A Lotta’ Drama ‘Bout Nothing

“I Offered the Wrong Fruit to This God!”…”I set up my altar wrong!”…”My Life is Falling Apart!”, they wail.

I love this! (In a warped and twisted way.)  People, mostly youngish people that I’m finding (mostly), have gone over-the-top insanely fixated on practicing their paganism from a strictly Historically Accurate context. We all know that this is impossible, those of us old ‘uns who’ve been around a while and tread the path from various perspectives and dimensions.

I sit back in quiet amazement watching the high-drama…”I’ve insulted Zeus and Cerridwen !”(Greek god; Celtic goddess, for those who don’t know, and that’s ok).  They either set an altar up “WRONG”, or put the wrong offering out, or put the opposing altar with the opposing deities from opposing pantheons and cultures up too close together, or on the wrong day, or with the wrong intention…on and on and on and on.

These kiddos make me tired, just watching them.  They must be expending an enormous amount of energy on the how and why, the “historical accuracy” of an ancient deity, the who and when, how much, how often, worrying about repercussions from the G’awds above if something isn’t done the way it was a bazillion years ago.

And in doing so, they are missing the point completely.

They are missing the blessing of any divine insight because they are so wrapped up in our physical world and fanatical practices, and totally consumed with worry about DOING IT WRONG.

How can Divinity get a message through all the dramatic over-the top cadder-walling going on, both verbally and in their mind.  You have to be still, and preferably calm and peaceful, to connect with that inner voice, the voice that most often winds up to be the spiritual world trying to reassure us, or give us a message, or direct us in some way.  You can’t hear that voice when you’re all hot and angry under the collar because you are trying to reconstruct an ancient practice that has left no witnesses, and you’re all mad that no one understands what you’re trying to do, and you’re even more angry that some people are telling you it’s not only impossible, it’s unnecessary.

How can anyone connect with the Divine through all that?

The biggest negative to come out of all this, that I can see, is that these people are blaming everything that goes wrong in their life on the fact that they might be worshipping a deity incorrectly, and it’s the mad wrath of the god or goddess coming down on them.


You’re not that important in the big scheme of ancient deities.

Your life is falling apart, if indeed it is, by the decisions you make, your own personal choices; the people you choose to associate with; the life-style that you choose to live.  Your life is falling apart because of personal fears, personal weaknesses, personal demons.

Your life is falling apart because of all these things and maybe more.

It’s time for you to grow some kahoonas and take responsibility for the mess your life is in instead of blaming some ancient deity for your personal predicament.

You can’t fix it, repair it, or rebuild it by going bat-shit fixated crazy trying to worship some ancient god or goddess in an “historically accurate” way; and then getting yourself all messed up because you feel you’ve failed this in some way.

And then there are those people who just LOVE DRAMA, and they’ve found the perfect foible with which to feed this appetite.  I’ve seen desperate posts by people simply hungry for attention, with all kinds of crazy stories about how they did something to bring down the wrath of the gods upon them.

And, you know, they generally get the attention they seek.

Again, I’m amazed.

They get patted on the back, blessings sent, hugs and kisses, because some big-ass old god is angry that they set up an altar the WRONG WAY, and now they are VICTIMS.  Of course, the people who respond to such nonsense in this way are enabling this victim mentality, and it will go on and on and on and on.  This won’t stop.  It feeds too many emotional, psychological, and mental needs on such a wide variety of levels, both for the “victim” and the enabler.  It’s not going to go away.

The saddest thing is that a true Divine Connection will never be made, experienced, enjoyed, or accepted for what it is.

Be still.

Find peace.

Sit with the sun on your face.

Stand with the moist earth beneath your bare feet.

Listen to birds.

Pet cats.

Pick a bouquet of wild flowers.

Watch a sunrise, or a sunset…

And know that you’ve just DONE IT RIGHT.


5 thoughts on “A Lotta’ Drama ‘Bout Nothing

  1. Spot on, my dear sister… Just trust and believe – wait on the magick and find yourself captivated by the sheer joy of the experiences (foibles & all!) xo Goddess bless xo

  2. Yeah FB us like that, but it us just social media in general. It us not evil, but used incorrectly. There needs to be balance between being genuine and speaking your mind and withdrawing. I see both.

  3. Yes quite right. The most clear messages i ever received were in stillness centred & grounded. No fuss about actual worship, aknowlage, respect sure but worshipping is not necessary…. & yeah drama i haven’t even been back to FB cause of all the “groups” conflicting info & reallly if i want to converse with rude or nasty minded pple… Bah!
    I am not exactly well myself nor am I exactly a bum & even though I am Currently limited in this life at least i help myself recover & I’m active in pursuing my abilities mundanely and spiritually improve my mindsets releasing unnecessary pain going forwards …. yes ok off track but in a way not completely so because the dramatic lifestyle & anxiet are colliding impacts thoses who wish to be impacted & merely brushed by those who do not: Choosing not to be influenced drawn into these attitudes of “woe me its not my fault i did it wrong = & the oh poor you”. Well its better to pick up oneself learn let go what doesn’t work go forward, and to do this all a person needs to do is Stop. Ground yourself in earth. Listen. Who can hear anything when the ears are clouded by blood being pumped too hard from a heart full of fear & anxiety.
    Personally I ground centre daily sometimes more than once i literally feel pulled down then feel raised & centre. Worth the effort to do things like this that work rather than give in to keeping grips with distressed sensation.

  4. Thank you fir posting this. I have never seen that situation, but I believe it. Sadly ai’ve seen it with older people that should not be involved with drama.. I choose never to do anything until I feel sure and calm, but especially if the dirty has a high expectation. I never do that. I believe in love without condition. I do not believe in religion that is fear based, be it Wicca or Christianity, which is why ai choose to connect, and listen. I do not believe my highest light entailed me jumping through hoops to have a good relationship with the universe. Again that amazes me too. You should know you showed me how important it is to relax and find your inner light in whatever you do. Thank you fir that. You have been a wonderful role model.

    Blessings ❤

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