Oh, Blessed Dirt

Life has been hectic for us here lately, so many things stirring in the cauldron– the good, the bad, financial, medical, personal, business, both positive and negative.  We’re still in the Middle-Of-Life, though I hadn’t expected this at the tale-end of middle-age.  Needless to say, “Stress” has been our companion, my companion, for the past several weeks, months; and I wanted to share a wonderful “Aha!” moment.

I just came in from weeding the garden.  I came in with dirty hands, sweaty hair, muddy jeans, grubby feet– and it feels soooo good!  I *love-love-love* getting down on the ground, playing in the dirt, getting dirty!  And as I’m on my knees thinking how Peaceful this is, how Grounding this is– Dirt!— the “Aha” hit me…Of course, it’s grounding.  Of course, Dirt is connected– to the Earth (planet & element)– and to the Goddess! (duh)

Do you realize that children instinctively know this?  They know this and acknowledge it and act on it until a grownup tells them not to.  No wonder children love to play in the dirt– there is a reason for this!

I feel reconnected.

Dirt is dirty, but our kids need it. Research shows kids who play in the dirt are healthier than those shrouded in a germ-free bubble. Why kids and mud are the perfect pair...

Learn how to play in the dirt at www.theprairiehomestead.com!

8 thoughts on “Oh, Blessed Dirt

  1. One thing my oldest sons sills remembers, is the memory that I taught him and his brother then 2 & 3 to make mud pies. Precious memories! It was the free and simple pleasures that stuck with them over 20years later.

    • 🙂 …how cool! One thing I use to do when my kids were little– take a handful of coins and toss it out into the yard, into the grass, and let them “hunt for coins”. It’s like a treasure hunt– my Little Ones spent many happy hours, heads bent, fingers combing the grass, looking for “Magick Coins”.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Amythyst, playing in the garden or digging a place for the mums this year……….it is relaxing 🙂 I read somewhere just walking barefoot in the dirt is considered “Earthing”………..which is just what you said………a connection to the Earth. It is wonderful!

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