How do you deal with hexes, curses, & negativity?

I get asked this question all the time, whether through emails or, as in this case, a comment left at my website.  This individual had some very good points and this is a typical situation.  The answer is really much more simple than you’d think:

The Question:

I have been browsing around the internet for a place to inquire about a specific problem I have, and I am hoping you can answer my questions. I married a woman who is a wiccan (I guess that’s what you’d call her) back in 2006. We did get divorced in 2011 but that unfortunately has not ended my problem. She has been casting curses upon me nonstop (she admitted to doing so multiple times) and now she’s saying she isn’t but nothing has changed. Basically, since I’ve known her I’ve been unable to hold down a job, my health has been affected, everything is always falling apart for me (it’s much more complex than that but that’s just a summary). Now as I said, she admitted to being responsible for all of this just 2 years ago and now she’s saying it’s not her, but everything’s still the same. What am I to do at this point? I have asked her what she wants, what I can do to make peace with her, etc., but nothing has worked. Like when you’re dealing with a witch that just hates you and wants you to suffer no matter what, what can be done? Thanks for your time.

My Answer:

Magickally speaking, Chris, there are spells to throw back negative energy sent your way through hexes and curses. Mundanely speaking, you’re still dealing with energy, the nasty energy of people’s negative thoughts and wishes– this is something you can also shield yourself from and rise above. I’ve dealt with plenty of people who weren’t witches (and a couple who at least think they are), who have treated me badly…aside from actual spells to break their negative magick, it helps to put life (and these people) in perspective– in the end, they are not important, their ill-wishes and negative feelings can only impact you *If You Let It*…in layman’s terms– you have the ability to tell them to fuck off (whether you do so literally to their face, or you do so figuratively in your own mind.)……and that’s about all I have to say about this 😛


You’ll find  more information on protection/defensive magick at these links:

Protection Magick the Gray Witch Way, click  Here

The following spells can be found in my book, “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”  :
hex; bind; binding negative behavior; return to sender; divide and conquer; bind me not; reverse the curse; breaking another witch’s spell

Mojo bags for protection & retribution can be found in my book, “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”  :
(pages 226 and 235)


6 thoughts on “How do you deal with hexes, curses, & negativity?

  1. Personally, I would set some wards around my space, but for the gentleman
    who asked the question, since he is likely not a magickal person, I would have him cleanse his personal space to rid himself of her negative energy. I loved the idea of draining the tub. I would use some sage, then some dragon’s blood for power. Mostly I would have him do those things that would most improve his own feeling of personal power, since the spells she cast are working because they are in HIS head so that’s where he needs to

  2. I agree. Take it into his own hands. Grab the stones and the protection herbs. Carry the stones around and bathe in the herbs. Imagine the life he’d want to have, the protection and freedom, the image of himself free. Work it in thought and visual prayer, worship, and feed the goodness.
    Drain the water from the tub and then clean the tub.

    • I love the idea of ‘draining the tub’…all that icky energy going right down the drain where it belongs. I think the most frustrating thing about situations like this is the fact that we allow other people to infringe on us, we allow them to bring us down, to diminish our self-esteem and self-confidence. For people who don’t practice witchcraft, or any other form of new-age practice, I would still like them to know that you can stop this kind of spiritual attack; I would like them to know that in the end the people who are bringing them down are insignificant; I would like them to know that you can reclaim your ‘space’ and empower yourself through a variety of ways, that you can redirect this energy. And I would like them to regain and recognize their true value.

      If anyone else out there is reading this, I’d love to hear how you would handle this situation, or how you’ve dealt with it personally.

  3. Excellent response Amythyst! Might I also suggest this guy learns how energy works. While deflecting (or even neutralizing/dissolving) techniques can be implemented (black tourmaline and jet are stones that popped into my brain right away with this), something still needs to address the traumas and imprints that are already there – not just from her, but there is likely a bunch of energy that attracted this in the first place. Thank her for bringing this to your attention so you can clear it – then clear it (or see someone who knows how to clear it that you can trust). You can use techniques not just for clearing, but also (if needed) cord-cutting, entity removal, or whatever might be in the way along with these residual energies. Depending on your belief (non)-system(s), you could bring in the Christ Consciousness, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine (for the violet fire) or even super-protective deities like Sekhmet or the Morrigan if you are comfortable with such strong energies to help you with all of this. The toxic energies need to be dissolved and then to go back to “source” in whatever way you want to visualize that happening (some use a drain pipe visualization, others use a trash can that they can then see spirit removing). Know what you are doing if you decide to do cord-cutting or entity removal, or get good help. Hope this helps – both of you deserve to be happy, healthy and prosperous with love all around providing support. It is just that some of us cannot accept it 🙂 Will stay tuned….

      • Oh so true Amythyst! Not to mention so much of our own patterning that can attract those other people’s energy! Our onion layers can keep peeling for years to get most of it out (I am not even sure we can get it all out hehe). But all I know is the more I process in this way, the more that then surfaces to clear – and eventually, you start realizing you are in a lot better space, not attracting the weirder junk you used to attract. I myself am involved over the last decade in really deep clearing, the stuff that is so much of conditioning for at least millenia (and this process really kicked up huge with me since mid-January), but I know when it is gone, it will be SO great, and I won’t stop until it is DONE! 🙂

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