Magickal Updates…From Last Night’s Show


I had a blast doing Sherri Starr’s show last night, and I just want to post some updates for the magickal information that was given out.

Beauty was one of the main topics, and I mentioned that my grandmother used an egg-white facial for decades.  My great-grandmother did this also…this was a woman who lived well into her 80s and maintained a lovely complexion.  It so simple and natural– and no chemicals:

1 cup egg white

¼ cup glycerin

2 drops orange oil

2 drops thyme

Beat the egg whites until they’re nice and foamy, as you would if you were going to make meringue.  The last three ingredients are all really optional.  My grandmother just used straight egg whites, and if you want to simplify things, so can you.  Smooth this onto your face and lay back and relax, anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.  The egg whites will dry and you can feeling it pulling your skin taut.

Rinse off with warm water and pat your face dry. 

  1221689yxbzj270tj.gif Pink Flower image by kazphoto

I had a lady email me before the show wanting to knowabout any dieting magick…I mentioned a stone that is reputed to help you curb your appetites and maintain self-control:  black onyx

I advised this person to wear a pendent or ring, something where she can wear the stone next to her body.  The alternative would be to create a mojo bag– include in this bag the stone of black onyx, perhaps a written note of her intentions and goals, and a few pinches of herbs geared to self-improvement.  Carry this bag with you, or wrap it in a white silk cloth and keep it in a safe place.

*Note–I did warn that black onyx curbs appetites and it doesn’t discriminate which appetites it curbs, so be fore-warned that this stone can squelch your libido…If you don’t believe me, just try it.  *wicked grin*

1221689yxbzj270tj.gif Pink Flower image by kazphoto

A love spell was requested to draw a particular person to you…Some witches have all sorts of qualms about this and worry themselves into a tizzy over magickal ethics.  I don’t find raw desire for a particular individual unethical, and you’ll never know if what you desire is what you want until you get it.

My spell included making a mojo bag, creating it to resemble the target as much as possible.  Fill it with a pink rose quartz, the target’s name, any ‘personal effects’– like hair, fingernail clippings, a scrap of cloth from a piece of clothing, even a used tissue, etc. 

On a Friday eve of a waxing or full moon, carve the target’s name in a red candle.  Take a piece of pink paper and write out exactly what you want from this person, what kind of relationship you desire, and anything else pertinent to this person and your goals.

Burn the paper in the flame.

Take the poppet to bed with you every night.  Lay it on a pillow next to yours, or tuck it beneath your own. 

1221689yxbzj270tj.gif Pink Flower image by kazphoto

Happy Spell Casting!


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