, I wouldn’t give the time of day to someone who did not have enough common sense, courtesy, or interest in finding out about me before contacting me. I would naturally assume that they had the attention span of a gnat.

 6. Do not include my name in mass Facebook messages.

I repeat…do not do this.

This is one of the most irritating things to receive in your Facebook message box; and it’s usually from people I don’t know, dealing with subjects I don’t care about. Imagine, if you can, receiving ten of these messages at one time, each message sent simultaneously to fifty people. Once those fifty people start responding to the original message, you will have about 500 messages cramming your inbox.

And yes, I know that several groups send mass messages, and I will receive the bulk message because ‘you are a member of this group’. Well, I hate to tell you, but your mass emails can be irritating as well, and I’ve deleted several groups who make a habit of this practice. I know, I know…you have information to get out there. Well, I can tell you that I’m a member of a secret group here at Facebook– and I have never sent out a mass Facebook message to its members…that’s what our private website and emails are for.

*Edit: 4-28-2011

7.  Do not add me to a group without my permission.

You’d think this is one of those things that goes without saying– you’d think. 

If you are the administrator of a group and you feel I might be interested, send me a query message telling me about your group, with an invitation to join.  Odds are, I’m probably not going to join, but you never know.  There are so many groups out there, many of them genuinely interesting, but I have only so much time and energy to spend at Facebook.

The last surprise I need is a flurry of emails coming in from a group that I’ve never heard of nor had any contact with previous to being added.  Bottom line…If you spontaneously add me to your group, odds are I will just as spontaneously leave the group– and I will block you.

 And that’s about all this Witch has to say for today.

 Blessed Be,
Let Your Magick Shine.

 And remember…
Kindness & consideration go a long way.