Getting Into the Swing of Things: Pendulums

I’ve just ordered a bunch of new pendulums, and I’m waiting anxiously for them to get here: opal, cherry quartz, orange faceted cat eye, and a couple really unique pendulums that contain water and floating chakra stones. I also designed a set of five pendulum cards using original photos that I’ll be offering with each pendulum: a card for yes/no/maybe; cards for the alphabet and numbers; the Tree of Life; and the planets. On the back of The Tree of Life card and the planets, you’ll find correspondences printed for the sephiroths and special energies associated with the heavenly bodies. I thought it would be fun dowsing to find out which energies we’re attuned to, as well as which energies we might very well need. I won’t be updating the pendulum page at my website- – until I receive these items in the mail, including the pendulum cards, which I’m having professionally printed.

The Opal:

I’ve always found opals fascinating, and it’s this stone I’m going to take a closer look at since I’m waiting for opal pendulums: The opal’s energy is both projective (masculine) and receptive (feminine). It’s connected to the energy of all the planets, as well as all four elements. The sacral chakra benefits from the opal’s energy; and the zodiac signs connected to it include Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. The opal’s herb is bay. Its magickal powers include psychism, money, luck, personal power/self-empowerment, astral projection, and beauty. The opal’s holistic therapeutical benefits include re-energizing, as well as stimulation of the intestines and sexual organs– reputedly resulting in stronger orgasms. It is beneficial to women who suffer hormone imbalances due to menopause; purifies the blood and kidneys; regulates insulin; strengthens an individual’s will to live and their feelings of self-worth; and it works as well on infections, fevers, and the memory. It is truly a potent stone.

In researching the opal for this blog post, I was really amazed at what a power stone the opal is reputed to be. It’s considered an excellent choice as a personal power enhancement talisman; draws money and business your way; facilitates change; and cheers on personal progress. One of the most fascinating gifts of the opal is its ability to magnify feelings, helping you to release negativity, and negativity which may even stem from past lives. This is an excellent stone for anyone who finds themselves in an abusive relationship, or is attempting to extricate themselves from such a situation.

Magickally, this stone is believed to help you recall and explore past incarnations; and not only does it take you there, it’s reputed to help you heal from any trauma that you may have experienced. It’s used in spells of invisibility, and in the awesome act of astral projection- wear it for protection while on your astral journeys. If you wish to develop and enhance your psychic abilities, this will be the stone you will use; whether you wear it during divination for this energy, or use it in mojo bags and spells. Finally, the opal will help you find the beauty that is within you, as well as to magickally enhance your outward beauty and charms.

The Witch’s Corner

2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Swing of Things: Pendulums

  1. I appreciate the research on Opal. It’s very difficult to find quality information on this stone. It’s pretty much stigmatized as being “bad luck” for anyone who doesn’t have birth-month entitlement, which is one of the worst superstitions I’ve come across.
    I first found that Opal is the stone of all four elements by reading Tammy Sullivan’s Elemental Witch.
    Thank you! You are SO bookmarked!

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